Hi guys!

Tonight’s BJJ at 6pm is all about side control and the review of all attacks in the syllabus.

Tomorrow night’s Wing Chun will mix it up with all weapons on deck. Striking combining hands, feet, elbows and knees.

Tomorrow’s lunch class will be an amalgamation of this week’s training.

See you on the mat!

Hi guys,

Having a very creative week with hammer fists, got some interesting level change strikes tonight and also from double arm chi sau we have a super cool double bracial stun combined with some figure 4 locks and shoulder controls. David Hilston Esquire will be conducting the class and I’ll be watching to make sure no-one goofs off! So train hard, see you on Saturday for a super revision.

Big thank you to the weapons lunatics! We raised the funds for the new dummy and it was ordered yesterday along with what’s needed to convert the current one to wall mount also. Well done guys.

See you on the mat,


Morgan Sports hand weights are back in stock, we’ve ordered 10 of the 2kg sets (1kg each – definitely enough for a full shadow boxing workout), they haven’t even arrived to us yet but we only have 4 left. So please get in quick, they are $40 for the pair. The 5kg (2.5kg each) hand weights sold out from Morgan in only 1 day.

We have gone live with Clubworx – the new member management software. I’ve started contacting members on direct debit/ongoing memberships, but I’ll eventually be in touch with everyone to update your member profile. If I call you at a bad time just let me know. It should only be a 5 minute call.

The check-in screen also looks different. Please make sure you are registering for the correct class when you check in. Member portal details will be sent to you soon so you can also book and keep track of you attendance making checking in much quicker. Booking into classes is important as it counts toward your grading readiness criteria.

There’s quite a bit of background work to do for a full rollout of the new support/inclusions we will be offering with your memberships, but follow this link for description of what we will be doing in the near future.

Thank you everyone for your support!


Today, we’ll look at changing attacks from side control.

Friday 6:30pm class: following on with theme of the week: utilising larp sao in trapping hands and chi sao. Cross arm sparring drills after that.

Saturday kids are back on at 11am: working on Side kicks and trapping hands.

See you on the mat.

Hi all …what a hoot to be back on the mat last night …Not easy material to master but so so worthwhile…there is a very simple but effective drill for perfecting the angle change ill show you on Saturday…Tonight we take the larp sau theme and flow it into Chi Sau and Trapping Hands with a cool transition to inside reaping sweep …plus my favourite standing half nelson lapel choke ..You will be in March’s  capable hands…much fun …The book is coming along and taking a bit more rest time has had a big impact on my hip …5 months to go!!…FYI kids classes start today at 4.15 and saturday at  11am..Good luck with that Amy and Damien !…Ok signing off for now see you on the mat…Sifu

Greetings …Super excited about tonights class..2 reasons..1 the plan goes to the next level and 2 I’m going to be there …Tonight we are going to be dealing with body blows …next level…what we have been doing is to get you to this point …Working the radius …Angling off …Weaving ..Tonight we put all of that into play against body blows with split level counters…This is advanced and bends the rules …Dont miss it!…See you on the mat…Sifu

Hi everyone tonights theme …Larp sau one of the most versitile moves in Wing Chun…an awsome block/redirection great for wrist and bicep pummelling …outside collar ties .. handcuffs and more!.. We will defend strikes first then drill some awsome redirection and capture to take down options … and also working the radius  footwork  drills that flow into these techniques …I love this stuff…A reminder weapons this coming Sunday get your names down asap weapons must be ordered by Wednesday…Kuen Yao Sum Faat …Sifu

Hi there all…tonight will be  mondays class foundation skills will be garn sau and its applicaton against side kicks and front kicks  plus trapping hands set up using garn sau to fake low then pin and attack high with back fist …plus forms and sparring …stay tuned for saturdays super revision ..i have a dummy set for you that is not part of the original 108 movements …see you on the mat Sifu

Hi there everone ..hope your feeling rested after the long weekend ..tonight is all about head movement ..on the scale it is the most difficult to master …it is no more important than footwork and checking its just tougher to get right …to slip with no room to spare so as to counter seemlessly with little to no lag time takes real skill and tonights class is dedicated to that …ive taken 6 scenarios with a minimun of a 3 punch counter  for each one… simple but effective …no checking means no insurance …but if you slip and counter  perfectly  then the risk is worth the reward…also a reminder the weapons day is coming soon get your names down asap ..im excited about wall mounted dummies !! see you on the mat  regards Sifu

kung fu waterloo

Hi guys!

Long weekend starts tomorrow so stay safe on the roads, but have an enjoyable rest/recreation. Monday we are closed for classes.

Today’s lunch class (12:15) will be a super-revision class taken by Sifu, covering the Wing Chun and Boxing themes we practiced this week.

Tonight’s 6:30pm class taken by Vadim will be running a mix of the 2 theme variations that we covered this week, trapping hands and flow into boxing.

Save the date!

October 18, Sunday, Bladed Weapons workshop. All proceeds go to a wall mounted dummy and a wall mount frame. This is a 3 part seminar for mastering Butterfly Sword, Military knife combat and the deadly Karambit. Starts at 11am and will require most of the day.

If you’re on Facebook you can register here: https://fb.me/e/2TG0m5lUE otherwise email, text, or sign up at the front desk.

Costs are as follows:
If you already have all the weapons – $149.00
If you need training Butterfly Swords – $199.00
If you need the swords and a karambit – $239

Practice military knives will be supplied on the day.Tomorrow’s classes:

It’s school holidays now so Kids classes are on hold until Wednesday 14th/Saturday 17th October.

Conditioning with Frances at 9am… be prepared!

Wing Chun with Sifu at 10am – Super-revision of this week’s training.

See you on the mat.



Today is BJJ day!

12:15 lunch class with Andrew is always accommodating to who turns up. If you’re a beginner or if you’re advanced your needs are met. With over 2o years of BJJ experience – practicing, coaching, reffing – you’re in great hands.

6pm evening class with March is how to get the back and piece up unsuspecing people!!! haha Assisted by newly appionted Purple belt Barwin! Congratulations on your new belt.

See you on the mat.