Hi Guys,

Please take note of a timing error I made in the last email. Jonny’s Day is this Sunday, but you can meet at the Kwoon at 11am to observe a minute’s silence at the shrine and/or meet at the Martin Place Cenotaph at 11:30am to observe a minute’s silence there and move on to the Orient Hotel for a light lunch. All members and students are welcome to join us in this tradition.

Monday is a Public Holiday! So we are closed for classes.

Next weekend (18th/19th June) is the Adults Wing Chun Tips Grading on the Saturday. As we anticipate this will be a small grading and will not continue past 2hrs, we have decided to schedule it to start at 9am so that the Juniors Saturday class will not require re-scheduling.

The Wooden Dummy Workshop on the Sunday will start at 11am, please allow 2hrs. Get your name down at the front desk for this asap.

Gonzoil BJJ Tee Pre-Order end date has been extended so there is still time to get your order in for either or both the Classic Gonzoil or Crash/Flow style tees. Various colours also available.

Classes today are Over 10’s Juniors at 4:30pm and 6pm BJJ.

See you on the mat!



Dear parents and guardians,

The new curriculum is now ready to download. Please follow this link https://bit.ly/3NmsfWE  it will take you to a page on our site where you can download your child’s grading material.

If your child is training twice a week or more they are most likely ready to grade. If they have only been training once a week they may need to wait for the next grading at the end of next term. But we do assess this on a child by child basis, so please contact Amy at info@redboatkungfu.com if you are unsure of what to expect.

Otherwise we have been preparing your children for all that is in the updated curriculum and will continue with their grading preparation during the coming weeks.

See you on the mat!
Red Boat Team


Week So Far: Wing Chun, Kung Fu, Boxing and Kids Martial Arts Classes – BJJ to come!

Hi guys!

What a great week it has been already for training. We had a fantastic turnout on Monday with the 6pm Wing Chun class fully booked plus the lunch and 7.15pm Kung Fu classes getting off to a great start.

Last night was Boxing. It felt great to hit a moving target! We’re not making touch contact yet as per restrictions, but mitts and shields are allowed.

Today we have a full day of classes here in Redfern! Starting with the Wing Chun lunch class at 12.15, under 10s/Kids Martial Arts class at 4.15pm, more Kung Fu at 6pm and finishing with the 7.15pm class. The 7.15pm Wednesday class will still be very suitable for beginners in Martial Arts, but will focus on drilling the week’s themes, getting a good workout and foundations training.

Class bookings.

If your desired class is booked out, you can now put yourself on the wait list for that class and if a spot becomes available we will let you know. Otherwise, you can come in to do your own training even if a class is full as we do have the space to allow it.

Kid’s in Adult Classes.

Just a bit of housekeeping here guys! Having kids in adult classes poses a number of risks and for the most part we cannot allow this to occur. On the occasions that we do allow it, we will invite you/your child to the class, the child must train with their parent, and consideration will be dependent on size and weight, skill level, age and experience of the child. We appreciate your understanding on this matter. When your child is in their teens please feel free to contact us to see when and under what conditions your child may yet be suitable for attending some adult classes.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ is on tomorrow at 6pm. Due to 1.5m rule the focus will have to be on conditioning and solo drills for Jiu Jitsu and whatever crazy things March has in store for you! It’s even really a good time to have a look at BJJ if you’re initially uncomfortable with the idea of rolling around on the ground with someone, as for the next 2 weeks you won’t be! So jump in and get acclimatised to the ground.

See you on the mat.


Freedom Day For Our Martial Arts Family!

Hi guys,

We are very much looking forward to re-opening tomorrow (freedom day!) with our first martial arts class being Wing Chun Kung Fu at 12.15pm, 6pm, then 7.15pm.

Monday at 6pm is fully booked so please look into either the 7.15pm or midday class. The rest of the week’s classes are filling up too, so please book in asap to secure your spot.

Booking link here.

Only 20 people can participate in each class but we can have almost double that in the kwoon itself. So if you have missed out on booking your preferred class and that’s the only time you can train, you can come in to do your own thing.

Current rules for training under COVID restricted conditions in Sydney are:

  • 1.5m physical distancing – we will be primarily doing solo drills in class. This includes BJJ.
  • Focus mitts, pool noodles and kick shields may be used. Take one set of mitts per person (rather than one set between partners) where possible.
  • Pick your partner and stick with them for the duration of the class.
  • Use your own 16 oz gloves and other protective gear. If you don’t have your own…. WHY??? We do supply protective equipment. Some we currently have in stock, some you may need to pre-order.
  • Clean whatever equipment you used aat the end class please!
  • Sparring classes will need to be cancelled for 2 weeks, sorry everyone…
  • Both doors at the Kwoon entry and the rear door must be open during class times, if you notice a door is closed please open it.
  • Fans need to be on during class times and TURNED OFF once training is over – again if you notice any fans left on at closing time please turn them off or notify the instructor.
  • Face masks do need to be worn whilst training indoors at this stage.
  • Please Temp Check when you arrive (over 37.5 is a high temperature) and check in using the QR code and confirm your class attendance on Clubworx.
  • If you have forgotten your phone only then do you need to manually sign in using the log sheet.
  • Wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser provided
  • If you feel unwell please stay at home and get tested.
  • At this stage, if you are 16 yrs or over you need to be fully vaccinated to train.
  • Please email your Vaccination Certificate (screen shots are fine) so that we can note in your membership file that it has been sighted. If you have done this already, thank you! You don’t need to do it again.
  • Where possible, arrive ready to train and/or shower and change back into your civilian clothes at home.
  • Please don’t expect us to bend any rules the government has put upon us, we cannot compromise the Kwoon.

We understand if all of these rules frustrate you, it’s just a matter of time now before we can train with masks off, drill together start sparring again. BJJ tragics… it’s only 4 classes of solo drills and BJJ specific conditioning… you can do it!!!

Thank you everyone!

See you Monday!



Dear Parents & Guardians,

Please be advised that the Kids classes are starting on the week beginning 11th October. While your children may be physically going back to school on the 18th, we are allowed to start operating again a week earlier …so we are! This is a shorter term (9 weeks), but we often run the kids classes over 11 weeks and we are live streaming up until we re-open.

(Last week’s live stream included a project to be completed by first class back! Please view here!)

There is only two changes to our kids timetable coming into this term, and that is the Saturday All Ages Martial Arts class will start at 11:15am, and the Teenagers Kung Fu class in Redfern is moving to Mondays. We are moving this class from Wednesday at 5:15pm to Monday at 4:15pm. The Monday 4:15pm class is for your older children aged 9+yrs. The Wednesday 4:15pm martial arts class is for your younger children aged 5-9yrs.

So all kids classes during the week will have concluded by 5pm leaving the mat clear for adults to safely warm up, train and spar prior to adult classes.

Please register ASAP as due to COVID restrictions we are limited to 20 per class!


Next year we will be focusing on expanding our kids program. The goal is to have kid’s kung fu classes here in Sydney 6 days per week! This will also mean having age specific classes and opening up to your even younger children aged 4-5. When we get to that point we can even start looking at school holiday programs. a “Junior Masters” program (for aspiring young martial arts and fitness coaches) and kids kung fu gradings will be more regular.

There’s lots to be done, but in the meantime let’s train hard and have fun.

See you on the mat!

Red Boat Team

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Hi guys!

Hope you are all well. We have been livestreaming every day for quite a few weeks now and hope that you are making use of it all. I know not everyone is on Facebook, but if you make a dummy account just for access to the livestream groups, it’s worth it. Just make sure you answer the questions, so we know who you are, as this is limited to current Sydney members and current Red Boat Uni subscribers. Below are the links to the adult’s group and the kid’s group. There is a new instructors group, but instructors, you will receive that link in a separate email. Sifu is streaming 4 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8:30am) with a couple of mat chats thrown in on his off days, and I’m streaming twice a week for adults (Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm) and once a week for kids (Tuesday at 5pm).

Facebook Livestream for Adults

Facebook Livestream for Kids

Parents of students, and students with kids!

We know that your demands have expanded and there’s been pressure to be many different things. So we’re making an effort to find ways to help you. The kids livestream group is active again, their second class was on Tuesday night. A fantastic turnout! And we had a mat chat at the end… which for the younger kids, the ideas would have been big enough to plant some healthy seeds, but not necessairly understand completely, yet still have some useful strategies to do every day to enhance their well-being. If your child missed it, please give it a watch.

We will also be releasing a small (at this stage) series of meditations for the kids, suitable from about 5 yrs old onwards. Meditation is a great way to help your children be present – in the moment – manage their emotions and relationships. Each meditation will be geared for something specific. Todays one is a little introduction to how meditation can be useful and developing a safe place.

We also would like to share with you two resources. One is a FREE app for parents/care-givers/educators, it’s also Australian, it’s for 0-5 year olds, it’s simple and useful and it’s based on the most recent, current research findings in applyable healthy child development activities, strategies and principles. It can be found on: https://www.brighttomorrows.org.au/

Some of these principles and ideas – I believe, with a little creativity – can be morphed into guiding principles for communicating and supporting older kids. Still, there is a more age appropriate resource, also free and also based on current and applyable research. It’s full of great ideas and resources, it’s not an app, so not quite as user-friently, BUT it’s well set out and certainly useful: https://characterlab.org/

These resources are FREE and we do not recieve any monetary or publicity gains from sharing this with you.

If you or your children need to chat, or any of our members at all need us, please text me (Amy) on 0421 637 298 and I will call you as soon as I can. It could sometimes take up to 24hrs to respond as I work in an environment where phones are not allowed.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, if not in person, then online for now will have to do!!!

This week’s meditation, “Introduction to Meditation and a Safe Place”:

Background music by Kevin MacLeod – Meditation Impromptu 03

kids kung fu redfern


Dear Mums, Dads and Guardians,


The next grading for your children is on Saturday 26th at 11am. If you have not downloaded already, please click on the link below for the grading curriculum:

Kids Grading Sheets


The cost for grading is $30 per child, please pay as you arrive so we can focus on assessments.


Additionally, as requested we ordered stock for children’s True Boxing T-Shirts. Since we did not have a pre-sale for kids, we are supplying all kids shirts at the pre-sale price of $39. (No hoodies, just the tees).



Friday 6:30pm class: continue working on set ups, getting hands and feet moving and sparring full kit at the end.

Saturday: 9am Conditioning, 10am Wing Chun, 11am Kids Kung Fu.

See you on the mat!

Morning all!

Tonight’s 6:30 Wing Chun class with Vadim is working on close range weapons: knees, elbows and the clinch.

9am Saturday morning with Frances is a Hero workout in honour of our Anzacs.

11am Saturday is the return of Kids Kung Fu classes! This is going to be a big term for the kids as they are all prepping for their next grading which will be at the end of the term in late June.

Being the beginning of term it also means term fees are due. Thank you to all the parents so far that have arranged term fees online, it really helps us focus on the kids rather than admin on the day. It’s extra helpful for this weekend too, as annoyingly enough, I won’t be there! If you missed the link to online registration here it is. If it’s not allowing you to submit the form it’s usually one or two checkboxes haven’t been ticked – they’re very easy to miss. There is also room to add your Active Kids Vouchers, I will adjust your total once you submit the waiver for review.

Sifu and I will be at a Kyokushin training camp tomorrow to do a BJJ seminar so make sure you have a smashing workout for the 10am!

Sunday is ANZAC Day. BJJ class is officially cancelled for the day, but some of the guys and girls may want to come in for a roll. If this is the case, please ensure you observe one minute’s silence before commencement of your training. If you’re not on the BJJ Facebook or WhatsApp group chat let me know and I’ll add you. If anyone plans on going in, that’s where you’ll hear it first.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

See you on the mat.


Hi everyone …well first week of coaching under the belt …thursday threw my first sidekicks about hip high on both sides..very very cautious but masive thrill…and definately hope for the future ..my coaching stamina is returning …monday felt like i was hit by a truck but by saturday could barely contain myself …tonight we will be studying part of the defence component of the Wing Chun blueprint ..Impregnable defence …super excited …see you on the mat!

Reminder too that kids and teens classes start this week with 2 on Wednesday (4:15 kids under 10 and 5:10 teens over 10) and 1 on Saturday all ages at 11am.

Next month the 4 week Beginners Course resumes on Wednesday nights (from 4/2/2021) at 7:15pm, to do the course only it’s $99, but anyone with an active membership of any other kind (ie monthly unlimited and 12 Block Passes) can attend for an extra workout or work on your foundations.

See you on the mat.