Hi guys,

It became quite apparent last night that all of the traditional Wing Chun aspects of the coming grading assessments need some work. We have only 3 weeks until the end of year school grading (12th December), that’s a lot of ground to cover in a short period of time.

So tonight’s boxing class will be 50/50, boxing/wing chun.

With the boxing we’ll keep it dirty adding some new tricks to our game that can not just lead into close striking opportunities but the potential for takedowns as well.

With the Wing Chun we’ll keep it strictly Traditional. Chi Sau (or for white belts Trapping Hands), Forms and Wooden Dummy. Boxing purists who are not grading feel free to work on your light/technical sparring skills.

I plan to stick around until late, so if class runs over and you can stay to keep drilling your material, I’ll be here.

Same goes for Thursday after BJJ. Let me know if you would like to come in from 7pm to work on grading material until 8/8:30.

In addition! Peak Performance starts this Sunday! It’s been condensed to 4 weeks so we’re done before the year (and Summer) is out. Get your name down. It’s a fitness and nutrition course that will give you the tools for the duration of your lifetime.

See you then,


Hi guys thanks for a great week…loved being on the mat with everyone…This week defending  2 level attacks  primarily front kick spin backfist and side kick spin backfist…so lots of drills and fun to be had …As many of you are now aware my operation has been pushed forward to 4 weeks from today …Very excited but alot has to happen between now and then …Scans Xrays  appointments with the surgeon pre op this and pre prop that….So im very focussed on the task at hand …Thank you for all the support keep you posted…regards Sifu

Hi guys had a ball last night hope your liking the new grading material ..It must more accurately reflect were we are at …Tonights boxing class we will tweaking the jab cross combo undertstanding correct weight displacement  45/55… The cork screw …East/West and clock wise v anti clock wise… Plus at long last how to work the heavy bag for maximun benefit…I’ll be there cant wait !! regards Sifu

ps Dont forget Dragon Staff and Peak Performance !


Hi guys very excited about coming in tonight …I’ll be conducting a detailed striking class and going thru some of the combos in the revised grading structure which will be completed this week…Also the date for the Dragon Staff  is december 6th I rarely teach this weapon so jump on board ..Start time 11am  cost 149 …No weapons needed the school will provide…unless you want your own (add $50) Also the last peak performance course for the year starts on the 29th of this month… We had fantastic results with the last one, eveyone stripped fat and put on muscle and now have the Blue Print for life …This course  will differ as we’ll be condensing more information into a shorter  course from now on…Plus the new Peak Performance support App we trialled was a great success and is now a staple inclusion of the course…So ill see you guys Tonight !!

Ps Dummy should arrive any day! And school grading 12th December!

Hi guys tonight is going to be a cool variation on the tornado from russian tie ..im filming for instructors this morning with Zac and Francis with some variations on saturday..my favourite go to move …tomorrow 8 am streaming butterfly swords …plus last seminar for the  year Dragon Staff (not dragon pole)details to be announced shortly regards Sifu

Hey guys,

There has been some confusion about how to check in to classes since changing over to Clubworx.
This video gives a demo on how to check in.


How to check in:

If you have not pre-booked your class, ensure the correct day is loaded, if not click on the date located on the top left corner and select today’s date. The class list will appear, start typing your name.

You will see “Drop In” next to your name if you have NOT pre-booked. Click on “Drop In”, you are now booked into the class.

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If you have pre-booked your class, your name will already be listed on the centre screen, waiting for you to click on the “Check In” button upon your arrival.

You can click between dates and classes, but please ensure you leave the screen on the correct class for the next person.


In addition:

You will all recieve Member Portal login details shortly, which we advise you save to the home screen on your phone for easy access.

From the member portal you can book classes, manage your membership, keep tabs on how many classes you have attended and if your attendance shows you are almost ready to be assessed for a grading (minimum 30 classes between gradings, plus it must show that you have been attending sparring classes).

In the member portal you will also be able to view the grading requirements for your next grading. And if you have a Red Boat University subscription the links will take you directly to the video for each technique.

Hi guys hope you are all well…Todays lunchtime class is boxing fakes and set ups basiclly how to sell a punch with misdirection critical info…also i will be streaming this morning ..the mat chat topic is”Experience the thing that teaches you eveything “…Tomorrow we play with the knife in reverse or advance grip..Ive been a real home body this week  but im happy to announce the first draft of the book is completed…I’ll flesh it out once its transcribed so  it will be near full completion by the end of the year …Thanks to all coaches for your efforts big kicking week …super revision on saturday cant wait…see you on the mat regards Sifu

Don’t miss tonight’s boxing class at 6pm. We’re revising last week’s angled defensive and offensive footwork and combos, with some additional combinations and setups added to the mix. Repetition is absolute key to pulling any of this off in real time so don’t miss it and stick around for sparring after class.

Next Wednesday is the first class of the latest Beginner’s Course. This month’s one has been a load of fun and finishing up tomorrow. So if you know anyone who is keen to give martial arts a go but sitting on the sidelines get them to contact us and we’ll get them started.

See you on the mat.

Hi guys,

Tonight’s 6pm class is all about striking, focusing on our kicking game! Remeber to stick around for sparring afterward!

Tonight with Mayur at 7:15pm is hand fighting with Chi Sau drills followed by sparring.

See you on the mat.

Morning everyone!

Sifu will be streaming a Mat Chat in our RBKF Live Stream Facebook Group at approx 8am, including a brief technique review of this week’s theme.

Frances no doubt has some torturous session planned at 9am on Saturday.

Sifu will be recapping the weeks training at 10am, and

Damien has the Kids at 11am with fakes and side kicks!