Reminder to everyone that’s done a weapons workshop with us before, Sifu is putting on a free weapons revision workshop tomorrow from 10:30am, just after BJJ. That’s nunchaku, butterfly sword, dragon pole, dragon staff, sticks, knife and baton. See you on the mat!


The theme for tomorrow’s BJJ seminar is Advanced Crucifix. Start time is 9am sharp so get in at 8:30am to warm up. Cost is $90, please pay cash before the seminar starts.

Friends from other schools and all levels of experience are encouraged!


All classes are on as per usual tomorrow: 9am Fitness and Conditioning, 10am Wing Chun, 11am Kids Kung Fu.

Kids classes will resume on Saturday 20th October.

Monday we are closed for the public holiday. If you have access you can come in to train.

As of next month fees are increasing by 4%. We have tried to absorb rent increases as much as possible but this is something we will have to do on an annual basis, we appreciate your support! Kids membership prices have already been updated this year so will not be affected.

Monthly meberships are now $155 per month, 12 Block Passes are $228 and casual classes are $25 per class. (Concessioned memberships will vary but still be only 4%)

Dates to remember:

Spartan Stream One: Saturday 6th October 12noon $199

John Will BJJ Seminar: Sunday 7th October 9:30am $90

Spartan Stream Two: Sunday 14th October 10:30am $199

Kids Classes resume: Saturday 20th October 11am $100 per term (can use Active Kids Voucher)




Dear Parents,

A reminder for the details for the kid’s fight night this evening are: 5pm start, St Agnes Primary School, 511 Bunnerong Road Matraville. There is parking on the school grounds. No fees are involved but please spare some gold coin for the charity jar that will be passed around on the night, monies raised will go to a charity supporting our farmers. Gloves, mouthguard and a waterbottle is all you will need to bring – NO MOUTHGUARD NO FIGHT.

It’s going to be a great night! Expected finish time is 7:30pm.


Suitable for all levels of BJJ experience!! 2 hours of mat time with one of the first non-Brazilian BJJ black belts and awesome coach John Will. Cost is only $90 so don’t miss it! Theme TBA. Get your name down now. Friends from other BJJ schools are more than welcome.

Theme this week is grading rehearsal. Tonight at 5:45 are the kicks you need to master for your grading. 7pm is BJJ curriculum material. Tomorrow is Wing Chun grading rehearsals for all classes.

You can never be too prepared!!

See you on the mat.

PS Remember: Butterfly Workshop this Sunday 10:30am!!

The Traditional Weapon of Choice.

The most detailed study of Wing Chun’s deadliest weapon.

This is 40+ years of practice condensed into a full day of training, you will have an understanding of a weapon that is unparalleled in weapons combat.

You will receive a pair of composite swords on the day to continue your training and a grading certificate on completion.

Cost: $199 – all welcome – current students and non-students alike.

To register and pay visit the EVENTS page on our website ( , under the news tab ) and select Butterfly Sword Workshop – Redfern.

For our interstate and international students, we will be broadcasting live as a webinar. You will need to register and pay online, details are also found on the events page on our website. This is listed as a separate event! Please don’t confuse the two. You will need to register for Butterfly Sword Webinar – Online Workshop. members will receive a detailed email about this within the next couple of days.


This Sunday at 10:30am. If you have attended any weapons course you are welcome to come along and revise for 90mins.


See you all there!




Vadim can’t make it in tonight so Mayur is taking the 6:30pm class. The theme for the evening is: working on linking blocks with close quarter strikes to takedowns – in other words, small circle Wing Chun.

Come in and work on your self defence!

In addition, we have 5 pair of Karambit’s left over from our Sydney Kife Fighting workshop. Sold as a pair – one live, one training – for $50.

See you tonight!


Just a reminder, kids classes don’t start this weekend. They start on Saturday 28th July. Because there is an adults grading on that day the class will start at 9am.

Thanks guys!!


Hi everyone,

Just a reminder of this week’s theme: Combat Flow Drills.

We are going to go out to 12 phases. It’s an intense, super fun way of training through fight scenarios and the ebb and flow of combat, plus a flow drill from larp sau drill to cross arm chi sau to double arm chi sau.

Don’t miss it!!

Hoodies and Tees are in!! Various colours and prints including March’s Gonzoil BJJ tees. Prices are BJJ/Red Boat Tees – $35; Vest Hoodies – $79; No-Zip Hoodies – $85; and Zip Hoodies – $89. We have a lot of stock, but limited amounts in each size and combination, so get in quick.

Last three things for today. Sunday 15th July is the knife fighting workshop $199 per person. Spaces are nearly all filled. Please get your name down and pay asap so we can ensure weapons will be available for all attendees. The next grading is July 28th and not to be missed. There will be 2 Red Belt presentations for two of Sifu’s oldest students, plus it’s our two year celebration in Redfern and it’s Sifu’s birthday weekend. So start thinking about your next belts.

Finally, this month’s promotions are: a raffle for a weapons pack (training Butterfly Swords, Kali Sticks, Staff and Stick/Staff bag) 3 tix for $10. And, 2 for one deal for any new students signing up – bring a friend and if you both join you only pay for one of you for the first month. If you are a current student and you bring a friend and they join, you get your next month’s fees at half price.

See you all tonight!!


Kung fu is not a seasonal sport! Martial artists train all year round, rain, hail or shine ..there are no excuses so get your bum back on the mat !…

The next weapons course is 15 th of July – knife combat allow for a whole day of training. The course includes sabre and dagger grip ..and the deadly karambit if you have previous experience you will be graded up to journeyman 2nd class all others to journeyman 3rd class ..cost includes all training grading certificates, a polymer karambit and a live blade karambit start time is 10.45am lunch break at 12.30. Check our EVENTS page (or Facebook page) for more info.

Aso we are holding a raffle once a month. This time it’s a weapons pack: dragon pole, butterfly swords, wing chun sticks and a stick/pole carry are 3 for ten dollars and we draw onthe 28 th of July grading day…

Also a reminder that there will be an award ceremony on the day that you do not want to miss ..and tonight is weapons and forms see you there…regards sifu ..kuen yao sum faat