Itinerary for this weekend:


  • 5:30pm meet and greet
  • 6:30pm Black Belt Grading (all welcome – seniors to spar, all others to support)
  • 8pm Dinner


  • 7:30am Wing Chun 4th level and above
  • 9am Fitness all levels
  • 10am Wing Chun all levels
  • 11am brunch
  • 12pm Wing Chun Black Belts and above
  • 1pm Wing Chun Gold Belts and above (and school owners)
  • 2pm lunch


  • 9:30am BJJ
  • 11am final get together/wrap up all levels
  • 11:30/12pm lunch

Any questions please call Amy 0423 610 695 or email

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It’s a bit of a long one today:

First, a quick note from Sifu: if you are missing gloves check the spares shelf, as any found on the mat after training end up there. Or if you’re missing your belt please ask as Sifu may have stored it in his locker for safe keeping (especially black+ level belts), so please ask if you are missing anything.

All upcoming events can be found here:

Spartan Fitness & Nutrition course starts THIS Sunday. If you want to develop and understand the best eating and training habits specifically for you, that you can take with you for the rest of your life, then this is the course to do! Allow 2-2.5hrs for this Sunday to allow for fitness test, body composition analysis and body type & diet assessment. Only 1hr for the consecutive Sundays is required. You are however, expected to check in with us (via text) every day, so this is a 6 week daily commitment from you and us. For Red Boat students (including your friends/family) course cost is $199, non-RB students cost is $299. Get your names down asap!!

One of Sifu’s very first students (Ricky Marrandino) is in town for 2 weeks of training which is coinciding with the instructor/school owner gathering on 23rd – 25th February. Schedule for the gathering will be released very soon, but expect much training to be had that weekend!

The first John Will’s BJJ seminar is year is on Sunday 4th March at 9am. He’s only here twice a year now so make the most of it! Cost is $90 per person (which is a crazy good price) and friends from other BJJ schools are welcome!

First grading for the year is the Autumn grading and will be held on Saturday 10th March. The new (returning old) sparring requirements are not yet in full flight, there is still some tweaking to do to the conditions and is too soon since everyone was notified to begin enforcing them. If you are planning on grading however, we expect to see you in on as many Monday & Wednesday 6:45 sparring sessions, or Friday lunch sparring. If you’re having trouble making these times and want to grade, let us know.

Lastly, we are very happy to be offering a special membership to our front-line service men and women. If you work in the police, ambulance, fire or armed services or know someone who does please enquire today about our Red Line membership.

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It’s going to be another very hot day, so no-gi session this evening.

THE WINNING MIND workshop was great fun but we did not have enough time to get done all we had planned. So, there is a follow-up session this Sunday. Attendees from last Sunday please check your emails and reply so that we can confirm who is coming.


SUNDAY 18TH FEB – Spartan Course begins. If you bring a friend or family member they get Red Boat member price. ($199 members, $299 non-members) ALL WELCOME

FRIDAY 23RD-SUNDAY25TH FEB – First Red Boat Gathering! Gradings and workshops all weekend! SOME CONDITIONS APPLY FOR SOME ACTIVITIES

SUNDAY 4TH MARCH – John Will BJJ Seminar ($90) ALL WELCOME

SATURDAY 10TH MARCH – Autumn Grading (Tips only: $40; Colour change only (ie previously passed and paid for Tips): $50; Full Colour change (ie doing complete test): $90; Full Colour change Black Belt: $110 (or $70 colour change only) START PREPPING!!

SUNDAY 18TH MARCH – Urban Survival Workshop ($80) ALL WELCOME

Stay up to date with events here:


“Turn Back the Clock”

Introducing our new fitness & self defence program for the over 55’s on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 10am-11am run by our very own Frances Straumietis.

When Frances turned 50 she decided she wanted to make a return to martial arts (having enjoyed practising some Tai Chi in her 20’s), so took up training in Wing Chun at Rick Spain’s Red Boat Kung Fu in 2005.

In late 2006 Frances was diagnosed with breast cancer, her first thoughts were to keep herself fit as much as she was able. So, while going through a year of Chemo and Radiotherapy treatment she kept up with Wing Chun. Her recovery and overall wellbeing during and after that time has not only kept her well but has seen her condition improve.

Since overcoming cancer, Frances has achieved many things. She is a 3rd level Wing Chun Master, Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a qualified Sports Coach. Frances currently teaches 3-5 classes a week, trains up to 4 times a day and keeps up with (and often surpasses) her fellow younger students in fitness and endurance – she is a true inspiration. She has been working privately with students 55yrs+ and it’s wonderful to watch the transformations that are being made.

The Turn Back the Clock program is for the over 55’s who are feeling that second wind and want to try something new to get their bodies back in shape.

The classes are kept small – capped at 10 participants – to ensure quality attention is given to everyone in the class.
If you are interested in trying it out you can book in for one FREE lesson.

Prices are $20 per class and can be discounted if you pay for 12 upfront.

One on one sessions are available by appointment only and cost $50 for 45mins.

Email or call Amy on 0423 610 695 too BOOK TODAY





Earlier this year Sifu recorded a podcast interview with Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio, and today it’s been released! Sifu Rick Spain talks about:

-Training and fighting in the 70’s & 80’s;

-Fighting (and winning) at the world championship in ’82;

-How he met William Cheung and became a live-in disciple;

-The car accident that ended his fighting career and how he found his way back to the Path and became the coach he is today.

-and more…

Must thank Jeremy at for the fantastic interview, he has a wonderful interviewing style that really makes way for inspiring conversation.

Follow this link to listen:


Other whistlekick links are

Facebook: Whistlekick Martial Arts Sparring Gear & Apparel
Twitter – @whistlekick
Instagram – @whistlekick




Kids Kung Fu classes make their return tomorrow at 11am. We hope you have all had a fantastic break and look forward to a fantastic year of training with you all!

It is a new term, so as usual term fees are due. To keep our price per term at such a low price, and to work with the needs of parents to be flexible we have 3 pricing options now for you.

You can either:

Pre-purchase a casual visit (or several) for $18 per class – ;

Or, if you know that your child can attend only every second weekend you can pre-purchase the Child Term Half Pass (5 classes) $75 – ;

Or, if the Child Term Pass (10 classes – $100) has been working for you, then you can still purchase this option – .

If your child does not use up all their classes on their pass they will no-longer carry over to the next term.

We appreciate that as a parent you are managing possibly many activities for your children and hope that this helps you in choosing a suitable membership for your child, while enabling us to continue providing this service to you.





Morning all!!

We have a new supplier for our BJJ gi’s! I’m keen to place an order so, anyone wishing to get a new gi or purchase their first one, I’d like to order by the end of the week.

They come in black, blue and white, price is $150. Our Tasmanian school vouches for them, saying they are comfortable and durable, and all round great uniform.

Please order and pay asap so we can get our first shipment in!!

Click here to order:

Here’s the specs:

Jacket features:
Lightweight 450gsm soft pearl weave fabric
One piece constructions wiht no back seams
EVA foam collar
Contrast red colour stitching and embroidery (black uniform)
Heavy reinforced seams with additional internal patches at major stress points
Tailored fit
Pant Features:
10oz, 100% cotton drill fabric with pearl weave crotch gusset insert
stretch rope drawstring
6 point loop system for a tight secure fit
Contrast red stitching and embroidery (black uniform)
Heavy reinforced seems at major stress points
Tailor fitted
Reinforced double layer extended knee padding
The V2 bjj uniforms are a clean crisp gi, minimal branding logos to allow you to put your club and sponsor patches anywhere you want.
Pro bjj white belt with black tip + a breathable gi storage bag are also included

No-Gi Kung Fu Tonight!!


No Gi required tonight!! Shorts and a t-shirt are fine. Great class planned – new trapping concepts – see you then.

Also reminder that tomorrow night’s 6pm is seniors class (black belt and above), so no kicking and stretching class. However, if you are not a senior yet, you are of course more than welcome to come in to do your own training.




Quick shout out!

Tomorrow night March has a no-gi class planned for BJJ, sounds like fun and will be a nice compliment to the current Sydney weather!

Friday we are CLOSED. Of course, if you have access you can come in and train, or come in and train with someone who has access. But we are having the day off.

Saturday classes are on as usual, and BJJ Sunday is totally on.

For those that are going away, have a safe and amazing time!

For those that are coming in to train, see you on the mat!!

(Tomorrow Morning’s Wing Chun class is level 6 curriculum material, and we’ll continue the power training theme next week for Mon & Fri morning Martial Xfit)

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Welcome to 2018!

Hi guys!

Hope you all have been training hard and smart. We’ve had a great start to the year. Lots of new members so be sure to say hello to any new faces on the mat.

Please remember! We welcome all people of all levels of experience and inexperience, so bring friends or family along for a trial class on Saturdays (or any day really) – no need to book. We also have kids under 12’s on Saturdays at 11am (starting again on 3rd Feb) and teen 12yrs+ on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm starting again next week.

Besides the seminar on Sunday 4th Feb (details below) here are important dates over the next couple of weeks:

Tues 23rd 5pm – Girls Sparring Class (Girls BJJ class will be next month) Looks like we’re going to have a great turnout so far! Sparring with the guys is actually quite fun, but standing in front of some skilled dude 20+ kgs heavier than you can be pretty intimidating especially while you’re finding your feet! Even for the more experienced of us, pulling off takedowns can be challenging with that kind of weight differential as well. So having a sparring class for girls only is a pretty good idea!! We’ll cover sparring drills and skills, head movement, footwork, pad drills and some light sparring. Hope you all can attend! No Josh Smith…you cannot.

Tues 30th 6pm – Seniors Class (Black Belt and above) all instructors please do your best to attend. Sifu will be covering coaching essentials such as how to plan and execute a Wing Chun class, so if you have questions, get them ready. More of what he has planned will be updated next week, but there will be a Wing Chun by request segment so think about techniques, principles or drills that you would like more understanding about.

Seminar Sunday 4th February 10:30am The Winning MIND:

Book here

“Friends and family welcome.

A detailed study on the processes of elite performance athletes and how you can tap into your most valuable asset: your mind.

We have all witnessed when an athlete seems to punch above their weight, or out strip their apparent physical abilities. Invariably it’s the mindset that makes the difference.

This seminar will explore what makes them different and how to apply these unique skill sets to your own game/life.

At the end of the day you will have the unbreakable confidence that no one can negatively affect -not even you!! The motivation to push toward your destination regardless of any hurdle or obstacle you may face. The concentration to block anything that is not enhancing your purpose. The ability to achieve “flow state” at will, in essence, controlling time and space so as to experience perfect technique. And the organisational skills to keep powering forward – to set goals and create plans to achieve them and to understand the value of the feedback loop.

Please allow a half day for this seminar. We will also be getting advice from our own NLP Master Amy on how to fast track flow state, motivation – why it doesn’t always last and what you can do about it, moving beyond your limitations.

$80 per person, general public welcome!”

Book here

Lastly, mat chat from Sifu below! Welcoming the year and talking some more about the seminar.


We’ve announced our first seminar for the year.


Welcome back everyone! We had a cruisy start to the year with just a handful of classes put on last week. Well done to everyone who came in, we had some fantastic workouts and some fun rolling and sparring sessions.

This coming week is full steam ahead. All classes are back on. Except for teens, they start next Monday and the younger kids start on Saturday 3rd Feb.

New format for morning classes starts tomorrow. This Monday & Friday 7am Martial Xfit class will start with a mobility drill routine that we will run all month, this week’s theme for the workout is strength conditioning then finishing with pad drills. BJJ Core on Tuesday will include stretching, core strength, curriculum drills and some light rolling if time and numbers allow. Forms and Chi Sau Wednesday is self explanatory however, if Amy is taking class we will work on correct breathing and energy for forms and work on double arm chi sau – if Sifu takes class Sifu will do what Sifu does!! 🙂 Finally Thursday Wing Chun warm up will be the mobility drill routine, this week we’ll look at Level 4 grading material and finish with light cross arm sparring.

Sifu’s overall focus for the school at the beginning of this year is fitness and conditioning, forms and chi sau. He will be talking about sparring expectations also – some old grading prerequisites are looking to make a comeback.

We want to know what your goals are for the year too, it’s our job to help you achieve them! So, if you want to have a chat shoot us an email or put your name down at the front desk and we’ll organise a time to have a chat with you and see how we can help you achieve them.

The school as a club has some goals too. We need to grow! So bring friends along to a class after or before work, or get them out of bed early on a weekend for a smashing Saturday workout. There’s plenty of room, the more the merrier. We have some great deals for new members at the moment – free uniforms, gift vouchers & uni memberships and benefits for you too for anyone who you bring in that signs up. You don’t need to ask us if you can bring someone in, we just ask that you try to get in 10mins early for that class so we can meet them.

Looking forward to another fantastic year of training with you all!!

See you tomorrow.