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Focus. Jonny’s Day, Tips Grading, Wooden Dummy Workshop.

Hi guys,

We have a busy few weekends coming up.

This Sunday is Jonny’s Day. We meet at Martin Place Cenotaph at 11am to lay the wreath and observe a minutes silence and then move on to a light lunch (typically at the Orient). All members and students are invited and welcome to share in this tradition.

Saturday 18th is the last Tip grading before the mid year Belt grading/Sifu’s birthday. If you have missed the last few tip gradings, but you have been on the mat, you should be ready. We have done so much grading prep this year. If you are unsure please ask either myself or an instructor.

Saturday 19th is Sifu’s Wooden Dummy Workshop, get your name down and get in for this one. There’s never enough time to get you started from beginning to end on everything in your Wing Chun training. Especially the Wooden Dummy. It’s not just the order of the sets. It’s the hand positions, angles, distance, footwork, sequences within each set, rhythm and flow. Sifu is putting on this Wooden Dummy workshop on Sunday 19th June. Jump all over it. It is a fantastic opportunity to dive deep into what it takes to make your wooden dummy sing. All levels are encouraged. Tix under $150 for the day.

Thank you to all seniors who took care of the school while we were away. It was a very nice break and we are ready to hit the ground running once again.

See you on the mat.