Wing Chun Kung Fu in Sydney


Happy Monday Everyone!

So, things are starting to wake back up. We’ve had a few of you enquire about when we may physically re-open, the short answer is we actually don’t know. We know as much as is available to you in the media and until recently the NSW government has refused to give a timeline as to when gyms and the likes can open their doors again in our state. Just this morning however, our Premier has stated that she will provide us with a timeline this week. This we are looking forward to hear.

We assume it will be the end of this month, though really do not know. Thank you all for your support and patience, we will keep live streaming schedule as it is with the exception of this Saturday’s 10am which will be pre-recorded, as we are having a couple of nights away up the coast to see family.

Kids classes have been so much fun. They will continue. The timetable will be reduced back to two days a week – Monday and Wednesday at 4pm. Now that school is back it’s time to ease back a little on the Kung Fu so they have time and energy to balance their activities.

What has been apparent is the importance of separating the age groups. So while both classes are open to all ages:

Mondays are targeted toward the over 8’s and Wednesday are targeted toward the under 8’s.

What this means in practice is that:

On Mondays the younger kids will focus and follow on as best they can, they may not understand everything but as long as they do their best, that’s the main thing.

On Wednesdays the older kids will need to practice patience and self discipline – when I’m chatting to the younger kids do some more repetitions of the technique or punching/blocking/footwork combo.

This timetable is starting this week, so tonight’s kids class is directed at the over 8’s and this Wednesday is for the under 8’s.

See you tonight for either Kid’s Kung Fu at 4 or Martial Xfit at 5:15pm!



We are loving live streaming!

Don’t miss Saturday’s True Boxing Revision, it will be a master class on creating angles.

Any Uni Wing Chun Renegade subscriber or Red Boat Redfern student that have maintained their fees are entitled to access to our live streaming of classes on either Facebook or Zoom – if this is you and you don’t have the login details contact us ASAP! You’re missing out!

Red Boat Uni subscribers you can find the Zoom login details on your Student Profile Page in the Livestream and Archives “course” 2nd or 3rd on your course list for easy access.

If you are not yet a Red Boat Uni Renegade subscriber you can join here. As of today we are offering a 20% discount that will expire in 10 days.

Copy and paste your 20% discount coupons according to your club:

Wanganui NZ: O0FW1QTWAN


Mackay QLD: PA902QPMKY


Redfern NSW: LOCKDOWN2020



Denmark EU: VG8DK8JDEN

Anywhere else, not affiliated with any other of our schools or affiliates: LOCKDOWN2020




Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and attendace on our Facebook Livestream and Zoom sessions. Please remember to mute your mic when using Zoom. It’s already muted for you when you join, but if you unmute it to have a chat before class starts, remember to re-mute it when class begins this will ensure the screen remains on the class for everyone throughout the lesson. If you have a question you there is a chat option to type in your message.

Today at 4pm is the first livestream for the kids aged 8 or over, tomorrow is for under 8’s. It will be available both on the kids facebook page and zoom. I will email parents directly today with zoom login details. If you’re a parent who hasn’t received these details by 2pm today, please contact me on 0421637298 or

Thanks again everyone! Remember to send through your class requests and questions!

Thank you everyone for your support! We had a couple of fantastic park workouts before the new lockdown restrictions have further limited us to max 2 from same household training. We’re averaging 10 people watching (and hopefully training!) our livestream live. If you miss it you can watch it later as it’s saved in our Facebook group RBKF Live Stream. It’s been great touching base with you all every morning.

Something that we have mentioned in the live stream is, now is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and make requests. We can tailor our classes for you. So send in your requests on Facebook or

We started recording for Kid’s Kung Fu yesterday, we’re still working on the format so would love some feedback from parents. Parents please join our Red Boat Kids group page to view the lessons. At present we are not live streaming for the kid’s classes but are pre-recording them both for Facebook and what will be a new membership/course on Red Boat University. They are set out in 3 sections/3 seperate videos: 1, workout; 2, technical (looking at strikes, forms or a technique); and 3, defensive training – so blocks, footwork and self defense strategy or defense focused techniques. Please offer your feedback.

We miss you all!!!


Dear Parents,

Thank you for bearing with us during this difficult time. As promised we have made a decision regarding the Kid’s Kung Fu classes. For the remainder of this term we have decided to cancel the classes. Most of our younger students are, well, quite young! and our concern is maintaining the recommended social distancing guidelines during class. Term 2 starts in 5 weeks. We’re hoping that much of this will have passed by then and Kid’s Kung Fu classes will be back up and running! But no-one really knows how this will pan out at this stage. What ever happens we will offer all affected Kid’s Kung Fu students a discount on their next term.

This is as disappointing for us as it is for you and your children. We had such a strong end to last year and strong start to this year, watching your children learn and grow is so inspiring. But the health and well-being for our community must come first. Thank you all for your understanding.

Damien will be updating the Kid’s Kung Fu group page on Facebook with posts about the grading structure and curriculum so please send through a request to join if you aren’t already a member.

See you all soon!

Amy & Red Boat Team

Tonight’s 6:30pm class with Vadim: bag work, solo drills, footwork drills, a lot of moving around and staying active. Can’t make it in? Tune in for the live feed.

Tomorrow’s grading is going ahead for Wing Chun. Not BJJ unfortunately, but such is the way things are right now.

Kid’s Kung Fu tomorrow is cancelled. We will decide on Monday how to move forward with kids class on Monday and notify you all then.

Conditioning Class is cancelled tomorrow also. Typical of grading days anyway.

Stay tuned for a message from Sifu and footage from today’s Wing Chun Grading (2 guys couldn’t make it tomorrow so we’re graded today).

Friday 6:30pm Wing Chun with Vadim: 16oz gloves, working the jab and setting up the cross. Padwork: mixing strikes (flow combinations), hands and feet. Sparring with 16’s.

Saturday 9am with Frances: warm-up, dynamics, then straight into 16min 4x rounds of conditioning and 5 x 2 min rounds of boxing, with core cardio to finish.

10am with Sifu: recap of this week’s training.

11am Kid’s Kung Fu with Damien: Shrimpin’ aint easy but if you’re blocking it, it’s alright! Be prepared for obstacle course mayhem and foundation blocks.

See you on the mat!

PS Wing Chun History seminar is available on for free members and above! Please show you support for WIRES by donating $20 (or more!) to the emergency fund. We raised $240 on the day that has now been donated.

4:15pm is Kid’s Kung Fu with Amy

Tonight at 6pm with Sifu it’s all about the collar tie! Strikes of opportunity and takedowns.

7pm will be an info session on the “Wing Chun Project” – a 12 month program that I’m (Amy) developing for “at risk” teens. To find out more, how you can help get it off the ground or even be part of the program itself then please stick around for this. Should only take 20 mins. Afterwards we can either finish off with a pads workout or sparring. (If you can’t make the info session it will be filmed so please request it via or when you see me).


9am with Frances: 5min warm up, 4x 5min workouts, 2x 7min power challenge then abs workout.

10am with Sifu: recap of the week – alternatives to takedowns after capturing a round kick to the body. Plus Ashi Garami from double arm Chi Sau.

11am Kid’s class with Damien: footwork and front kicks!

See you on the mat.

Lunch class today with Sifu is Tuesday night’s True Boxing class (less the wrestling component). So if you missed Tuesday see you at 12:15 today!

Tonight’s 6:30pm class with Vadim is a continuation from last Friday – set up for front kicks, developing flow with chain linking combinations, finishing off with cross arm sparring drills.

9am tomorrow with Frances is one of her awesome workouts, will update with details on Facebook later.

10am with Sifu is a recap of this week’s training.

And, we’re back!!! First Kid’s Kung Fu class for the year with Damien!!! Starts at 11am. Reminder that there will be 2 additional kids classes (4:15pm Mon & Wed) this year so please spread the word! Of course just a gentle reminder that being the beginning of the term, fees are due, that’s $100 per term for 1 class a week, $150 for 2 and $200 for 3 classes per week per term.

Lastly, Sunday is the initial Peak Performance session. If you want to do it but are concerned you will not be able to make every Sunday, don’t worry, we are filming every workshop for our interstate and international enrollees that you will have access to also. So you won’t miss a thing. There’s still time to enrol, so give us a call, shoot us an email or put your name down at the front desk. It’s $199 per person, a worthwhile investment in your health and fitness!