Tonight’s 6.30pm with Vadim is close range strikes – body shots and uppercuts, drills and sparring – bring your 16 oz gloves.

Tomorrow is 9am Conditioning with Frances, 10am Wing Chun with Sifu and 11am Kids Kung Fu with Damien!





Black belts and above can attend all sessions.

See you on the mat.

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It’s DONE!

There may be some tweeks, typos and formatting overlooked… hope not… but the curriculum is finalised. Please download your next level! (links below)

Remember, this Sunday Sifu is putting on a FREE workshop to answer all of your questions about the new material. PLEASE WRITE DOWN ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS and submit them after the seminar as he may not get to all of them in the time provided.

Times are as follows:

(going for):

Blue Whites and Blues: 11am

Blue Browns, Browns and Brown Blacks: 12pm

Black Belts and above: 1pm

Black Belts and above can start at 11am as we are sure you will want to know what’s new on the curriculum (as when you go for Gold you are re-tested on EVERYTHING)

Lunch out with Black Belts and above at the end.

Click link to download your level:

Blue-White Stripe


Blue-Brown Stripe


Brown-Black Stripe

Black-Red Characters

Black-Purple Characters

Black-Gold Characters

Hi guys!

Tonight’s BJJ class will include sweeps from closed and open guard, variations to submission attempt. That’s at 6pm with March (Thursday).

Friday night’s class will be with Mayur and will cover old school flow drills followed by sparring – starts at 6.30pm.

Friday lunch is with Sifu at 12.15pm and is running with this week’s boxing theme, so if you missed Tuesday then come in at lunch to catch up.

See you on the mat!


Hi guys,

Sifu will be streaming his Mat Chat in our RBKF Livestream Facebook page at 11:30 am on Values vs Virtues, don’t miss it.

Tonights 6pm class (also streamed on Facebook: ) will be bracketed with Forms with next level defence and sustained attack drills.

See you on the mat.


Greetings everyone ..Had a good rest last week taking some pressure off my hip…But time to get back into it.. had a great day with the Bo yesterday thanks to all that attended …Tonight we start with forms and Dummy then some old school drills for sustained attacks and impregnable defense…see you on the mat Sifu

Tonight’s 6:30pm class with Vadim is all about traditional conditioning and sparring.

9am tomorrow is conditioning with Frances, 10am Frances and Damien will share the Wing Chun class as Sifu is visiting the Kyokushin crew, and 11am is Kids Kung Fu and they will be focusing on escaping the mount!

Sunday 9:30am is BJJ and the Dragon Staff Workshop starts at 11am.

Enjoy your weekend!

See you on the mat.

PS: We now have EFTPOS facilities.


Greetings and salutations,

Well another great week under the belt..loving 2021 so far…as you are aware the new grading structure is being released  level 4 is ready all others within the next 7 days …grading is pencilled in for march 20th ..Kamals Gold belt on the 27th…i know there is new material to learn but i have complete confidence in your abilities.. to make the transition fluid we will conduct a couple of tip gradings back to back  and closer together  so everyone can get a handle on it …on the subject of Kamals Gold belt i am dedicating as much time as i can spare to make sure he is ready ..he has to do the work.. my job is to make sure its done right..Dave has been in his corner like a true friend because he knows what it takes …So seniors i need you on board with this …Gold belt run throughs ….sparring..sparring and more sparring ..we had a good session yesterday i came away encouraged by what i saw ..

This week fun on the Dummy …opposite sides great for the brain!! ive been playing with some chi sau techniques you may find interesting plus of course kicking and punching things!! our favourite thing to do…see you on the mat



Click here to enrol in the Dragon Staff Workshop or copy and paste this link into your browser:

Tonight’s 6:30pm Kung Fu class with Vadim will start with kicking combos using set ups and fakes, then we’ll finish with sparring – all weapons on deck.

Francey is concocting an evil plan for tomorrow’s conditioning class at 9am.

Sifu will wrap up the week at 10am

And Damien will wrangle the kids at 11am with a class on round kicks, takedowns… which means “breakfall, breakfall, breakfall!!!”

See you on the mat!


Greetings to all the Red Boat Kung Fu members and welcome to 2021.

As 2020 slips into the rear view mirror, we can now concentrate on the task at hand and that is the continuing evolution of our system, the development of elite level instructors and of course helping you on your martial journey.

As all instructors are aware I have redeveloped the entire grading structure to more accurately reflect where we are in our evolution. This will provide you with some necessary and exciting challenges and lift our game across the board. Gradings will increase to every 2 months as every second grade will be Tip Grading which is now much more comprehensive and is compulsory before a belt change to ensure quality control. Obviously you will need time to get a handle on new material, so grading dates are at the discretion of each branch instructor. Starting with Tips and finally ending the year on a belt change.

Grading fees have not increased in over a decade and schools simply cannot absorb the cost vs outcomes and efforts by everyone involved. So grading fees are $90 per Tip – you will receive a stripe on your belt and certification for that level – and $100 per Belt Change – includes your belt and certification. I will not make direct comparisons, but can most definitely assure you that this is a fraction of what most organisations charge.

For the Headquarters here in Sydney, there is also now a 3 tier membership package – standard, silver and gold – with corresponding benefits and discount. These will be explained in another message.

Finally I want to discuss the Wing Chun Blueprint. For the past 45 years I have tested and measured this amazing system. Now each aspect of it has a blueprint attached to it. Look at the grading structure as the big picture blueprint. But every part of it has its corresponding blueprint. My motivation for this was to ensure everyone and I mean everyone has the tools necessary to achieve excellence. All you have to do is turn up and put in a big effort, we and your coaches will do the rest.

So, once again welcome back to the mat. See you soon.

Kuen Yao Sum Faat,

Sifu Rick Spain


Hey guys,

Just a reminder about tonight’s boxing class, diving further down the rabbit hole with the foorwork blueprint and a quick revision on how to throw the perfect hook.

See you there, don’t be late!