12:15 lunch class with Andrew Flow rolling, answering student questions, fundamentals.

5:45pm evening class with March Looping Drills from Guard to Back to Side Back (Spiderweb to Back)* to Guard.
*higher belts
Plus one or two submission options on the way.

See you on the mat!

Theme for tonight’s 6:30pm class with Vadim: putting together striking and kicking combinations – the next level of fighting comprehension.

See you on the mat!

Well here we are seeing the surgeon at 11.20 to se if i can get my career back on track fingers crossed

Hi guys thanks for a great class last night great skills and work rate  …revision of the punch count and set ups and feints off the jab ..next week mastering the shoulder roll and the european gaurd .. today and tonight we continue old school wing chun with a couple of drills from the very beginning of the system developing speed and explosivness  ..cant wait see you on the mat ..kuen yao sum faat ..Sifu

A dangerous punch that can come out of nowhere… tonight we look at how to time it right and land it on the button.. see you there..Sifu

A huge traditional training week ahead …Chi sau and chi breathing…Iron shirt training..Iron Palm Training…and training in Zen stance…see you on the mat ..Sifu

A huge historical training week ahead ..chi breathing …iron shirt training.. iron arm conditioning and training in Zen stance …see you on the mat …Sifu


Dear Parents,

This is confirming that the children’s classes for Term 1 2019 begins this Saturday 19th January at 11am. There will be a free sausage sizzle afterwards! If you wish to bring any of your children’s friends for a trial class please advise us prior to Saturday.

Term fees are still $100 for the term (or $18 per class, we also have a 5 class term pass of $75 which covers 5 classes only and expires at the end of the term).

On the weekend of Australia Day/Saturday 26th January we will be closed, so there will be no classes on that day.

We hope you have all had a wonderful and safe holiday!

See you soon.

Knife attacks are second only to blunt force trauma attacks on our streets and domestically. It is simply imperative that we know how to handle this weapon.

We will be covering the 8 angles of attack/defence, sabre grip and reverse grip, the 12 angles of attack in sabre and reverse, defanging the snake, flow drills, disarms plus primary target areas, bleed out times and more…be there or die!!

3 hrs $60 members and members friends/family.

Book on our seminars page: http://www.redboatkungfu.com/event/