12:15 with Zac will cover speed drills plus working on footwork and hand/eye co-ordination drills.

5:45pm with Amy will cover the punch and kick count with new combos and sparring.

Hey guys,

Sifu is having a great time with the New Zealand crew and says hello to us all. He flys out to Mackay on Thursday and is looking forward to catching up with everyone there.

Today’s classes are:

12:15 with Zac: quick crossfit to start, punch and kick count revision and combinations, finishing with basic Chi Sau drills.

5:45 with Amy: Forms, layered defense combos and trapping hands then sparring to finish.

7:15 with Mayur: Installment 3 of Chi Sau sparring with addition of bon/larp sau to takedown in a street combat scenario.

There will be more forms, grading practise and sparring introduced in the coming week’s classes. The mid-year/Sifu’s birthday/Gathering grading is NOT THAT FAR OFF!!! July 27th will come up pretty quick so make use of all the opportunities given to you.

See you on the mat.

Lunch class at 12:15 is a combination of trapping hands, forms and revision of the punch count and combos (including partner combos) then sparring.

Evening class with Vadim at 6:30 is striking: chainlink combination drills (hands and feet) bring your 12 or 16oz gloves.

Sifu is currently on his way to NZ! Some great news to come soon regarding his treatment too!

Tomorrow’s kids class theme with Damien is: Complex Combinations, but kicking off with forms and finishing with Sifu’s quiz questions:

1, how old is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

2, according to legend, who invented it?

3, where is it from?

Kids grading will be Saturday 22nd June.

We are closed on Monday due to the public holiday, but if you have access and are planning on coming in to train let others know!

Have a great weekend, see you tomorrow! (Sat)

Friday 6:30pm Class with Vadim is all about footwork and kicking drills, focusing on straight kicks – front, side and spinning side kicks. Don’t miss it!

See you on the mat.

12:15 lunch class with Andrew Flow rolling, answering student questions, fundamentals.

5:45pm evening class with March Looping Drills from Guard to Back to Side Back (Spiderweb to Back)* to Guard.
*higher belts
Plus one or two submission options on the way.

See you on the mat!

Hi guys,

Just a reminder that today’s classes are huge wooden dummy and forms classes, so get your rain coats out and I’ll see you on the mat.


Tuesday lunch 12:15pm with Adrian: Peak performance training: today’s class is focusing on enhancing your speed and reactions.

Tueday evening 5:45pm with Sifu: Striking essentials: Try not to miss tonight’s class because we’re doing advanced combinations including the kick count and you need to be up to speed with this asap.

See you on the mat!

It’s not too cold to train.

12:15 lunch class with Zac: Ladder track crossfit starter, continuation of Friday’s kicking and punching sequences and partnered combo drills. Forms to complete!

5:30pm with Sifu: as a one-off we’ll do some stick fighting and for those who are quailified, butterfly sword and dragon pole revision.

7:15pm with Mayur: Continuing with installment 2 of Chi Sau sparring with addition of bonsau in a street combat scenario.

See you on the mat!

Tonight’s evening class at 6:30 tonight is all about footwork and kicking drills, focusing on the round kick.

Tomorrow after the 10am Wing Chun class we’re celebrating the beginning of winter with a sausage sizzle!

See you on the mat!