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Martial arts training for all levels of skill.

Become a member of our school and take the first step on the path to kung fu mastery! All you need to do is call us, write an email, or visit us during the opening hours. You’ll find our contact info down below.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 7:00-20:30
Saturday: 9:00-12:00
Sunday: 9:30-11:00

Keep in mind that we may not be available at all times during open hours. Typically, we are closed in-between classes and open half an hour before and after our scheduled courses. Check our timetable for more information.

24-26 Botany Road
Alexandria, NSW 2015

Kwoon: 0423 610 695

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See map for our Sydney (HQ) Location.

For training at our satellite martial arts schools in NSW, interstate or internationally, you will have to contact them directly for their location and timetable, or make your request here.


Best to look in Cope or Wyndham Sts, plenty of on street parking. Please pay attention to clear way and other parking signs.