What is Wing Chun?

WING CHUN KUNG FU was created and developed in the southern Shaolin Temples of China over 400 years ago. Although there is still evidence of the five animals in Wing Chun (the five animal styles are the predecessor of all systems) it is considered the first of the human systems and is soundly based on logic, economy of movement and leverage.

Wing Chun is more than just a system of Martial Arts, it is really a lifestyle where you live by the codes of family, honour and loyalty. The development of your skills and talents are of the utmost importance.

Training is challenging and enjoyable. Many of us have experienced training in schools where the instructors have their own agenda. I have personally experienced that disappointment and discouragement until finally I found a school that cared. I remained there for 25 years.

So I make a promise to you that every instructor including myself – whether you train with us here in Sydney, or any of our other locations throughout the globe – is totally devoted to your progress, your safety and your well being.

Sincerely, Sifu Rick Spain

Red Boat Kung Fu Global HQ
Founder and Chief Instructor