Gonzoil BJJ Tees Pre-Order Only!

Hi guys,

We are taking pre-orders for Classic and Crash/Flow Gonzoil BJJ tees – Gonzoil the unofficially official sponsor of our BJJ team. There will be no extras we are printing to order only.

Choose your design. Choose your colours. Check out our Insta account for full range.

Pre-order today. Print to order only. You will miss out on top quality, long lasting and very cool tee’s if you don’t get your order in by Sunday June 5th. Shirts are $50.

Full run down:

Tap out to colour! All shirts made to order.

All sizes. 100% Cotton. Screen printed.

Classic Gonzoil is also available to pre-order. Either option $50 each.

Email info@redboatkungfu.com or put your name and order on the form at reception.

Inspired by Bruce Lee’s famous quote and Gonzoil Chilli Olive Oil (gonzoil.com.au) is the exclusive sponsor of our prestigious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team – Scuderia Gonzoil.

It’s all highly Gonzo (in part fictitious, see Gonzo Journalism by Hunter S Thompson) as there was only ever one release of Gonzoil Olive Oil and, Gonzoil is also not really sponsoring anything at Red Boat! (unless you take into account these awesome designs that keep coming our way). …get your orders in today!

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