Hi Guys,

Please take note of a timing error I made in the last email. Jonny’s Day is this Sunday, but you can meet at the Kwoon at 11am to observe a minute’s silence at the shrine and/or meet at the Martin Place Cenotaph at 11:30am to observe a minute’s silence there and move on to the Orient Hotel for a light lunch. All members and students are welcome to join us in this tradition.

Monday is a Public Holiday! So we are closed for classes.

Next weekend (18th/19th June) is the Adults Wing Chun Tips Grading on the Saturday. As we anticipate this will be a small grading and will not continue past 2hrs, we have decided to schedule it to start at 9am so that the Juniors Saturday class will not require re-scheduling.

The Wooden Dummy Workshop on the Sunday will start at 11am, please allow 2hrs. Get your name down at the front desk for this asap.

Gonzoil BJJ Tee Pre-Order end date has been extended so there is still time to get your order in for either or both the Classic Gonzoil or Crash/Flow style tees. Various colours also available.

Classes today are Over 10’s Juniors at 4:30pm and 6pm BJJ.

See you on the mat!



Hi guys,

We have a busy few weekends coming up.

This Sunday is Jonny’s Day. We meet at Martin Place Cenotaph at 11am to lay the wreath and observe a minutes silence and then move on to a light lunch (typically at the Orient). All members and students are invited and welcome to share in this tradition.

Saturday 18th is the last Tip grading before the mid year Belt grading/Sifu’s birthday. If you have missed the last few tip gradings, but you have been on the mat, you should be ready. We have done so much grading prep this year. If you are unsure please ask either myself or an instructor.

Saturday 19th is Sifu’s Wooden Dummy Workshop, get your name down and get in for this one. There’s never enough time to get you started from beginning to end on everything in your Wing Chun training. Especially the Wooden Dummy. It’s not just the order of the sets. It’s the hand positions, angles, distance, footwork, sequences within each set, rhythm and flow. Sifu is putting on this Wooden Dummy workshop on Sunday 19th June. Jump all over it. It is a fantastic opportunity to dive deep into what it takes to make your wooden dummy sing. All levels are encouraged. Tix under $150 for the day.

Thank you to all seniors who took care of the school while we were away. It was a very nice break and we are ready to hit the ground running once again.

See you on the mat.


Dear friends and members,

This is a reminder to everyone that this Sunday is the Advanced Butterfly Sword Workshop, starting at 11am.

Sifu will spend one hour at the beginning on the basics. So if you have not done Butterfly Sword before your foundations will be covered then. If you have done Butterfly Sword before then this will be valuable revision for you. The proceeding 2 hours will be the Advanced Butterfly Sword material including the Advanced Butterfly Sword form.

Starting at 11am this Sunday, finishing around 2pm. Worshop fee with and without training swords available. Follow this link to book in! https://bit.ly/3DL67A3


Hi guys!

A huge congratulations to our Peak Performance Phase One graduates! They have achieved some fantastic results in muscle growth and fat loss and are now just starting the Peak Performance Phase Two.

Phase One will start again on 31st October! So if you missed the boat last time you have a second chance at change!

Phase One had amazing outcomes, as follows:

Frances – body fat from 32.6% down to 27.2%; body weight from 67.8kg to 65.3 kg; and lean body mass from 45.69kg to 47.53kg.

Lynn – body fat 34% down to 18.8%; body weight from 79kg down to 74kg; and lean body mass from 52.14kg up to 60.08.

Nico – body fat from 19.7% to 15.3%; body weight 84.4kg to 80.1kg; and lean body mass stable at 64.7kg to 64.5kg.

Damien – body fat from 15% to 13.3%; body weight 92.3kg to 87.8kg; and lean body mass from 74.5kg to 78.4kg.

Everyone stripped fat and built muscle. They are fitter, stronger, leaner and are armed with an eating plan for life.

Phase 2 is continuing with fat loss but now they are in a building phase and looking better every day.

The next Peak Performance Phase One starts on Sunday the 31st October at 9am at the Headquarters in Redfern. The cost is $599 which covers you for the 6 weeks of education and monitoring.

To get to phase two of our course in the science of body recomposition, you must pay attention and put in the work in phase one.

Anyone wishing to do this online please contact me personally via email. This course worked by correspondance/online during lockdown so it can certainly work with the resources of an equipped gym now everything is open.

If you are in Sydney however, there is no reason why you can’t do this in person.

If you want to lose body fat and/or gain muscle, don’t miss this.

Get focused on your goals, sign up today! Email info@redboatkungfu.com to register.


Hi guys,

This message is a heads up to all 6 week challengers that signed up prior to lockdown and either got started on it, or lockdown commenced before you had the chance.

In the absence of physically being able to work with you in the current conditions, on the 1st of September we are starting for you what we call the “Peak Performance” course.

On Wednesday, Sifu will be laying the foundation for the following 6 weeks, this will include a fitness test, body fat/body composition, heart rate recovery test and more.

Like all of our current/active students, all of our 6 week challengers have had access to our Facebook Livestream Group for your day-to-day martial arts and fitness training, but Peak Performance will be seperate and will be for “challengers” eyes only.

Between now and Wednesday we need to know exactly what equipment you have at your disposal so you can choose (and we can create) the appropriate workouts for you. You will also need the Teambuildr App so you can check in every day and we can monitor your progress. Please contact info@redboatkungfu.com if you cannot find your welcome email and we will resend the app info.

This program is designed to educate and challenge you to get into your best shape ever. You must be completely open about your food intake, training, consistency, motivation level etc. We will be in your corner every step of the way. That said, you are ultimately responsable for your outcomes.

Your first task is to establish your goals – your weight/bodyfat goals, lean muscle mass, etc. If you find this difficult because you have never been in top shape before we will assist you in creating a physical blueprint according to your current condition. It will be challenging but ultimately achievable.

All current challengers will be contacted shortly. Anyone wishing to get on board has 3 days to make your decision! Contact either of us (Sifu – 0423610695 / Amy – 0421637298) ASAP to find out about cost and registration.



Greetings and salutations..its good to be back ..thats the longest ive been off the mat in a very long time..injuries that simply needed to be rested …had a ball last night so good to see everyone …ill send a more comprahensive message tomorrow …for now.. dont miss tonights boxing class..new drills and skills workout cant wait ..see you there ..regards Sifu

Hi guys!

Hope you all had an amazing Easter. We were pleasantly surprised with the fantastic turnout last night! Numbers can drop off a little this time of year (Easter/School Holidays) but you guys smashed it! We’re seeing great evolutions in everyone’s skill set too, so well done for all of your efforts.

The next Tips Grading is coming up (Saturday 17th April) so let’s stay on track on focused. We know that there are quite a few of you that wanted a little extra time, well it’s now 10 days away! Let’s see some names down for grading tonight.

The Butterfly Sword Workshop has been pushed back to May 2nd which is a Sunday, and will start after BJJ at 11am. The cost is $149 for members (no training weapon) or $199 for members for a training weapon included. Non members add $50 to either. You can book and pay by clicking this link. 

Don’t miss tonight! Sifu will be running through some new knife fighting defence tactics! And the Beginner’s Course starts anew at 7:15pm

News on the True Boxing Tees: we have placed the order, but they cannot start production until 14th April. So the pre-order period has been extended. Get your orders in to take advantage of the discounted price! We have also added kid’s tees to the mix! So kid’s can get their pre-orders in now too!!

See you on the mat.


It’s DONE!

There may be some tweeks, typos and formatting overlooked… hope not… but the curriculum is finalised. Please download your next level! (links below)

Remember, this Sunday Sifu is putting on a FREE workshop to answer all of your questions about the new material. PLEASE WRITE DOWN ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS and submit them after the seminar as he may not get to all of them in the time provided.

Times are as follows:

(going for):

Blue Whites and Blues: 11am

Blue Browns, Browns and Brown Blacks: 12pm

Black Belts and above: 1pm

Black Belts and above can start at 11am as we are sure you will want to know what’s new on the curriculum (as when you go for Gold you are re-tested on EVERYTHING)

Lunch out with Black Belts and above at the end.

Click link to download your level:

Blue-White Stripe


Blue-Brown Stripe


Brown-Black Stripe

Black-Red Characters

Black-Purple Characters

Black-Gold Characters


Hi guys very excited about coming in tonight …I’ll be conducting a detailed striking class and going thru some of the combos in the revised grading structure which will be completed this week…Also the date for the Dragon Staff  is december 6th I rarely teach this weapon so jump on board ..Start time 11am  cost 149 …No weapons needed the school will provide…unless you want your own (add $50) Also the last peak performance course for the year starts on the 29th of this month… We had fantastic results with the last one, eveyone stripped fat and put on muscle and now have the Blue Print for life …This course  will differ as we’ll be condensing more information into a shorter  course from now on…Plus the new Peak Performance support App we trialled was a great success and is now a staple inclusion of the course…So ill see you guys Tonight !!

Ps Dummy should arrive any day! And school grading 12th December!

wing chun training sydney

Hey guys,

Quick shout out. Sifu mentioned last Saturday that he wanted to put on a free forms workshop this Sunday. He didn’t realise at the time that tomorrow is Father’s Day.

So not to interrupt this special day, the forms workshop will take place next Sunday instead, after BJJ (11am).

See you on the mat.