💪👊Winter Warrior Challenge starts this Sunday 27th June!👊💪

Come join us on the 12 week winter challenge!

Simply put, most people get dieting and training for the best version of themselves – especially that summer body – 180 degrees  wrong. They hibernate in winter, pack on some weight, then slowly …very slowly, start reining it in late spring or even at the beginning of summer! So by the time they are starting look and feel good it’s too late and they have missed most, if not all of the beach culture – being able walk tall in  the knowledge that they look and feel fantastic.

The 12 week Winter Warrior challenge gets us in shape in the colder months and we’ll show you how to keep the momentum going all spring and summer.

You will have access to the Peak Performance strategies and tactics to create your healthiest and best version of yourself – and yes, you will be held accountable with daily and weekly check-ins.

All you have to do is follow the program and we guarantee success.


So if you’re tired of going around in circles, join the Challenge!


Brief outline:

This Sunday (27th June) starts at 11am with a weigh-in, fitness test, goal setting and basic eating guidelines.

Sunday 4th July is the beginning of the fortnightly Peak Performance workshop series where we delve deeper into your habits, dietary requirements and even sleep patterns.

Every other Sunday will be a mixture of workouts, fitness tests and problem solving sessions.

You have access to one 1hr Sport Psychology session to help you with whatever is holding you back – cravings, self-doubt, bad habits and anything else you can think of.

Workouts for lean muscle gain and body fat loss, plus workouts to enhance your martial arts training is delivered daily, along with monitoring your body composition and general health and wellbeing.

To encourage you to stay on track this winter, everyone on the Challenge will receive rewards (Kung Fu Dollars – KFD) for every class attended, every kilo of body fat lost and every kilo of lean muscle gained. At the end of the challenge you cash in! Your KFD rewards can go towards fees, equipment and seminars/workshops!

How can you say no?

Active Red Boat Kung Fu get all this at half price!

PM to book today!


kids kung fu redfern


Dear Mums, Dads and Guardians,


The next grading for your children is on Saturday 26th at 11am. If you have not downloaded already, please click on the link below for the grading curriculum:

Kids Grading Sheets


The cost for grading is $30 per child, please pay as you arrive so we can focus on assessments.


Additionally, as requested we ordered stock for children’s True Boxing T-Shirts. Since we did not have a pre-sale for kids, we are supplying all kids shirts at the pre-sale price of $39. (No hoodies, just the tees).




Hi guys!

Great day yesterday, thanks for all who attended or were there in spirit. Photos and a wrap up of the day will be posted soon (having George Gittoes there was definitely a treat).

Confirming that due to Monday being a public holiday, we are closed for classes. Please enjoy the day off and we’ll see you again on Tuesday!

Class Themes, ***Reminder Class Time Changes Tomorrow***, Jonny’s Day and Catch-up Sessions

Tonight’s 6:30 class with Vadim main focus will be on using range to deliver close weapon strikes, uppercuts and hooks with sparring at the end.

***No Conditioning tomorrow, but there will be a 9am Wing Chun class followed by 10am Kids Kung Fu – Kids Kung Fu class will build on grappling, arm drag and spin takedown.***

Jonny’s Day starts with laying flowers at the shrine at 11am in the Kwoon, 11:30 at Martin Place Cenotaph for laying the wreath, then we move on to the Orient Hotel for lunch. Sifu has selected a $60 set menu package for food. You only pay if you plan to eat, it includes 3 courses and some yummy selections for all tastes. You can come to the venue whether you are eating or not.

FYI: Catch-up sessions are 30 minute one-on-one sessions available to all active members for FREE every 30 to 60 days depending on your membership level and typically run by me (Amy). It can be a mini training session, nutting out grading material or it can even be for problem solving fears, anxieties and other mental obstacles. I had a great session with a student today problem solving such things. Contact us to book in!


Dear Members, Mums and Dads,

Saturday 12th June marks the 25th year since Australia’s worst peacetime military aviation disasters and the loss of our Kung Fu son and brother Jonathan Church member #06.

As part of our traditions, on this day we lay a wreath at the Shrine in the Kwoon, then make our way to Martin Place to do the same at the Cenotaph. Afterwards we locate to The Orient Hotel for a light lunch. While it’s a sombre topic it is a lovely day of reminiscing and reflection and everyone is invited to share in this tradition.

To accommodate the day we are cancelling the Conditioning class and bringing the adults Kung Fu class forward to 9am, and the Kids Kung Fu Class forward to 10am. Both classes on this day will run to 50 minutes instead of the full hour.

Thank you all for your understanding and we hope to see you on the day!

Kuen Yao Sum Faat


So, for the first time in over 2 years the Kicking and Stretching workshop is back!!

I know it’s short notice but here we go… in 2 hours I’m going to condense every training and stretching trick in the book. How to maximise stretching performance, speed development, timing, accuracy, power and more! It’s $60 for the day, starting at 11am this Sunday 6th June.

The money raised will go to the wreaths we get for Jonny’s Day. 

I spoke to the President of the Commando  Association yesterday who will be holding a memorial as well. They weren’t going to until they found out that we were. They want to do it at a specific Commando site in Martin Place. I politely declined. We are not doing this because Jonny was a Commando or Special Ar Services, but because he was one of us – a Martial Arts brother and friend.

See you on the mat.


Red Boat Kung Fu Referral Program!

Your commitment to your training and loyalty to our school is amazing and we want more dedicated people like you. There is nothing more encouraging to an instructor than someone who puts in the work. We would love more members just like you.

People generally associate with people that are just like them, so we are asking you which two people do you know that would greatly benefit from joining our club?

What if they just needed a little nudge to walk through our doors?

What if they are interested in BJJ, Kung Fu, MMA or even martial arts movies and are quietly curious about training but just didn’t know where to start?

We have a gift to give that may just encourage them, and you will benefit by enhancing your friendship plus if they use this gift, it gets reboxed for you to use too!

If you have two friends we have $100 Kung Fu Dollars to give them… $50KFD each.

They can use this money to spend on any services we offer. That could be put toward their first membership purchase, or toward a private session, or one of our 6 and 12 week challenges.

When they spend their Kung Fu Dollars, that $50KFD is then re-gifted to you! There’s no limits to what you can use this re-gift for. You could put it toward a new uniform, sparring gear, merchandise or membership fees. Totally up to you! It’s our way of saying thank you for spreading the word about our martial arts academy.

Choose your two friends and have a chat with Amy about claiming your $100KFD today.


Greetings and salutations..its good to be back ..thats the longest ive been off the mat in a very long time..injuries that simply needed to be rested …had a ball last night so good to see everyone …ill send a more comprahensive message tomorrow …for now.. dont miss tonights boxing class..new drills and skills workout cant wait ..see you there ..regards Sifu

Friday 6:30pm class: continue working on set ups, getting hands and feet moving and sparring full kit at the end.

Saturday: 9am Conditioning, 10am Wing Chun, 11am Kids Kung Fu.

See you on the mat!

Morning all!

Tonight’s 6:30 Wing Chun class with Vadim is working on close range weapons: knees, elbows and the clinch.

9am Saturday morning with Frances is a Hero workout in honour of our Anzacs.

11am Saturday is the return of Kids Kung Fu classes! This is going to be a big term for the kids as they are all prepping for their next grading which will be at the end of the term in late June.

Being the beginning of term it also means term fees are due. Thank you to all the parents so far that have arranged term fees online, it really helps us focus on the kids rather than admin on the day. It’s extra helpful for this weekend too, as annoyingly enough, I won’t be there! If you missed the link to online registration here it is. If it’s not allowing you to submit the form it’s usually one or two checkboxes haven’t been ticked – they’re very easy to miss. There is also room to add your Active Kids Vouchers, I will adjust your total once you submit the waiver for review.

Sifu and I will be at a Kyokushin training camp tomorrow to do a BJJ seminar so make sure you have a smashing workout for the 10am!

Sunday is ANZAC Day. BJJ class is officially cancelled for the day, but some of the guys and girls may want to come in for a roll. If this is the case, please ensure you observe one minute’s silence before commencement of your training. If you’re not on the BJJ Facebook or WhatsApp group chat let me know and I’ll add you. If anyone plans on going in, that’s where you’ll hear it first.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

See you on the mat.