Dear Parents,

Next Saturday (22nd June) is the children’s grading. It will start at 11am and run up to 1pm but most likely around 12:30. Please put your child’s name down before, during or after class tomorrow. There will be a sign in sheet next to the iPad checkin at the front desk. The assessment fee is $20 and can be paid on the day of the grading.

Have a great weekend!

See you all tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s kids class theme with Damien is: Complex Combinations, but kicking off with forms and finishing with Sifu’s quiz questions:

1, how old is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

2, according to legend, who invented it?

3, where is it from?

Kids grading will be Saturday 22nd June.

We are closed on Monday due to the public holiday, but if you have access and are planning on coming in to train let others know!

Have a great weekend, see you tomorrow! (Sat)

Today’s 12:15 lunch class with Adrian is continuing on from last week’s theme which is movement, flow and speed.

Tonight’s 5:45pm evening class with Sifu is all about advanced combinations.

The 7pm class this evening is remaining BJJ Open Mat until further notice. If you want to roll, drill or prep for a grading start communicating with each other and get in, as this is the allocated time for you to do that.

Tomorrow’s 12:15 lunch and 5:45pm evening classes are all Traditional Wooden Dummy, some grading drills and forms forms forms!

See you on the mat!

Dont miss training today …winter grading will be upon us before you know it …see you on the mat regards Sifu

Hi everyone this weeks  theme is hardcore drills …then prepping for winter grading ..there is a lot of wisdom on the mat dont be afraid to ask a senior for help …thats how we all got here …regards Sifu



Hi guys,

Firstly congratulations to all that graded on Saturday it was a very high standard, I’m very proud of your efforts. We’ll post some photos and video on Facebook shortly.

Thank you for everyone who came yesterday to the Alexandria Sunday Funday, it was a great day we’ll be getting involved in more like them so we will need a demo team!

This week we’ll be prepping for the Wooden Dummy seminar this Sunday that I’m very excited about. It will be an intense day so make sure you bring your A game. It starts at 11am, and will run for at least 4 hours. (Cost is $199).

This week’s theme is all about speed and explosiveness. Tomorrow night’s boxing theme is setups and feints and a revision on the punch count.

So see you on the mat tonight!



Hi guys!

Just confirming with you all that the grading will be taking place tomorrow from 9:30am. The conditioning class is still on but will be a quick 30min heart starter. The kids class is also still on at the usual time of 11am, so no changes there.

See you all at 9:30am tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the adults Autum Grading, starting at 10:30am. As such, the kids class will start at 9am for this Saturday and will return to the usual time of 11am next weekend.

Thank you for your understanding!

Kind regards,


Dear parents,

Kids class is on for 2 more Saturdays this year. THIS Saturday, kids class will start at 9am as there is an adults grading on that will run well over typical class time. NEXT Saturday, kids class will be back to 11am start and will be the last kids class for the year. Well done to all the kids who graded and to those who participated/supported their training partners.

Adults grading this Saturday starts at 10:15!! Be early!! If you’re not grading, get in early as well! Your support means a lot to those grading. If you’re up for doing some sparring rounds gear up and jump in.

End of year party will start at approximately 12:30 at the Abbott Hotel in Waterloo. There is a cover charge of $20 per person. That covers food for the day and we have a muso booked too.

There will be a raffle!! First prize is a sparring/home training kit which includes 3in1 carry/training bag, focus mitts, skipping rope 16oz gloves, fingerless sparring gloves and shin/instep protectors. Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10.

Lastly, remember to bring some gold coin to throw in the tip jar for the bar staff at the end of the day. They really look after us very well and we do get quite rowdy!! 🙂

All the best for this weekend, stay focused and hydrate!!!

(as usual, friends and family are more than welcome!!!)


Hey guys,

Sifu’s back from Melbourne, keen to do a class tonight. We’ll be going through the dummy sets up til grading. Tonight will be set one, tomorrow set 2, Wednesday set 3 and so on until grading. We will also be working on forms. Remember forms account for 50% of your grading assessment!

See you all tonight!