Tonight’s Jiu Jitsu at 6pm with March: a whole bunch of chain attacks out of side control from the bottom.

John Will is here THIS Sunday starting 9am SHARP. Please register with us that you’re attending by either responding to this email, joining the event on Facebook or registering at the front desk at the Kwoon. Friends from other clubs are welcome. It’s $99 and cash is preferred.

Kids classes resume this weekend! So Saturday at 11am will be controlled mayhem again! Reminder to parents that we are an Active Kids provider and that your child now has use of 2 x $100 Active Kids Vouchers per year. If you haven’t used them yet you are welcome to use them for their training here.

Hi everyone thanks for sunday had a great time covered alot of material…And last night was great… High intensity..Tonight its gaurd strips and dirty boxing …See you on the mat …Regards Sifu

Friday 6:30pm class: main focus on head movement; Techniques, Sparring drills with 16s.

9am Saturday with Frances is on, but the details are secret… so Karen turns up… hopefully on time!!

10am with Sifu is a consolidation of this week’s training, some great clinching concepts that have been hidden in plain view.

Reminder to parents kids class will be back on 19th October 11am. So no kids class this week.

The training knives and guns just arrived, so all is looking good for Urban Survival workshop on Sunday, it’s not to late to register!

And we just got a visit from Lui from Tribal Dummies! Lovely guy. Dummies will be getting made for us real soon!

Great start to the weekend.

See you on the mat.

Grading techniques today.
We’ll cover all questions and pick 4 techniques form each grade to refine.

See you on the mat.

Hi guys,

Got some fun drills tonight, atomic snap-down being one of them plus, the next installment of forms.

Remember, put your name down at reception for the Urban Survival Workshop, it’s suitable for inexperienced friends and family as well as experienced martial artists. Your friends and family are more than welcome.

Urban Survival Workshop

Its a jungle out there…. knifings …blunt force trauma…shootings …coward punches ….muggings …rape …kidnappings …are you really prepared ?… this workshop is 40 + years of experience condensed into one intense life changing event ….we will cover the ritual ….the interview…the dog and the hyena ….how to use fear as fuel…allycat strikes…marked for mayhem ….the smiling assassin…ultimate chokes ….pistol disarms…knife disarms ….and the urban myths surrounding life in the modern urban environment

Hi all!

Just confirming that we are closed today due to the public holiday. See you all tomorrow for another fantastic Spring day on the mat!

Reminder too that this Sunday is the Urban Survival Workshop, it will be our best to-date. Experienced and unexperienced, members and non-members are all welcome and encouraged.

Secure your spot here:

Or pay on the day, but do get your name down.

Next Sunday is John Will’s BJJ seminar. Register for that online, on Facebook or at the desk.

See you on the mat.

Courage…it cannot be taught but it can be learned cannot teach someone to be courageous but you can inspire them to be so cannot teach someone courage but you can teach them the skills needed to increase confidence and preparedness which over time lends itself  to courage  …But what is courage? it is often referred to as fearlessness …its not … its not the absence of fear or anxiety it is the ability to overcome them …physical courage is bravery in the face of physical pain hardship or even death…Moral courage is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition…Fortitude also described as courage includes perseverance and patience…Winston Churchill once quoted Courage is rightly considered the most esteemed of human qualities because it is the quality the guarantees all others..So how do we learn courage? ..Through training …Practice …Diligent practice …Anyone can practice a virtue haphazardly but to practice consistently requires courage ..Lets look at sparring for example …Do you experience Fear or anxiety when it come to sparring? most do… If not so much now … At some point definitely…How do you overcome that fear …Training …preparation…and not just being prepared but KNOWING YOU ARE PREPARED…i suffered from these same fears and anxieties when i was competing…the fear seems logical because we cannot know the end of anything when we are at the beginning so it eats away at us and we imagine the worst possible scenarios …I overcame the fear by being prepared by leaving nothing to chance by becoming comfortable at being uncomfortable to develop resilience and courage  and having faith and in doing so i have enjoyed many successes…So don’t let fear stand in the way… Rise above it and be COURAGEOUS!!!

PS: Tonight’s BJJ class is taken by Pete and will include flow rolling, revision of last week’s chokes and sweeps plus an extra sweep and an extra choke.

Hi again great fun last night breaking down the flow drill sections its really taking shape and winning the hand fight with grip stripping and more …Tonight we have Pete running the bjj class he’ll revise 3 chokes and 3sweeps from last week plus 1 extra choke and 1 extra sweep and flow rolling …Dont miss it…And dont forget to register your name for urban survival on sunday the 13th …Regards Sifu

Hi everyone thanks for last night working on the shoulder roll and counter punch then lots of sparring, increasing the choice of weapons during the round to clearly see how your chess pieces move around the board …great fun! kudos to John(KRAKEN) demonstrating some great movement well done …Tonight some more chi sau flow drills got a couple of new ones for you …Another kicking flow drill and the grip strips we missed on monday….ill be coaching a 45 min Wing chun foundation class tonight for all levels starting at 7.15 so see you on the mat! regards Sifu

Hi everyone this week we add the second phase of all the forms in high detail…Plus chi sau flow drill from bon larp to cross arm to double arm to pummelling and back …High kicking partner drills and grip strips …lots of fun !! The urban survival seminar is on sunday october 11 …This a critical workshop… I have  been developing this course for more than 40 years and this will be the most advanced todate …Its madness out there you must take responsability for you and your loved ones safety and survival on the street…a detailed breakdown of the event will be posted in 24 hours …It is open to friends and family …Zac will be taking an awsome class today at 12.15 …Ill see you on the mat at 6pm regards Sifu