Hi guys!

Tonight’s BJJ class will include sweeps from closed and open guard, variations to submission attempt. That’s at 6pm with March (Thursday).

Friday night’s class will be with Mayur and will cover old school flow drills followed by sparring – starts at 6.30pm.

Friday lunch is with Sifu at 12.15pm and is running with this week’s boxing theme, so if you missed Tuesday then come in at lunch to catch up.

See you on the mat!


Greetings everyone ..Had a good rest last week taking some pressure off my hip…But time to get back into it.. had a great day with the Bo yesterday thanks to all that attended …Tonight we start with forms and Dummy then some old school drills for sustained attacks and impregnable defense…see you on the mat Sifu

Greetings and salutations,

Well another great week under the belt..loving 2021 so far…as you are aware the new grading structure is being released  level 4 is ready all others within the next 7 days …grading is pencilled in for march 20th ..Kamals Gold belt on the 27th…i know there is new material to learn but i have complete confidence in your abilities.. to make the transition fluid we will conduct a couple of tip gradings back to back  and closer together  so everyone can get a handle on it …on the subject of Kamals Gold belt i am dedicating as much time as i can spare to make sure he is ready ..he has to do the work.. my job is to make sure its done right..Dave has been in his corner like a true friend because he knows what it takes …So seniors i need you on board with this …Gold belt run throughs ….sparring..sparring and more sparring ..we had a good session yesterday i came away encouraged by what i saw ..

This week fun on the Dummy …opposite sides great for the brain!! ive been playing with some chi sau techniques you may find interesting plus of course kicking and punching things!! our favourite thing to do…see you on the mat



Click here to enrol in the Dragon Staff Workshop or copy and paste this link into your browser: https://app.clubworx.com/s/nKrm3D

Tonight’s 6:30pm Kung Fu class with Vadim will start with kicking combos using set ups and fakes, then we’ll finish with sparring – all weapons on deck.

Francey is concocting an evil plan for tomorrow’s conditioning class at 9am.

Sifu will wrap up the week at 10am

And Damien will wrangle the kids at 11am with a class on round kicks, takedowns… which means “breakfall, breakfall, breakfall!!!”

See you on the mat!


Hey guys,

Just a reminder about tonight’s boxing class, diving further down the rabbit hole with the foorwork blueprint and a quick revision on how to throw the perfect hook.

See you there, don’t be late!



Hi everyone,

Thanks for a great week last week! Let’s go again, only better. Tonight – forms, dummy, chi sau, kicking and hand strikes. The technical theme is defending and coutering kicks using the footwork / counter striking blueprint.

Mayur’s 7:15pm will have the addition of striking flow drills and technical sparring.

See you there,
Kuen Yao Sum Faat


Well it’s here at last. I have not taught this awesome weapon for a few years now. One of my favourite weapons alongside Dragon Pole.

The seminar will include 1st form, plus blocks, tactics and techniques. Pack a lunch it’s going to be a great day. Plus no need to purchase a weapon unless you want your own, as the school has plenty to borrow on the day. That being said, if you want your own Staff, just enquire at the desk with either Amy or myself.

Date and time: Sunday 21st February, 11am – 3pm (4 hours).

Member Prices: $149 no weapon / $199 with a Staff

Purchase Workshop without weapon: https://bit.ly/3tzcAJz 

Purchase Worshop with Weapon: https://bit.ly/3rJkU83 

Non-members add $50.


Your moral compass is and will always be your guide. Without it you are a rudderless ship. You may have a goal or destination in mind, but good luck without a compass. More about morals later…look out for the mat chat.


Tonight’s 6:30pm class with Vadim is all about palm strikes, back fists and hammer fists! Followed by cross arm sparring to clinch and takedowns.

Tomorrow is 9am with Francey’s killer conditioning class, Wing Chun at 10am and Kids Kung Fu at 11am.

Kids Kung Fu will cover puching combinations, then grips and grappling.

See you on the mat!


Beginner’s Kung Fu starts Wednesday night!

Run as a 4 week course for $99, starting the first Wednesday night of the month at 7:15pm, but open to all active members. 

If you have been wanting to get started in martial arts but unsure of when, where and how to begin then this course is for you!

Contact us at info@redboatkungfu.com to book in.


Greetings and Salutations,

Well, another intense training week. A big effort from everyone. Respect.

This week is a smorgasbord of traditional drills. Seniors will be concentrating on Chum Kil, Bil Jee, Wooden Dummy and Chi Sau. Blues will be detailing the second half of Sil Lum Tao and trapping hands. White belts will be foundation essentials… see you on the mat.

As some of you may have heard, Andrew will no longer be teaching the lunchtime BJJ class. This is a decision he does not take lightly, so I would like to take this opportunity to share some of your BJJ history. 

At the 1996 Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards I was hanging out with John Will and he was really pumped about how BJJ was going to change the landscape of martial arts in Australia. He said “Rick, you should really think about integrating it into your system.” 

So John came up and did an amazing seminar, and that was that. We were hooked. We didn’t have mats at the time but we dove in and the rest is history. And a big part of that history is Andrew.

The two of us rolled and rolled and rolled. We both knew how important this discipline was for strengthening our Wing Chun and the future of our system. I may have brought BJJ to our mat, but Andrew has consolidated it. When I could not continue teaching due to injuries, Andrew took up the slack and forged ahead so we never lost momentum.

I am forever grateful for that and countless owe him a huge thanks for the BJJ skills they possess today. 

So once again, thank you old friend, for all your contributions, coming in on Thursdays regardless of numbers and giving your best. I personally look forward to some Sunday sessions with you when my body is able. You’re simply tops in my book.

Much love and respect,


Reminder to parents that the 11am Kids Kung Fu class is back on again as of tomorrow! We hope you all have had an amazing Christmas/New Year break and the kids are ready to get back into it!

Tonight’s 6:30pm Wing Chun class with Vadim will start with bil gee strikes and finish with cross arm sparring… and plenty of goodness in-between!

See you on the mat.