Hi guys had a ball last night hope your liking the new grading material ..It must more accurately reflect were we are at …Tonights boxing class we will tweaking the jab cross combo undertstanding correct weight displacement  45/55… The cork screw …East/West and clock wise v anti clock wise… Plus at long last how to work the heavy bag for maximun benefit…I’ll be there cant wait !! regards Sifu

ps Dont forget Dragon Staff and Peak Performance !

Hi everyone tonights theme …Larp sau one of the most versitile moves in Wing Chun…an awsome block/redirection great for wrist and bicep pummelling …outside collar ties .. handcuffs and more!.. We will defend strikes first then drill some awsome redirection and capture to take down options … and also working the radius  footwork  drills that flow into these techniques …I love this stuff…A reminder weapons this coming Sunday get your names down asap weapons must be ordered by Wednesday…Kuen Yao Sum Faat …Sifu

Hi guys,

Best boxing class ever last night! Loved every minute of it. We covered a lot of information that you can apply to your boxing game immediately. Thanks for your superb efforts. Much more to come.

See you all tonight for more joint locks and pain submissions.



Tonight’s BJJ with March at 6pm is a Review of Kimura lock loop sequence (no Gi). New Kimura lock loop sequence (gi).
Flow rolling.
Breathing techniques (optional).

Greetings and salutations..As we put 2019 to bed there are a few things that ive been reflecting on from this year ..Firstly thank you all for your efforts from white belts to red belts and everyone in between you make the mat an amazing place to be and i am very grateful …Congatulations to everyone who gave it there all during the last grading very proud and a big shout out to Zac who did it tough but shone on the day he now joins a very exclusive club …On the day we had some of the original wild bunch attending and they were suitably impressed  ..For me personally its all been about injury management and finding a way forward …So far so good …For the school its been a great year as we fulfilled our mission of going old school and embracing our roots …Next year more of the same …Looking forward to next year we will  be perfecting our dirty boxing skills and embracing true boxing for which i have developed a full 12 month program for ..a perfect complement to our Wing Chun…Also taking our clinch game to a new level is a very exciting prospect.. So thank you all once again i hope youve enjoyed your rest…See you on the mat saturday… Cant wait …regards Sifu

Hi everyone this week we add the second phase of all the forms in high detail…Plus chi sau flow drill from bon larp to cross arm to double arm to pummelling and back …High kicking partner drills and grip strips …lots of fun !! The urban survival seminar is on sunday october 11 …This a critical workshop… I have  been developing this course for more than 40 years and this will be the most advanced todate …Its madness out there you must take responsability for you and your loved ones safety and survival on the street…a detailed breakdown of the event will be posted in 24 hours …It is open to friends and family …Zac will be taking an awsome class today at 12.15 …Ill see you on the mat at 6pm regards Sifu

12:15 lunch class with Andrew Flow rolling, answering student questions, fundamentals.

5:45pm evening class with March Looping Drills from Guard to Back to Side Back (Spiderweb to Back)* to Guard.
*higher belts
Plus one or two submission options on the way.

See you on the mat!

Theme for tonight’s 6:30pm class with Vadim: putting together striking and kicking combinations – the next level of fighting comprehension.

See you on the mat!

Well here we are seeing the surgeon at 11.20 to se if i can get my career back on track fingers crossed

Hi guys thanks for a great class last night great skills and work rate  …revision of the punch count and set ups and feints off the jab ..next week mastering the shoulder roll and the european gaurd .. today and tonight we continue old school wing chun with a couple of drills from the very beginning of the system developing speed and explosivness  ..cant wait see you on the mat ..kuen yao sum faat ..Sifu