Tonight’s BJJ with March at 5:45pm is guard passing flow drills with all sorts of contortions!! 🙂 Revision of all rubber guard armbars and arm locks.

Friday 6:30pm Wing Chun with Vadim is a continuation from last Friday’s trapping hands drills transitioning to cross arm sparring, no gloves and with big gloves (12’s or 16’s)

See you on the mat!

Friday 6:30pm class with Vadim: trapping hands, transitioning to cross arm sparring. Techniques – bil gee strikes.

See you on the mat!

Hi guys,

Tonight with March you’ll be doing Rubber Guard attacks revision, recovery to Z Guard and 3 ways to get the back from there. Don’t miss it!!

Today is the last chance to vote for the My Community Project campaign, if you live in Moore Park, Zetland, Mascot, Eastlakes, Tempe, St Peters, Alexandria, Waterloo, Centennial Park, Rosebery, Kingsford, Kensington you can help by voting for my project “Wings Within” which is a youth outreach program connecting Sydney’s youth with professional mentors, which will also include training mentors in therapeutic skills. Please help me and my sponsor Eco Minds Community Care get our project off the ground! Voting closes 11.59pm TONIGHT!! Go to My Community Projects and if you live in any of the above suburbs, select the electorate of “Heffron” and make Wings Within your #1 vote!! Please let me know when you’ve voted!! Thank you in advance. Amy

Locker Fees…

A lot of us have been overlooking locker fees. From now on all locker fees are due by August 31st. Having a locker at the school means you don’t have to carry your gear from home, to work, to training and back. It’s only $1.15 per week for that convenience. Two peoples locker fees can mean one new body jacket for training. If you’ve already paid your fees this year, thank you! If not could you please pay by the end of this month. It’s only $60.

Now as a fun touch to it all, March is designing locker posters! If you have a fight name (ie John “The Kraken”, or Bruno “Baby Monster”, or Pierre “the Golden Cobra”) then you could have your locker personalised for an extra $10 to your locker fee – as a one-off, it would then revert back to $60 the following year.

Contact [email protected] for more info!!

Thanks everyone!

Hi everyone,

Big training week this week. Will be covering set 7 on the dummy and some mad trapping hands drills. So see you on the mat tonight!! Lunchtime crew will be getting all the good oil on Wednesday.

See you on the mat,


Tonight’s class is with Mayur and will be focussing on close range strikes and sparring drills.

See you there!!

Don’t miss tonight’s class, I’m putting together some competition/tournament workouts with technical aspects that you will improve your sparring and overall fitness. See you there!

Regards Sifu.

Parents, Students and Followers, you could help us make a difference! A special program for the teens of Heffron! Please support it with your vote online. Voting closes 15th August.

You may have heard of, seen or recieved an email from Service NSW regarding My Community Project. Myself (Amy) with my sponsor Ecominds have put forward an outreach program for youths in our area, supporting the teens in our Heffron community with a program especially developed to address the challenges that teens face.

You can vote to make a big positive change for them and your community.

The program is unique in that it specifically equips teens with tools and strategies to become emotionally resilient and thereby reduces anxiety and depression. At the core of the program is self-love (this is not about taking more selfies!).

This Program has been successful in getting to the voting round with a Government Funding initiative called My Community Project.

The project to vote #1 is called “Wings Within”.

Residents (16 yrs and over) of the Heffron electorate can vote on this project.

Heffron includes these suburbs:

Moore Park
St Peters
Centennial Park

How to vote:

Login to your Service NSW account then head over to … you just need a valid medicare card handy, select Heffron as your electorate, shortlist 3-5 projects and put Wings Within as #1.

Voting closes 15th August so we’d be so deeply appreciate a helping hand for teens with your valuable vote.
Please share this email with anyone in Heffron who would support the transformation of teens in their community.

Click for the Fact Sheet on the Project if you’d like to read more.

The launch of the project could mean that Red Boat Kung Fu will play a pivotal part in our community in facilitating change in the area.

Thank you so much!
Let me know how you go and if you need any other info.

(You can only vote for projects in your area, if you vote for my project but do not live in Heffron, the vote won’t count. Instead, use this opportunity and vote for something meaningful to you!)


Hi guys …big class tonight ..Wooden dummy set 6 with technical breakdown and application…dont miss it ! Sifu

Get in tonight for Vadim’s 6:30pm Wing Chun class!

The theme for the evening is:

Close range combat. Working the clinch, short strikes from close and getting the back to takedowns.

Tomorrow’s 9am session with Frances will be: warm up, conditioning – partnered circuit, boxing and kicking combos then stretching.

10am is with Sifu.

See you there!

12:15 BJJ with Andrew is tailored to who comes to class!

5:45 Scuderia Gonzoil BJJ with March
Rubber Guard armbars revision, Rubber to Z-Guard and Teepee transitions to sweep or back take stuff.

And yes! Gonzoil BJJ limited edition “…the saga continues” shirts are in! If you’re kicking yourself for not putting an order in we may have something here for you.

Dear Parents,

Please be advised that kids kung fu class tomorrow is on early (9am) due to the adults grading. Thank you for working with us on this!

See you all tomorrow!

Frances’ Conditioning class is cancelled for the day due to the kids class being on at that time.

The grading starts at approximately 10:15am. If you’re grading get in early to warm up and shake off any nerves. If your assisting, thank you in advance! If you’re sparring remember to warm up. If you’re watching, get loud, take photos, take videos, most of all be there for your mates.

After party is at the Cauliflower Hotel, then after after party is at the Abbotts Hotel after BJJ on Sunday for the UFC.

See you then!!