Easter Hours are as follows:

  • Friday: 8am – 12noon Open Mat (no classes)
  • Saturday: 9am Fitness/Conditioning Class; 10am Wing Chun; 11am Kids Kung Fu (and 11:15 Spartan in the gym room)
  • Sunday: 9:30am BJJ
  • Monday: 8am – 12noon Open Mat (no classes)

If you’re not in over the break we hope you all have a lovely time!

Other things to remember:

Tuesday and Thursday class times (and some themes) have changed.

  • Tuesday 5:45pm Kicking & Stretching; 7pm BJJ Fundamentals
  • Thursday 5:45pm BJJ; 7pm Women’s Class

Workshops coming up:

  • Handfighting & Chi Sau Sunday 8th April 10:30am FREE – suitable just for members but all welcome.
  • Urban Survival – Self Defence Sunday 15th April 10:30am $79 early bird / $99 on the day – all welcome.

Enjoy your long weekend!!

Hi guys!

Hope you all have been training hard and smart. We’ve had a great start to the year. Lots of new members so be sure to say hello to any new faces on the mat.

Please remember! We welcome all people of all levels of experience and inexperience, so bring friends or family along for a trial class on Saturdays (or any day really) – no need to book. We also have kids under 12’s on Saturdays at 11am (starting again on 3rd Feb) and teen 12yrs+ on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm starting again next week.

Besides the seminar on Sunday 4th Feb (details below) here are important dates over the next couple of weeks:

Tues 23rd 5pm – Girls Sparring Class (Girls BJJ class will be next month) Looks like we’re going to have a great turnout so far! Sparring with the guys is actually quite fun, but standing in front of some skilled dude 20+ kgs heavier than you can be pretty intimidating especially while you’re finding your feet! Even for the more experienced of us, pulling off takedowns can be challenging with that kind of weight differential as well. So having a sparring class for girls only is a pretty good idea!! We’ll cover sparring drills and skills, head movement, footwork, pad drills and some light sparring. Hope you all can attend! No Josh Smith…you cannot.

Tues 30th 6pm – Seniors Class (Black Belt and above) all instructors please do your best to attend. Sifu will be covering coaching essentials such as how to plan and execute a Wing Chun class, so if you have questions, get them ready. More of what he has planned will be updated next week, but there will be a Wing Chun by request segment so think about techniques, principles or drills that you would like more understanding about.

Seminar Sunday 4th February 10:30am The Winning MIND:

Book here http://www.redboatkungfu.com/event/the-winning-mind/

“Friends and family welcome.

A detailed study on the processes of elite performance athletes and how you can tap into your most valuable asset: your mind.

We have all witnessed when an athlete seems to punch above their weight, or out strip their apparent physical abilities. Invariably it’s the mindset that makes the difference.

This seminar will explore what makes them different and how to apply these unique skill sets to your own game/life.

At the end of the day you will have the unbreakable confidence that no one can negatively affect -not even you!! The motivation to push toward your destination regardless of any hurdle or obstacle you may face. The concentration to block anything that is not enhancing your purpose. The ability to achieve “flow state” at will, in essence, controlling time and space so as to experience perfect technique. And the organisational skills to keep powering forward – to set goals and create plans to achieve them and to understand the value of the feedback loop.

Please allow a half day for this seminar. We will also be getting advice from our own NLP Master Amy on how to fast track flow state, motivation – why it doesn’t always last and what you can do about it, moving beyond your limitations.

$80 per person, general public welcome!”

Book here http://www.redboatkungfu.com/event/the-winning-mind/

Lastly, mat chat from Sifu below! Welcoming the year and talking some more about the seminar.


We’ve announced our first seminar for the year.

As promised, Sifu is putting on a free workshop this Sunday for grading practise. So for all who are grading this will be a good solid 2 hrs of immersion in your grading material for next Saturday. Starts at 10:30 and will run for 2 hrs.

Next Tuesday at 5pm – 6pm is a girls only BJJ class, so hope to see all the girls there!

Locker Fees: throughout the year you should have received an email saying that your locker fees were due – if you have a locker of course. I’ve just had a look and there are quite a number of locker fees that are well overdue. Could everyone who has a locker please clear up your payment? If you’re not sure shoot me an email and I’ll check. I’d rather not have to chase everyone.

The end of year party is organised, confirming that it is at the Abbotts Hotel after Damien’s Gold belt grading on the 16th December. There will be finger food and a cover charge of $20 per person to cover it.

Lastly a quick last minute shout out to see if anyone, anyone’s business or place of employment would like to donate a product or service for our end of year raffle? They will get mentions on our website and social media pages in the lead up to and after the draw at the end of year party, it’s a great fundraiser for the Kwoon and your support is appreciated!

Cheers guys!!

This Sunday is Sifu’s Kicking Workshop! It starts at 10:30am, runs for 2hrs and will be a great workout, giving you skills and drills to take away with you for life. It’s $60 for the day and cash is preferred!!

The girls are planning another BJJ girls only class – not to exclude the guys of course but to encourage us girls to get into it! – that will take place on Tuesday 5th from 5pm-6pm.

Morning crew and those planning to train mornings next year, we’re having an informal meeting on Thursday 7th December at morning class time 7am, to discuss training goals for next year – including fitness, BJJ & Wing Chun goals. From this we will start working on the class plans for next year, so that when you come in to train, you’re coming in for more than just a quick workout before work, you’re coming in to take one step closer to achieving your desired outcomes.

Lastly, Summer Grading is coming up on the 9th December. Get your names down and grading practise in. (BJJ grading is Thursday prior). Red Stripe grading is Friday December 15th – this is open to all Black Belts and above only. Damien’s Gold Belt grading is on the 16th December starting 10am – friends and family welcome – it’s a fantastic day. Afterwards is the end of year party including end of year awards.

So please get those dates in your diary! And get your names down for all events that you are attending!!



Beach training for the girls then meet up with everyone for UFC!

Open to all girls! Current, WCKFO or not! Guys and Girls please share this email with any women in your life that would like to be part of it! Text Amy on 0423 610 695 if you would like to come.

We will meet at Maroubra Beach at 7am (kicking off at 7:30am) on Sunday 1st March for a workout, kung fu training session, swim and cafe breakfast. Then on to the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills (need to get there by 11am) to watch the UFC!

World Champion Boxer Holly Holm is making her UFC debut, and of course Ronda Rousey is defending her title against Cat Zingano. So a perfect day for a Kung Fu Girls Day Out!

For more on Holly Holm check out:


And Cat Zingano:


See you there!

PS The morning at Maroubra is for the girls, UFC at the Gaelic is for everyone


Remember we have John Will on our mat tomorrow from 1:30 for a fantastic seminar on BJJ!

It’s only $80 and will cover:”High Percentage MMA/Street-oriented takedown – a Pre-clinch gameplan and a post-clinch gameplan ..

groundwork: Making the distinction between darce and Anaonda chokes – and a single set-up for both
Making the distinction between Kimura and Americana locks – and again, a single method to get both.”

Sounds pretty darn awesome to me!

BJJ friends not directly associated with our school are welcome.

See you on the mat!