Hi guys,

Vadim and Mayur are back for the Friday 6.30pm and Monday 7.15pm Wing Chun classes.

Upcoming themes for these classes are: 

Friday 6:30pm class: pad work, mixing up combinations and from there progress into sparring. Bring big gloves.

Monday 17th January 7.15pm: Chi sau flow drills working on hand speed finishing off with light sparring.

Weekend sessions – Saturday 9am Conditioning and 10am Wing Chun (no kids class yet) and Sunday BJJ 9.30am – are on.

See you on the mat!


Hi guys,

We’ve had a great start, a lot of you are still away, some of you are isolating… and some of you don’t know what day it is…Hannah… lol …and others we are seeing several times a day!

Tonight is boxing at 6pm.

Tomorrow is Wing Chun at 12.15, 6pm and 7.30pm with Sparring at 7pm.

Thursday is BJJ at 6pm – don’t miss it as it will be one of our student’s last class before he moves away from the city.

Friday is Wing Chun 12.15 and the 6.30pm class, Vadim is back!

Saturday is 9am Conditioning and 10am Wing Chun (kids classes still a couple of weeks away)

Sunday BJJ is back on this weekend too at 9.30am, Andrew is back!

Sifu is planning a Peak Performance course to start this month/early next. Please contact us with your expression of interest! 

Finally on Thursday 27th Jan we have planned our first kids school holiday program. Please follow this Facebook link for details https://bit.ly/3K0ZFbJ or to book directly https://bit.ly/3nfaWev  

Welcome back/see you soon!



Greetings and salutations,

Happy New Year to you all! We hope that you have had a happy, safe and enjoyment filled start to 2022. We have indulged a little, relaxed a lot and maintained a healthy training routine during the break. Most of all we are taking the time to recuperate from a rollercoaster of a year, goodbye 2021. Welcome 2022.

I’m super excited about tomorrows kick-off, try not to miss it. I have a plan for the year and tomorrow is day one of a 12 month periodisation plan for the entire school which will involve strength training in phase one – understanding and executing combination training, the psychology of combat, understanding “Bunkai” the breakdown of forms and extraction of legitimate combat techniques and – for all who have overindulged – a Peak Performance program will kick off mid-January. Contact me (Sifu) directly on 0423 610 695 if you want (or need) to get on board.

Juniors training starts at the beginning of the school term on 31st January. We launched a new kids pricing option along with early bird specials for anyone who signed up to them before the 15th Jan. That date is approaching soon, so if you missed the email or want to make the most of the offer, please contact Amy ASAP by email: info@redboatkungfu.com . In addition, the Junior’s school holiday program was to start in Term 1 school holidays, but we are offering the first session on Thursday 27th January. This might be an opportunity for you to get your last minute back to school shopping done. Parents and guardians will receive an email soon about the details of this and the sparring equipment requirements and prices that were mentioned last year.

We have a big year planned, miss you all and look forward to seeing you all again in the coming weeks.

See you on the mat.


Fight Week!

Here we are at last. Fight week.

As we get closer to Saturday taper your training and increase your carbs slightly from Wednesday.

On grading day have a high protein high fat, moderate carb breakfast. This will ensure a steady energy balance on the day. Rest well, avoid anything risky so we avoid the possibility of injury. I was told many many years ago just as we are ready to succeed, we are also ready to fail. I’ve seen athletes sabotage themselves in the last few days before a comp. It seems crazy but it’s true. So stay on point.

I have much to say which I’ll save for the day.

Last big hit out tonight, boxing tomorrow and technical Wednesday, then rest and recover ‘til Saturday.

See you on the mat.

Kuen Yao Sum Faat



Greetings everyone,

Well the year draws to a close once again. A year full of frustrations, progress interrupted, resets and restarts. But we’re still here fighting the good fight.

I was having a mat chat a couple of weeks ago about the true meaning of training in the martial arts. We all have our personal reasons to start, but I have found that the journey changes us. The joy of movement, embracing the culture, self mastery, community, friendships, partnerships, love, protection and ultimately to become the best version of ourselves. One that embraces all of these things. God knows I’m flawed, but I’ll keep chipping away, trying to live a better today than yesterday.

So that’s what we do. We strive to improve mentally, spiritually and physically. Sometimes in leaps and bounds. For the most part it’s fractions, but they add up. So don’t become frustrated in this journey. Patience truly is a virtue.

So congratulations for your courage and perseverance. If ever you find yourself off the path, check your map and find your way back and take the lessons with you. There is always value in any experience if you remember to take the lesson.

Let’s finish the year with strong spirits and be there on the 18th to support our brothers and sisters as they engage in battle for their belts.

See you on the mat.




Dear members,

End of year is approaching! This week is all about tips. Friday 3rd lunch and evening classes, plus Satruday 4th 10am class will be Wing Chun Tip assessment classes. Please get your name down and specify what class you will be getting assessed in.

If you are not going for tips still come to class! You will get your workout in and be support for whoever is grading!

Sunday 5th is BJJ grading, I know there are definitely a few keen for their next stripe, grading rego form will be in the desk from tonight for you to get your name down.

Kids grading is on Saturday 11th December at usual class time of 11.15am. We will definitely run overtime so parents please be prepared for this. If it is impossible for you/your child to make this day and time, please let us know and we can arrange an assessment during class on the Wednesday or Thursday. For your reference click on this link for an older post containing the kid’s grading structure: https://bit.ly/3rn77ah

Saturday 18th December will start with a 9am Kids class (final for the year) and will include games and award presentations. This will be followed by the adults Wing Chun End of Year grading (for Belt changes), award presentations and the end of year party.

So we have some busy weekends coming up!

Grading fees as follows:

Adults Wing Chun gradings (tips or belt change) $90
Kids grading (stripe or belt change) $30
BJJ grading (stripe or belt change) $60

Any questions or concerns please call 0421 637 298 or email info@redboatkungfu.com

See you on the mat!


Hi guys,

Quick note before gradings are discussed, the Advanced Butterfly Sword Workshop this Sunday will cover Sword on Sword techniques as well as all else explained in the previous email.

Grading and important dates for your diary:

  • Adults Tips Grading will run over 3 classes and 2 days – December 3rd (Friday) 12.15pm and 6.30pm classes and December 4th (Saturday) 10am class.

***For the Tips gradings we will assess you within the timeframe of these classes (so other classes ie: 9am conditioning and 11.15am kids on the Saturday will not be affected), it is therefore very important that when you put your name down for your Tip that you also nominate which class you will be attending for that assessment.***

  • Kids End of Year Grading – Saturday 11th December at 11.15am – all ages all levels.

  • The final kids class for the year will be early – 9am – on Saturday December 18th. There will be games and Kid’s Award presentations… the first we’ve had at the Headquarters ever! It’s early because the adults end of year grading will take up the afternoon.

  • Adults End of Year Grading – Belt Assessments – 10am Saturday December 18th. This will be followed by our end of year party which will most likely be at the ATOMIC Brewery!

Grading fees are: 
Adults $90
Kids $30

We will most likely look at a set menu at the ATOMIC… watch this space… last time it was $65 per person.


Dear friends and members,

This is a reminder to everyone that this Sunday is the Advanced Butterfly Sword Workshop, starting at 11am.

Sifu will spend one hour at the beginning on the basics. So if you have not done Butterfly Sword before your foundations will be covered then. If you have done Butterfly Sword before then this will be valuable revision for you. The proceeding 2 hours will be the Advanced Butterfly Sword material including the Advanced Butterfly Sword form.

Starting at 11am this Sunday, finishing around 2pm. Worshop fee with and without training swords available. Follow this link to book in! https://bit.ly/3DL67A3


Wing Chun and Sparring Timetable Change on Wednesday Nights

Hi guys!

Great news about mask exemption for indoor exercise! If you’re in the gym or on the mat there is now no legal requirement for you to wear a mask.

Please keep pre-booking for classes – even after the 20 max cap is abolished – it really helps us manage classes and service to you.

Wednesday Night Classes – Time Change

Bottom line is we just don’t have enough time between classes to spar. When we moved to Redfern – so that people could still make the early classes – we changed class start times from 5.30pm to 6pm for the first evening class, and 7pm to 7.15pm for the second evening class, but this sacrificed precious sparring time.

So on Wednesday nights we are opening up the mat from 7pm – 7.30pm for dedicated sparring time.

The late Wednesday class will start at 7.30pm and run for 45mins. Finishing at 8.15pm.

The Wednesday 7.30pm class, while still suitable for beginners, will not run in a 4 week course structure, but will be a dedicated Wing Chun Foundations class:

“Wednesday night Wing Chun Foundations focuses on Chi Sau, Forms and Techniques related to your grading material. Balanced with a strong fitness and conditioning element to ensure you are fighting fit for your Gradings! This is a 45 minute class suitable for both beginners and advanced students.”

So you can expect drilling technique and combos, chi sau, forms, fitness and conditioning (including stretching and strengthening).

Another way to maximise sparring class time is, if you intend to spar after the 6pm class get your sparring kits out at the beginning of the 6pm, not at the end. If your gear is out and ready to go – so are you. This means more time, more rounds, more reps.

Let’s get into it!

See you on the mat.

Click here to book into your martial arts class of choice!

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Hi guys!

A huge congratulations to our Peak Performance Phase One graduates! They have achieved some fantastic results in muscle growth and fat loss and are now just starting the Peak Performance Phase Two.

Phase One will start again on 31st October! So if you missed the boat last time you have a second chance at change!

Phase One had amazing outcomes, as follows:

Frances – body fat from 32.6% down to 27.2%; body weight from 67.8kg to 65.3 kg; and lean body mass from 45.69kg to 47.53kg.

Lynn – body fat 34% down to 18.8%; body weight from 79kg down to 74kg; and lean body mass from 52.14kg up to 60.08.

Nico – body fat from 19.7% to 15.3%; body weight 84.4kg to 80.1kg; and lean body mass stable at 64.7kg to 64.5kg.

Damien – body fat from 15% to 13.3%; body weight 92.3kg to 87.8kg; and lean body mass from 74.5kg to 78.4kg.

Everyone stripped fat and built muscle. They are fitter, stronger, leaner and are armed with an eating plan for life.

Phase 2 is continuing with fat loss but now they are in a building phase and looking better every day.

The next Peak Performance Phase One starts on Sunday the 31st October at 9am at the Headquarters in Redfern. The cost is $599 which covers you for the 6 weeks of education and monitoring.

To get to phase two of our course in the science of body recomposition, you must pay attention and put in the work in phase one.

Anyone wishing to do this online please contact me personally via email. This course worked by correspondance/online during lockdown so it can certainly work with the resources of an equipped gym now everything is open.

If you are in Sydney however, there is no reason why you can’t do this in person.

If you want to lose body fat and/or gain muscle, don’t miss this.

Get focused on your goals, sign up today! Email info@redboatkungfu.com to register.