Tonight will be 6:30pm Wing Chun with Mayur and cover uppercuts and hooks, focusing on proper delivery of punches and utilising modified bon sau.

Tomorrow starts with a 9am Conditioning class with Frances…be prepared…!

10am is Wing Chun with Sifu and will recap this week’s training and intro next week’s.

11am is Kid’s Kung Fu with Damien and is all about footwork and front kicks, then more grappling and what happens when you get the back!


This Sunday (8th March) free workshop for our Wing Chun white belts covering the material required for your first grading. Come in and find out where you’re at in the scheme of things!

Saturday 21st March is our first grading for the year!

Sunday 29th March 11am – 3pm Alexandria Sunday Funday in Alexandria Park. We have a stall, so come down and say hi! Even demo your favorite technique! We’ll have the crashmats and be teaching mini kung fu lessons.

Sunday 5th April is the first weapons workshop for the year on Butterfly Sword. Package with and without the practice swords will be available.

Amongst all that Sifu will be on his first seminar tour for the year for approximately one week from 24th March.

Revision of Advanced Butterfly Guard seminar and King of the Mat (guard pass).


Hi guys,

Great weekend, brilliant seminar with John Will though we were light on numbers. You may have world class Black Belts on our mat to coach you, but John is the godfather of Australian BJJ and a wealth of knowledge, so try not to miss him next time (October 18th).

This week’s theme is about tactics and the theory of diminishment – physically and psychologically out maneuvering your opponent – don’t miss it.

Tomorrow’s True Boxing class will be covering the double bump and perfecting slip line drills. Again not to be missed.

Today’s Kid’s Kung Fu with Amy is about Wing Chun foundations, arm drags and sparring games.

Tonight 7:15pm with Mayur is Chi Sau drills to close contact striking and finishing off with sparring.

Remember, grading is coming up later this month! This Sunday Sifu is putting on a free workshop for white belts to help you with your grading material and assess where you’re at in relation to being ready to grade.

See you on the mat.

9am Conditioning with Frances on Saturday will start with a 2 round warmup, followed up nicely with AMRAP Death by Burpee, 2 x 2min boxing rounds and an about workout to finish.

10am Wing Chun with Sifu will be a recap of the week.

11am Kid’s Kung Fu with Damien will build on what’s been learnt so far and dividing up the more experience students and the newer students to target their needs.

FINAL REMINDER for John Will’s BJJ Seminar on Sunday covering Advanced Butterfly Guard. There are still places available to attend! Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are all equally encouraged. Friends from other schools are also welcome. Please pay cash on the day if you haven’t paid already… and be early! John runs a tight ship so be ready to kick off at 9am sharp.

See you on the mat.


4:15pm today Kid’s Kung Fu with Amy: working on round kick, fuk sau drills and hopefully we’ll have time for some sparring games!

6pm Wing Chun with Sifu: more work on guard destruction! Remember to check out Lomachenko – the boxer demonstrating a great deal of Wing Chun principles in his fight game.

7:15pm Wing Chun with Amy: working on this week’s them as well.

See you on the mat!

PS: Dates to remember!

Sunday 1st March (THIS WEEKEND 9am) John Will BJJ seminar – Advanced Butterfly Guard – ALL LEVELS & FRIENDS WELCOME. He only comes twice a year so make the most of it!

Sunday 8th March 11am Grading Prep for White Belts workshop with Sifu

Saturday 21st March 10am Wing Chun & BJJ Grading – first for the year!! Don’t miss it!

Now we’re speaking the same language let’s take True Boxing to the next level! See you tonight, I’ve got an exciting class planned. Don’t miss it!

This Sunday John Will is gracing our mat with his BJJ workshop/seminar on Advanced Butterfly Guard. While it says advanced, all levels are welcome and encouraged. (For the beginners, John’s a fantastic coach and breaks everything down step by step and walks you through the techniques as we practise them. For the advanced, his depth of knowledge and experience is not to be missed). Friends from other schools are also welcome.

It starts this Sunday morning at 9am sharp. Runs for 2 hrs. Cost is $99 per person. Please pay cash. You can enrol here.

Sunday 8th March Sifu is putting on a free workshop for our white belts to work on their grading prep for the upcoming grading scheduled for Saturday 21st March. This will take place at 11am after BJJ.


Today/Tonight’s 12:15/6pm Wing Chun classes will consist of forms, mastering the round kick, defense against a captured round kick and Chi Sau flow drills.

The 7:15pm will be a quick workout and then pad drills with a couple of rounds of sparring to finish.

REMINDER: Peak Performance starts THIS SUNDAY at 11am! Get your name down if you haven’t yet.

Wing Chun Project:

At last Sifu’s end of year talk he mentioned a project I’ve been working on for this year. It’s at a stage now where I am looking for helping hands to get it moving forward. The project is for medium risk adolescents who have a desire to change, to participate in martial arts training in addition to workshops and courses directed at assisting them in making a transition to a healthier life. The project would include training 10 people in an accelerated coaching method (NLP/Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and several improvements to the school’s facilities and of course sponsorship of 10 “at risk” young adults to do the 12 month course. In order to fund the program we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe. I would like this campaign to be launched in 3 months time (and run for approx 3 months to raise the funds) – this is what I will need initial help with as a successful crowdfunding campaign requires good planning, something that I cannot do on my own. If you have interest in helping me, or would like to know more about the project please contact me at or speak to me when you see me at the Kwoon. I have already recieved some assistance from some of you (thank you!) and some fantastic feedback from others including supportive studies on the effectiveness of programs similar to what I’m proposing.

If this goes ahead – and I really hope it does – we could be responsible for changing the landscape of many troubled lives.

It’s a busy weekend!!

Tonight’s 6:30pm Wing Chun class with Vadim is all about hands and feet chain linking combos on pads and incorporating into sparring.

Tomorrow at 9am Fitness and Conditioning with Frances will consist of a warm up, 10 to 1 countdown, kicking and striking combos with core to finish.

10am will be a surprise. Sifu is currently undergoing surgery on his knee, what ever the case we’ll smash it at 10am!!

11am is Kid’s Kung Fu grading!! With sausage sizzle and fairy bread to finish. Now, Damien will have to ask for assistance with sparring tomorrow as he has to take a step back from it just for a short while, so volunteers for sparring with the munchkins are required please.

Sunday starting at 9:30am (we’ll be open from about 9) is Andrew’s Birthday/Fundraiser Rollathon! Come in for a roll and/or donate some coin, it’s all for a great cause – rasing funds for disabled athletes. Andrew will be putting on a mini class afterwards so looking to finish around 11:30am

11:30 Dirty Boxing workshop with Sifu – Yep he’s getting straight back into it… physio said it’s okay… promise!! It will be a 2 hr session, cost $50 and will give you the upper hand on fighting, sparring and Tuesday night boxing/kickboxing classes.

See you on the mat.


Hi everyone …patchy week for me injuries taking there toll …Nevertheless this is a huge weekend for us John Will will be coaching on Sunday…a great friend and coach… One if the original dirty dozen …first non Brazillian Black Belts graded..a wealth of knowledge not to be missed!!… See you on the mat regards Sifu

Tonight’s class at 6:30pm is with Mayur and will cover the second installment of head movement, sparring and of course will throw in his own spin on the workout!

Tomorrow’s 9am is will Ross and will be a strong conditioning workout,

10am Wing Chun with Sifu

and 11am Kids Kung Fu with Damien! Yes it’s back on and tomorrow’s class is TAKEDOWNS!

John Will on Sunday is 9am SHARP, $99 per person, cash preferred.

Thanks guys.

Tonight’s Jiu Jitsu at 6pm with March: a whole bunch of chain attacks out of side control from the bottom.

John Will is here THIS Sunday starting 9am SHARP. Please register with us that you’re attending by either responding to this email, joining the event on Facebook or registering at the front desk at the Kwoon. Friends from other clubs are welcome. It’s $99 and cash is preferred.

Kids classes resume this weekend! So Saturday at 11am will be controlled mayhem again! Reminder to parents that we are an Active Kids provider and that your child now has use of 2 x $100 Active Kids Vouchers per year. If you haven’t used them yet you are welcome to use them for their training here.