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Tonight’s 6.30pm with Vadim is close range strikes – body shots and uppercuts, drills and sparring – bring your 16 oz gloves. Tomorrow is 9am Conditioning with Frances, 10am Wing Chun with Sifu and 11am Kids Kung Fu with Damien! REMEMBER!!! THIS SUNDAY!!! FREE GRADING WORKSHOPS WITH SIFU, COVERING ALL NEW CURRICULUM MATERIAL! SCHEDULE: 11AM […]

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It’s DONE! There may be some tweeks, typos and formatting overlooked… hope not… but the curriculum is finalised. Please download your next level! (links below) Remember, this Sunday Sifu is putting on a FREE workshop to answer all of your questions about the new material. PLEASE WRITE DOWN ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS and submit them […]

Mat Chat at 11:30 Today

Hi guys, Sifu will be streaming his Mat Chat in our RBKF Livestream Facebook page at 11:30 am on Values vs Virtues, don’t miss it. Tonights 6pm class (also streamed on Facebook: https://bit.ly/3snFOKe ) will be bracketed with Forms with next level defence and sustained attack drills. See you on the mat.



Greetings everyone ..Had a good rest last week taking some pressure off my hip…But time to get back into it.. had a great day with the Bo yesterday thanks to all that attended …Tonight we start with forms and Dummy then some old school drills for sustained attacks and impregnable defense…see you on the mat […]

Classes tonight and tomorrow…

Tonight’s 6:30pm class with Vadim is all about traditional conditioning and sparring. 9am tomorrow is conditioning with Frances, 10am Frances and Damien will share the Wing Chun class as Sifu is visiting the Kyokushin crew, and 11am is Kids Kung Fu and they will be focusing on escaping the mount! Sunday 9:30am is BJJ and […]

Welcome to 2021 – Exciting Changes to our Wing Chun Curriculum!

Greetings to all the Red Boat Kung Fu members and welcome to 2021. As 2020 slips into the rear view mirror, we can now concentrate on the task at hand and that is the continuing evolution of our system, the development of elite level instructors and of course helping you on your martial journey. As […]