Whatever your views on Australia Day are…

It is still a public holiday so we are closed, none of the usual rostered classes are on. Unless you love BJJ more than a public holiday, in which case March is keen to run a class at 10am tomorrow. So lets steer clear of both sides of the argument and make tomorrow BJJ Day!

See you then.

Forget your Gi today, it’s too hot!

It’s much cooler in here than it is out there…! However, let’s be smart about it, today is no gi day. Drink plenty of water, eat light.

See you tonight!


Morning Classes

What a way to start the day! I know a lot of you travel into the city from far and distant lands 🙂 but for those who are local, morning classes are a great way to set you up for the day ahead, and train hard before the heat really kicks in.

Monday and Friday mornings are Martial Xfit, a strength, conditioning and endurance circuit for enhancing your martial arts training. Tuesday mornings are BJJ Core, strength, endurance and orientation training to enhance your BJJ. Wednesday is Forms and Chi Sau, Thursday is Wing Chun. All classes start at 7am – officially finish at 7:45 – and are run by either Frances or myself (Amy).

Look forward to seeing more of you in the AM!! 🙂

Stretching Workshop

Our first workshop for the year is on Stretching & Kicking. The focus will be on the stretching side of things.

The workshop will run for approx 3 hours, by the end you will have an arsenal of stretches, so there will be no excuse NOT to achieve your goals. You will receive a 6 week stretching plan to help you along your way. We will reconvene in 6 weeks to compare how far we have progressed!

It’s $60 for the day, all levels encouraged to attend!