Welcome to Red Boat Kung Fu.

Why Train in Martial Arts at Red Boat Kung Fu?

Industry Leading.
Voted #1 Martial Arts school in Australia.
Sifu Rick Spain, Full Contact World Champion.
 Red Boat students currently hold 4 x Kickboxing Championships, International and Asia Pacific and MMA National Title.

Comprehensive and continuously evolving fighting and self defence system, both stand up and grappling.

All techniques rigorously pressure tested.

Over 40 yrs of experience both on mat, in competition and the street.

What More do I Get from training at Red Boat?

Nurturing environment, we want to see you grow.
Friendly, supportive atmosphere.
Training partners genuinely interested in helping you.
Long lasting friendships.
Meaningful relationships.
A place to call home.

How will this change my life?

We have seen thousands of people come and go over the years, all have enriched our lives, all have grown, all have developed spiritually, mentally and physically, the amount of lives transformed here is uncountable and it’s all because of you, the people who train here, the people who choose to walk the path, question their limitations, question what they thought they knew about themselves and choose, every day, to be that little bit better than the person they were yesterday. You inspire us every day, and if we haven’t met you yet, we look forward to the day we do.

Get in shape now.

Improved fitness, co-ordination, strength, flexibility, stamina/endurance & cardorespiratory fitness & recovery.

Suits Any Schedule.

Red Boat Kung Fu has classes 7 days a week, morning, noon and night, there’s no reason you can’t achieve your goals.

A Career in Martial Arts.

VET Fee Help for approved applicants.

Sydney Martial Arts training that Covers All Fighting and Self Defence Needs….

Our Sydney classes cover Wing Chun Kung Fu, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jutsu), Self Defence, Fitness, Fight Conditioning, Sparring, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Martial Arts and Self Defence for Children. Wing Chun is also a fantastic martial art for Women’s Self Defence.

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What are you waiting for?

Voted the NUMBER ONE Martial Arts School in Australia! Chief Instructor Sifu Rick Spain is a  Full Contact Martial Arts World Champion! Our students refer to us as the “Martial Arts University”. Classes 7 days a week, morning, noon and night! Train & Study Full Time, AUSTUDY approved, check out our MA360 Program!

Compete with others
Grow stronger
Grow Faster
Eat healthy
Improve your health


We asked our students what they felt were the key benefits of training in Wing Chun, BJJ & Fight Conditioning at Red Boat Kung Fu Redfern – here are the top 5 answers:

  • Improved fitness!

    Including: co-ordination, strength, flexibility, stamina/endurance & cardorespiratory fitness & recovery.

  • Real Self Defence/Fighting Skills!

    Increased situational awareness, confidence & self empowerment.

  • New Friends & Family!

    It’s amazing how such a diverse group of people can become the closest of friends.

  • Daily Sense of Achievement!

    You never leave without learning something new or overcoming preconceived limitations.

  • Stress Reduction!

    Not just from punching and kicking! But from focusing on the present moment & leaving your cares at the door.


Classes Per Week

7 Days

a week

7 Schools

around Australia & the world