Greeting all …we have had a powerful start to the year well done ! This weeks theme is palm strikes and finger jabs a deadly combination on the street…plus forms chi sau and  grading prep…Dont miss it

4:15pm Kid’s Kung Fu with Amy today is reviewing shrimping/hip escape, an obstacle course, essential blocks and round kicks.

7:15pm Wing Chun with Mayur is installment 2 of hand striking combinations by faking then finishing off with 16oz glove sparring.

Friday 6:30pm Wing Chun with Vadim: 16oz gloves, working the jab and setting up the cross. Padwork: mixing strikes (flow combinations), hands and feet. Sparring with 16’s.

Saturday 9am with Frances: warm-up, dynamics, then straight into 16min 4x rounds of conditioning and 5 x 2 min rounds of boxing, with core cardio to finish.

10am with Sifu: recap of this week’s training.

11am Kid’s Kung Fu with Damien: Shrimpin’ aint easy but if you’re blocking it, it’s alright! Be prepared for obstacle course mayhem and foundation blocks.

See you on the mat!

PS Wing Chun History seminar is available on for free members and above! Please show you support for WIRES by donating $20 (or more!) to the emergency fund. We raised $240 on the day that has now been donated.


Today 6PM, BJJ:
Acrobatic inversion warm up (kidding), we’re doing a helicopter armbar though.
Then BYO finish. Develop your own ending to the Kimura lock loop drill.

4:15pm is Kid’s Kung Fu with Amy

Tonight at 6pm with Sifu it’s all about the collar tie! Strikes of opportunity and takedowns.

7pm will be an info session on the “Wing Chun Project” – a 12 month program that I’m (Amy) developing for “at risk” teens. To find out more, how you can help get it off the ground or even be part of the program itself then please stick around for this. Should only take 20 mins. Afterwards we can either finish off with a pads workout or sparring. (If you can’t make the info session it will be filmed so please request it via [email protected] or when you see me).


9am with Frances: 5min warm up, 4x 5min workouts, 2x 7min power challenge then abs workout.

10am with Sifu: recap of the week – alternatives to takedowns after capturing a round kick to the body. Plus Ashi Garami from double arm Chi Sau.

11am Kid’s class with Damien: footwork and front kicks!

See you on the mat.


4:15pm Kid’s Kung Fu with Amy: working on foundations – straight punch, Wing Chun guard, front stance and front kick and introducing Sil Lum Tao.

6pm Wing Chun with Sifu is about switch kicks and counter kicks.

7:15pm Striking with Amy: quick workout then pad work striking drills and combos. Next Wednesday will be a short class/starting late as I will be doing an info session on the youth program that I am working on. So if it is something you think you might have an interest in – in any way – then please have a listen, ask some questions and let me know what you’d like to do to be part of it! That’s next week after the 6pm class.


Greetings all..This week we review our first  months training plus the original 11th set and double arm chi sau…See you on the mat

Tonight’s Wing Chun 7:15pm class with Mayur is continuation of dummy set 2 and linking into sparring with 16oz gloves.

Also tomorrow morning will be the first morning class of the year, with Sifu, at 6:30 am. They will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, running for 45mins. Tomorrow morning is True Boxing, Thursday morining is Old School Wing Chun.

Lunch class today with Sifu is Tuesday night’s True Boxing class (less the wrestling component). So if you missed Tuesday see you at 12:15 today!

Tonight’s 6:30pm class with Vadim is a continuation from last Friday – set up for front kicks, developing flow with chain linking combinations, finishing off with cross arm sparring drills.

9am tomorrow with Frances is one of her awesome workouts, will update with details on Facebook later.

10am with Sifu is a recap of this week’s training.

And, we’re back!!! First Kid’s Kung Fu class for the year with Damien!!! Starts at 11am. Reminder that there will be 2 additional kids classes (4:15pm Mon & Wed) this year so please spread the word! Of course just a gentle reminder that being the beginning of the term, fees are due, that’s $100 per term for 1 class a week, $150 for 2 and $200 for 3 classes per week per term.

Lastly, Sunday is the initial Peak Performance session. If you want to do it but are concerned you will not be able to make every Sunday, don’t worry, we are filming every workshop for our interstate and international enrollees that you will have access to also. So you won’t miss a thing. There’s still time to enrol, so give us a call, shoot us an email or put your name down at the front desk. It’s $199 per person, a worthwhile investment in your health and fitness!

Tonight’s BJJ with March at 6pm is a Review of Kimura lock loop sequence (no Gi). New Kimura lock loop sequence (gi).
Flow rolling.
Breathing techniques (optional).

Today/Tonight’s 12:15/6pm Wing Chun classes will consist of forms, mastering the round kick, defense against a captured round kick and Chi Sau flow drills.

The 7:15pm will be a quick workout and then pad drills with a couple of rounds of sparring to finish.

REMINDER: Peak Performance starts THIS SUNDAY at 11am! Get your name down if you haven’t yet.

Wing Chun Project:

At last Sifu’s end of year talk he mentioned a project I’ve been working on for this year. It’s at a stage now where I am looking for helping hands to get it moving forward. The project is for medium risk adolescents who have a desire to change, to participate in martial arts training in addition to workshops and courses directed at assisting them in making a transition to a healthier life. The project would include training 10 people in an accelerated coaching method (NLP/Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and several improvements to the school’s facilities and of course sponsorship of 10 “at risk” young adults to do the 12 month course. In order to fund the program we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe. I would like this campaign to be launched in 3 months time (and run for approx 3 months to raise the funds) – this is what I will need initial help with as a successful crowdfunding campaign requires good planning, something that I cannot do on my own. If you have interest in helping me, or would like to know more about the project please contact me at [email protected] or speak to me when you see me at the Kwoon. I have already recieved some assistance from some of you (thank you!) and some fantastic feedback from others including supportive studies on the effectiveness of programs similar to what I’m proposing.

If this goes ahead – and I really hope it does – we could be responsible for changing the landscape of many troubled lives.