End of Year Celebrations!

Hi guys,

As you all would know now, the Gold Belt for 17th December had to be cancelled due to illness. So, the school grading has been shifted to this date and the after party will continue as planned on the 17th December. We’re heading back to the Cauliflower Hotel for this one.

Saturday 17th will start at 9am with the Juniors party and awards, then 10am for the (adults) school grading all levels. The year’s got to end with some fights, so if you’re feeling it bring your gear and spar – whether you’re grading or not.

This year has been a rocky road and not the chocolatey, marshmellowy type. Let’s finish 2022 with a bang. See you on the 17th.


Hi guys,

Just confirming that this Saturday’s 9am Conditioning class is NOT on. Saturday is Charlie’s day, you are welcome to come in and do your own workout in the gym or warm up if you are sparring. Otherwise the mat will be cleared to set up for guests and supporters! 

Thank you for understanding,


This Saturday our much loved champion Charlie is going for his Gold Belt. He completed his Gold Technical a couple of weeks ago in fine form and is set to put on a stellar performance this Saturday.

Everyone is welcome.

We will head to the ATOMIC Brewery afterwards for celebrations.

See you all Saturday 10am!



Hi guys,

Just a very quick reminder that we are closed on Monday 13th June due to it being a public holiday.

Have a great weekend!

Red Boat Team

Hi Guys,

Please take note of a timing error I made in the last email. Jonny’s Day is this Sunday, but you can meet at the Kwoon at 11am to observe a minute’s silence at the shrine and/or meet at the Martin Place Cenotaph at 11:30am to observe a minute’s silence there and move on to the Orient Hotel for a light lunch. All members and students are welcome to join us in this tradition.

Monday is a Public Holiday! So we are closed for classes.

Next weekend (18th/19th June) is the Adults Wing Chun Tips Grading on the Saturday. As we anticipate this will be a small grading and will not continue past 2hrs, we have decided to schedule it to start at 9am so that the Juniors Saturday class will not require re-scheduling.

The Wooden Dummy Workshop on the Sunday will start at 11am, please allow 2hrs. Get your name down at the front desk for this asap.

Gonzoil BJJ Tee Pre-Order end date has been extended so there is still time to get your order in for either or both the Classic Gonzoil or Crash/Flow style tees. Various colours also available.

Classes today are Over 10’s Juniors at 4:30pm and 6pm BJJ.

See you on the mat!



Hi guys,

We have a busy few weekends coming up.

This Sunday is Jonny’s Day. We meet at Martin Place Cenotaph at 11am to lay the wreath and observe a minutes silence and then move on to a light lunch (typically at the Orient). All members and students are invited and welcome to share in this tradition.

Saturday 18th is the last Tip grading before the mid year Belt grading/Sifu’s birthday. If you have missed the last few tip gradings, but you have been on the mat, you should be ready. We have done so much grading prep this year. If you are unsure please ask either myself or an instructor.

Saturday 19th is Sifu’s Wooden Dummy Workshop, get your name down and get in for this one. There’s never enough time to get you started from beginning to end on everything in your Wing Chun training. Especially the Wooden Dummy. It’s not just the order of the sets. It’s the hand positions, angles, distance, footwork, sequences within each set, rhythm and flow. Sifu is putting on this Wooden Dummy workshop on Sunday 19th June. Jump all over it. It is a fantastic opportunity to dive deep into what it takes to make your wooden dummy sing. All levels are encouraged. Tix under $150 for the day.

Thank you to all seniors who took care of the school while we were away. It was a very nice break and we are ready to hit the ground running once again.

See you on the mat.


Hi guys!


Firstly, we’ve got a great few days of training planned.⠀

Tonight at 6:30pm Vadim will coach you through footwork and close range fighting (and a reminder to intermediate and above – Charlie’s run through is tonight at 7:30!). ⠀

Monday night Mayur will continue with hand fighting to clinch-work drills to fuse with your boxing skills. ⠀

Tomorrow morning Frances will start the day with one of her challenging workouts, Sifu’s on for the 10am and Damien has the kids at 11:15am as takedown mayhem continues, this time it’s low ankle shoot and side control.⠀

Wooden Dummy Workshop is 19th June. Please book in via this link or put your name down at the front desk.

We are taking pre-orders for the Gonziol tees. There are two style options and many colours to choose from so take your pick and get your order in!

See you on the mat.⠀

Hi guys,

We are taking pre-orders for Classic and Crash/Flow Gonzoil BJJ tees – Gonzoil the unofficially official sponsor of our BJJ team. There will be no extras we are printing to order only.

Choose your design. Choose your colours. Check out our Insta account for full range.

Pre-order today. Print to order only. You will miss out on top quality, long lasting and very cool tee’s if you don’t get your order in by Sunday June 5th. Shirts are $50.

Full run down:

Tap out to colour! All shirts made to order.

All sizes. 100% Cotton. Screen printed.

Classic Gonzoil is also available to pre-order. Either option $50 each.

Email info@redboatkungfu.com or put your name and order on the form at reception.

Inspired by Bruce Lee’s famous quote and Gonzoil Chilli Olive Oil (gonzoil.com.au) is the exclusive sponsor of our prestigious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team – Scuderia Gonzoil.

It’s all highly Gonzo (in part fictitious, see Gonzo Journalism by Hunter S Thompson) as there was only ever one release of Gonzoil Olive Oil and, Gonzoil is also not really sponsoring anything at Red Boat! (unless you take into account these awesome designs that keep coming our way). …get your orders in today!

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Hi guys,

Hoping to see plenty in sparring sessions this week after Sunday’s efforts. Sparring sessions are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s from 7pm. Thursdays you can always stick around for rolling rounds after BJJ. 

Calling all senior and intermediate members to Friday night’s class. After Vadim’s class on Friday, Charlie will be going through his second run through prep for his Gold Belt. We need fresh opponents for each round ideally. Let’s see a good turnout for this. His Gold is getting close.

Looking forward to an awesome week of training! Don’t let this cold and rain put you off, it means you’ve got to push yourself harder to sweat! It’s perfect.

See you on the mat.


Hi guys,

As per the theme at the moment Monday 6pm will start with a Strength Endurance warm up. Sil Lum and Chum Kil. Dirty boxing bumps and follow up combos.

Expect more clinch work throughout the week and solid workouts to start.

This Sunday is the Free Sparring Clinic starting at 11am please book in here: https://bit.ly/3vTI4gI

You will all receive an invite to our member app very soon. This will make booking into and checking into classes a lot easier. You will be able to track your progress. You will be able to monitor your performance. For parents, you will be able to manage multiple children under the one account. It’s like the member portal only better.

Over the next few weeks I will be in touch with all of you to check in and find out what your goals are and how we can help. If I call at an inconvenient time just let me know, we can reschedule.

It’s a beautiful sunny start to the week. Let’s smash out some awesome workouts!

See you on the mat,