Dear Parents,

Next Saturday (22nd June) is the children’s grading. It will start at 11am and run up to 1pm but most likely around 12:30. Please put your child’s name down before, during or after class tomorrow. There will be a sign in sheet next to the iPad checkin at the front desk. The assessment fee is $20 and can be paid on the day of the grading.

Have a great weekend!

See you all tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the adults Autum Grading, starting at 10:30am. As such, the kids class will start at 9am for this Saturday and will return to the usual time of 11am next weekend.

Thank you for your understanding!

Kind regards,



Due to the long weekend, the Saturday kid’s class will not be on. The 10am Kung Fu class is going ahead, I’ll confirm on Friday if 9am conditioning and Sunday BJJ are on. Monday there are no classes, then things are back to normal on Tuesday.

On Friday I’m (Amy) getting sworn in – if you’ve been here these last 3 or so months you’ll know what I mean – so on Saturday after class we’re going out for a few drinks and some lunch at the local to celebrate. I just want to thank everyone for your support these last few months and understanding that I’ve been preoccupied with studies and training. It’s been a great experience so far, I’m looking forward to experiencing the challenges that lay ahead.

Hope to see you on Saturday, if not have a fantastic long weekend!!

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the children’s end of year grading. All of the children curently training are ready for their next (or first) assessment. Some children are being assessed for new belts and some are being assessed for “Tips” which are stepping stones to new belts. The grading takes place at the Kid’s usual start time of 11am. The grading is likely to finish anywhere from 12-12:45pm. The assessment fee is $20.

We are looking forward to the grading and the children are looking great! Please be on time. If the adults are still training when you arrive please feel free to come through to help your child get ready.

See you all on Saturday!


On Sunday Sifu is assessing everyone who attended the Butterfly Sword seminar this year, it was included in your seminar cost but we ran out of time on the day. The assessment will start at 12:30 and finish at approximately 2pm depending on attendance. Please be on time. See you then!!


Dear Parents,

A reminder for the details for the kid’s fight night this evening are: 5pm start, St Agnes Primary School, 511 Bunnerong Road Matraville. There is parking on the school grounds. No fees are involved but please spare some gold coin for the charity jar that will be passed around on the night, monies raised will go to a charity supporting our farmers. Gloves, mouthguard and a waterbottle is all you will need to bring – NO MOUTHGUARD NO FIGHT.

It’s going to be a great night! Expected finish time is 7:30pm.


Suitable for all levels of BJJ experience!! 2 hours of mat time with one of the first non-Brazilian BJJ black belts and awesome coach John Will. Cost is only $90 so don’t miss it! Theme TBA. Get your name down now. Friends from other BJJ schools are more than welcome.

Kids class starts at the usual time tomorrow of 11am. Thank you everyone for your co-operation!!

Tonight’s class with Vadim at 6:30pm will work on head movement, slipping, bobing and weaving against strikes and cross arm sparring drills… see you there!!!

On Sunday the plan is to meet at Maniax at 75 Mary Street, St Peters at 1:45. We’re booked in at 2pm for 2hrs of axe throwing. It’s $55 per head. There’s 8 of us booked in but we have room for up to 15. So if you’re keen to come there’s room!! Want more info? Visit their site

Have a great weekend everyone!

Reminder to parents that due to the adult grading starting at 10:30, the kids class is rescheduled for 9am tomorrow (15th September).

Sorry for any inconvenience, thank you for being flexible!

Adults, be in and ready for grading at 10am for a 10:30 start!! We’re starting the grading a little later so the kids aren’t rushed off the mat at the end of their class. Hydrate, rest up and stay out of trouble until tomorrow at least!

See you all tomorrow!

PS Parents, details for kid’s fight night are:

Date: Tuesday 25th of September.
Location: St Agnes a primary school, 511 Bunnerong Road Matraville.
Parking: Park on school grounds.
Time: Registration is at 1700 hours.
Price: No fees involved but gold coin donation to our charity jar.
Equipment: Gloves, mouth guard, water bottle. (No mouth guard, no fight.)

Any questions please feel free to contact me. Just reply to this email.

Children’s Kung Fu classes resumed last weekend, but because there was an adult’s grading it started at 9am. Tomorrow however, there are no events scheduled so the Children’s class will start at the normal time of 11am.

For children who came at 11am last weekend and missed out on class the term fee will be reduced to $90 for this term, or if you have already paid then we will apply a $10 credit to you. If this applies to you, please see Amy tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow at 11am!!


Following on from last week, the theme tonight at 6:30pm is: putting together striking combinations (it was hands and feet last week), this week we are also incorporating knees and elbows… so, all weapons on deck!

Note for parents, the first kids class of next term will be on the 28th of July. This falls on an adults grading, which means that the kids class will need to start at 9am.

So first kids class of next term is Saturday 28th July at 9am. All other kids classes will be at the usual 11am. Thank you all for your understanding!

Message from Sifu:

Hi guys,

What a week! Lots of awesome training, just finished a great sparring class with the lunchtime crew. Tomorrow will be a recap of the week plus more work on the hurricane takedown.

Don’t miss it!




Hi guys!

Last Tuesday Sifu said that tonight’s class was going to be seniors only, however he has decided to keep tonight at 5:45 pm as a Kicking class and Tuesday 17th (2 weeks from now) will be the seniors only (black belt and above) class.

Hope everyone can still make tonight.

The kids grading on Saturday was fantastic! Big congratulations to all of the children, their parents for their encouragement and of course to Damien and Russel – the main drivers of the program – and to Kenny who helped on the day.

Reminder to all parents that this Saturday (7th July) is the last kids class for the term. We will confirm next term’s start date by the end of this week, but as usual will be in alignment with the public school term. Reminder too that we are an approved Active Kids provider. So if you have not yet applied for (or redeemed) your active kids voucher then you are more than welcome to redeem yours for next term’s fees. (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about please reply to this email). If we don’t see you this Saturday, we hope you and your family have a wonderful school holiday!

See you all soon!