Tonight…starting with Forms…more iron palm and iron shirt training…evolution of mondays technique …4th dummy set…chi sau and cross arm sparring …see you on the mat regards Sifu

Reminder to everyone that’s done a weapons workshop with us before, Sifu is putting on a free weapons revision workshop tomorrow from 10:30am, just after BJJ. That’s nunchaku, butterfly sword, dragon pole, dragon staff, sticks, knife and baton. See you on the mat!

Tonight will be another trip down memory lane …hard core drills and old world skills, dont miss it…

See you on the mat.



See you tonight for a traditional style workout with Sifu!

Then, tomorrow after the 10am Wing Chun class there’s a gormet BBQ, next Saturday will be the kid’s BBQ.

Have a great weekend!

Hey everyone!

Massive training week ahead: tommorow, old school training drills, chi sau, forms, chi breathing, old school lower body drills from the very inception of Wing Chun. Tuesday, we have a completely new class at 545:  weeks on the heavy bag, the sweet science of working the heavy bag proper.

See you there!


Tonights kicking class at 5:45pm will be all about balance drills. BJJ 7pm is Side Control 101.

Be there!


Don’t miss class tonight! We’ll be working on second dummy set and a new Chi Sau drill… See you then!!


These two classes ARE ON this long weekend.

Reminder that kid’s class is off and Monday we’re closed.



Due to the long weekend, the Saturday kid’s class will not be on. The 10am Kung Fu class is going ahead, I’ll confirm on Friday if 9am conditioning and Sunday BJJ are on. Monday there are no classes, then things are back to normal on Tuesday.

On Friday I’m (Amy) getting sworn in – if you’ve been here these last 3 or so months you’ll know what I mean – so on Saturday after class we’re going out for a few drinks and some lunch at the local to celebrate. I just want to thank everyone for your support these last few months and understanding that I’ve been preoccupied with studies and training. It’s been a great experience so far, I’m looking forward to experiencing the challenges that lay ahead.

Hope to see you on Saturday, if not have a fantastic long weekend!!


The first class is at 9am tomorrow – Fitness and Conditioning with Frances – then the 10am Wing Chun class with Sifu and for all who have trained there is a FREE sausage sizzle to top it off!!

Friends, family, random people you meet on your way in… are all welcome!!! No gi, all in mufti tomorrow.

Welcome back guys!!!

Next week all classes are back on as per the time table. So Sifu will be in for all of his classes, Mayur is keen to kick off the Monday 7:15pm class, Vadim is all up for the Friday 6:30pm class and all BJJ classes are on as of Sunday (will confirm Thursday night’s class, but Sunday and Thursday 12:15 classes are on).