Australia’s Kung Fu Legend Sigung Rick Spain teaching in Sydney.


Beginning Martial Arts

Sigung (Grandmaster) Rick Spain has dedicated his entire life to the Martial Arts, moving to Australia in 1975 to begin training in Wing Chun Kung Fu with Grandmaster William Cheung – direct descendant from the great Ip Man and life-long friend and training partner of the great Bruce Lee – this proved to be a turning point in his career, “this was the first time I had been exposed to a full time professional training facility”. This allowed Rick to train full time in Martial Arts and really dedicate himself. Even though he had competed many times as a youngster, he was now training for serious competition in a very active tournament scene.

Representing Australia in Kung Fu

After competing successfully in Martial Arts for a few years Sigung Rick was chosen to represent Australia at the World Full Contact Martial Arts Championships in Hong Kong. This proved to be a competition highlight in his career made even more special after winning the middle weight division and crowned world champion 82/83. Unfortunately a severe car accident meant that his competitive career was over, though he did go on to do exhibition bouts with kickboxing legends Benny “The Jet” Urquidez and Bill “Superfoot” Wallace. Rick now represents Red Boat Wing Chun around Australia and internationally still training over 20 hours per week, maintaining a near competition level of fitness at all times.

Now offering Private Sessions

Sigung Rick Spain has taken a step back from the volume of classes he teaches, but is now providing one-on-one training (up to groups of 4).

Please find details of his personal training sessions here.