This Sunday is Sifu’s Kicking Workshop! It starts at 10:30am, runs for 2hrs and will be a great workout, giving you skills and drills to take away with you for life. It’s $60 for the day and cash is preferred!!

The girls are planning another BJJ girls only class – not to exclude the guys of course but to encourage us girls to get into it! – that will take place on Tuesday 5th from 5pm-6pm.

Morning crew and those planning to train mornings next year, we’re having an informal meeting on Thursday 7th December at morning class time 7am, to discuss training goals for next year – including fitness, BJJ & Wing Chun goals. From this we will start working on the class plans for next year, so that when you come in to train, you’re coming in for more than just a quick workout before work, you’re coming in to take one step closer to achieving your desired outcomes.

Lastly, Summer Grading is coming up on the 9th December. Get your names down and grading practise in. (BJJ grading is Thursday prior). Red Stripe grading is Friday December 15th – this is open to all Black Belts and above only. Damien’s Gold Belt grading is on the 16th December starting 10am – friends and family welcome – it’s a fantastic day. Afterwards is the end of year party including end of year awards.

So please get those dates in your diary! And get your names down for all events that you are attending!!