It’s a busy weekend!!

Tonight’s 6:30pm Wing Chun class with Vadim is all about hands and feet chain linking combos on pads and incorporating into sparring.

Tomorrow at 9am Fitness and Conditioning with Frances will consist of a warm up, 10 to 1 countdown, kicking and striking combos with core to finish.

10am will be a surprise. Sifu is currently undergoing surgery on his knee, what ever the case we’ll smash it at 10am!!

11am is Kid’s Kung Fu grading!! With sausage sizzle and fairy bread to finish. Now, Damien will have to ask for assistance with sparring tomorrow as he has to take a step back from it just for a short while, so volunteers for sparring with the munchkins are required please.

Sunday starting at 9:30am (we’ll be open from about 9) is Andrew’s Birthday/Fundraiser Rollathon! Come in for a roll and/or donate some coin, it’s all for a great cause – rasing funds for disabled athletes. Andrew will be putting on a mini class afterwards so looking to finish around 11:30am

11:30 Dirty Boxing workshop with Sifu – Yep he’s getting straight back into it… physio said it’s okay… promise!! It will be a 2 hr session, cost $50 and will give you the upper hand on fighting, sparring and Tuesday night boxing/kickboxing classes.

See you on the mat.


Hi all!

Tonight’s BJJ is all about ways to get rid of people from nount and transitions from and to mount.

This Saturday at 11am will be the Kid’s Kung Fu Grading!! So come along to support! There will be a sausage sizzle and fairy bread to celebrate too!

(Parent’s, the grading is $20 per child.)

Adults grading isn’t far off either! So make the most of every class. Fans and aircon is on with doors closed when air quality is like this.

See you on the mat.

Greetings everyone today is a hardcore traditional class …Followed by a sausage sizzle gold coin donation for Andrews fund raiser …See you there Regards Sifu

Hi guys…great week on the mat and its not over yet ….today and tomorrow will be an old school drilling class plus grading practice ..looking forward to sunday detailing forms love it …see you on the the mat…Sifu

Tonight 6:30pm Wing Chun with Vadim: pad work combining hand and feet combos.

Tomorrow 9am Fitness and Conditioning with Frances: a great, all-round solid workout as usual!

10am Wing Chun with Sifu: as above.

11am Kid’s Kung Fu with Damien: last hit-out ahead of kids grading on 7th December!!

Hi everyone big thank you to John and Alex great wrestling component  of last nights class…Plus liver shot 1o1 with some great hightlights on youtube …The king of body shots …Also while the air quality is so poor the air conditioning is on full power so its cool and clean in the school even I’ve noticed the smoke outside, definately don’t run while its like this …big hit out tonight  see you on the mat…Sifu

Greetings …tonights class will be a mixed bag John, Alex and I will be joining forces …I’ll Start of with the striking component ..My favourite combos ..And then the lads  will take over …Don’t know what they have in mind but i’m sure it will be great fun …see you tonight …Sifu

Hi there…had a ball on the mat this week …Miss it when im away…This week lots of prep work for gradings including not just technical but conditioning and sparring drills if you are grading you cannot afford to take your eye of the ball over the next 3 weeks i will be going over all aspects of your grading material with a fine tooth comb ….Don’t forget to register at the front desk from tomorrow onwards and try and make sundays free forms workshop you will have 2 weeks to iron out any gliches …Next saturday after Wing Chun class we are having a sausage sissle cold  coin donation proceeds going Andrews event …the following sunday is a boxing  master class after Andrews rollathon …So its all happening …See you on the mat ..Kuen Yao Summ Faat

Tonight’s 6:30pm Wing Chun with Vadim: working on cut step and counter punching, also working on different angles of attack.


9am Fitness & Conditioning with Frances: warm up then straight into a 20min Tabata circuit, boxing and kicking combos and core work.

10am Wing Chun with Sifu: recap of this week’s training.

11am Kids Wing Chun with Damien: grading practice and some fun games!

On another note, BJJ instructor Andrew is celebrating his 65th birthday this year! To mark the occasion, on Sunday 8th December from 9:30am he has organised a 65 minute “rollathon” to raise funds for two fundraisers. One raising funds for disabled athletes and the other raising funds for BJJ legally blind instructor Andre Powell to go to Sweden to teach BJJ to visually impaired athletes there. Here’s a link to his fundraiser on Facebook that you can contribute to: but join us on the day as well! There will be a gold coin sausage sizzle on the day, all proceeds will go to this cause.

See you on the mat!

PS grading is only a few weeks away! Get your butts into training!!


Jiu jitsu 6PM. No-gi. Peruvian Finale! We’re going through the last 3 submissions from the Peruvian Set Up. Some no-gi rolling to kick things off and ease out.

On sunday 1st of December i would like to invite you to a free Master class on forms…It will run for 2 hrs …We will be detailing all aspects of the Sil lum Chum kil and Bil jee..Excellent prep for your gradings …And a thankyou to all for a great year…Which reminds to thank all you awsome instructors for your amazing efforts while i was away …Great fun last night Master class on boxing is going to turn into something very special…Tonight … something for everyone … striking drills …Footwork drills..Takedowns …Chi sau …Forms and more …See you on the mat …Sifu