Tomorrow is the adults Autum Grading, starting at 10:30am. As such, the kids class will start at 9am for this Saturday and will return to the usual time of 11am next weekend.

Thank you for your understanding!

Kind regards,


Dear parents,

Kids class is on for 2 more Saturdays this year. THIS Saturday, kids class will start at 9am as there is an adults grading on that will run well over typical class time. NEXT Saturday, kids class will be back to 11am start and will be the last kids class for the year. Well done to all the kids who graded and to those who participated/supported their training partners.

Adults grading this Saturday starts at 10:15!! Be early!! If you’re not grading, get in early as well! Your support means a lot to those grading. If you’re up for doing some sparring rounds gear up and jump in.

End of year party will start at approximately 12:30 at the Abbott Hotel in Waterloo. There is a cover charge of $20 per person. That covers food for the day and we have a muso booked too.

There will be a raffle!! First prize is a sparring/home training kit which includes 3in1 carry/training bag, focus mitts, skipping rope 16oz gloves, fingerless sparring gloves and shin/instep protectors. Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10.

Lastly, remember to bring some gold coin to throw in the tip jar for the bar staff at the end of the day. They really look after us very well and we do get quite rowdy!! 🙂

All the best for this weekend, stay focused and hydrate!!!

(as usual, friends and family are more than welcome!!!)


Hey guys,

Sifu’s back from Melbourne, keen to do a class tonight. We’ll be going through the dummy sets up til grading. Tonight will be set one, tomorrow set 2, Wednesday set 3 and so on until grading. We will also be working on forms. Remember forms account for 50% of your grading assessment!

See you all tonight!

Graduating and the rewards therein are a perrenial part of our life. We graduate from crawling to walking as an infant, from training wheels to solo rider as a child, we pass our HSC in our teens and graduate to adulthood at 21. We recieve promotions and demotions in our chosen jobs and careers and often spend  time comparing ourselves to others – another form of grading ourselves – I believe modelling is a powerful  tool, but ultimately you must find your own voice and your own path. We begin our martial  journey for a myriad of reasons: fitness, self defence, self confidence, it’s seldom to obtain a black belt, that usually comes after being immersed  in the mat culture for awhile and even then we take it one belt at a time. Gradings give us realistic yet challenging goals and goals are good. No goal, no destination can kill motivation -the rudderless ship. Gradings give us a focus something to zero in on and focus is good. There is truth in the statement “it’s not the destination its the journey” but a map really helps. If the idea of a grading gives you pause for thought and the challenge is a little daunting, then it is already becoming a parallel to the challenges we face in life and challenges are good. Remember that success leaves clues, just look at the advanced belts on your mat, they have all faced the challeges you now face. The evidence of success is right in front of you. So map out your course, tap into the wisdom on your mat and keep your eye on the prize. Gradings are awsome.

Hi everyone,
We have just over 8 weeks to go until the biggest grading of the year! So Tuesday 545 will be dedicated to belt prepping and stretching. Kicking conditioning will still be a part of it but also technical for your level change and sparring.
See you tonight!

Reminder to parents that due to the adult grading starting at 10:30, the kids class is rescheduled for 9am tomorrow (15th September).

Sorry for any inconvenience, thank you for being flexible!

Adults, be in and ready for grading at 10am for a 10:30 start!! We’re starting the grading a little later so the kids aren’t rushed off the mat at the end of their class. Hydrate, rest up and stay out of trouble until tomorrow at least!

See you all tomorrow!

PS Parents, details for kid’s fight night are:

Date: Tuesday 25th of September.
Location: St Agnes a primary school, 511 Bunnerong Road Matraville.
Parking: Park on school grounds.
Time: Registration is at 1700 hours.
Price: No fees involved but gold coin donation to our charity jar.
Equipment: Gloves, mouth guard, water bottle. (No mouth guard, no fight.)

Any questions please feel free to contact me. Just reply to this email.

Theme this week is grading rehearsal. Tonight at 5:45 are the kicks you need to master for your grading. 7pm is BJJ curriculum material. Tomorrow is Wing Chun grading rehearsals for all classes.

You can never be too prepared!!

See you on the mat.

PS Remember: Butterfly Workshop this Sunday 10:30am!!

Hi again!
Congrats to Sofia 1st stripe BJJ  woohoo! I’m betting that the kicking class will be feeling last nights workout. Tonight we start  with 5th dummy set – got carried away on Monday with neck attacks and back defence – but tonight’s a 90 min class so we can fit it all in. Don’t miss it.

Hi guys!

Don’t forget about tonights kicking class: how to develop explosiveness plus more side split tips. Remember, BJJ grading’s tonight at 7pm!!

See you on the mat.

Regards sifu


Tonight’s class with Vadim is creating a solid foundation combining blocks, strikes and footwork drills. Excellent class to attend to make your last minute refinements for grading tomorrow!!

Reminder to parents!! Tomorrow’s kids class starts at 9am!!!!

See you then!