wing chun trapping hands

Hi guys …tonights class will include a super cool muti stage trapping drill one of my all time favourites plenty of forms work and striking drills.. dont miss it!…also due to the school holidays being on it makes sense to push back the weapons day until October the 18th… remember the proceeds will be going to wall mounted Dummies… cost are as follows …if you already have all the weapons 149.00…if you need swords 199.00…if you need swords and a karambit 239…practice military knives will be supplied on the day  …train well Sifu

Tonights true boxing is all about long set pad work …one of the most valuable skills for thinking fast when both under pressure and applying it ..the ability to create angles and shots… to slip and move and counter smoothly with no breakdown of rhythm or tempo…long sets should include most if not all of your boxing arsenal…great footwork ..checking ….head movement …counters ..set ups fakes and fients…also without doubt one of the most satisfying things to do when you start to really nail it …were going to prime with the original long set …then a set we trained a few months ago were we went out to 19 and more .. apart from tactics …strategies and various other themes we will build up our long set repertoire over the next few months …regards Sifu

Hi everyone tonights class theme is 5th dummy set and corresponding techniques ..this set was always a tough one to figure out …ive seen numerous interpretations over the years none of which made any sense to me ..up until about 23 years ago when drilling pummeling and i had a moment of realisation the 5th set is a pummelling set instantly made total sense and tonight you will get to train some of the logical and legit technique options from it fact it was this realisation that made me rethink the entire dummy sets and the system as a whole i hope you enjoy …and yes plenty of hitting things as well …Regards Sifu

Dear Parents,

This is a reminder that it is the kids kung fu grading tomorrow. It starts at the normal class time of 11am. As with the disruptions this year, only a small number of children are ready to grade, but all of them will experience the grading.

The grading cost is $30 and should be finished by 12:30

9am Conditioning class is 3 x rounds KB punisher. Boxing. Kicking and 300 rep core workout! OUCH!

10am is with Sifu and is a full revision of this week.


Red Boat Kung Fu integrated BJJ into our Wing Chun fighting system in 1998.

BJJ in a Kung Fu school?

Yes. If you live in Sydney and want to train in a fun and friendly environment where you learn skills that will not only help you in self defence, but in the discipline of everyday life, then look no further.

You can learn BJJ, you can learn Wing Chun, you can learn both.

They are run as two seperate curriculums – meaning you are assessed and awarded belts in each discipline independant from each other – but there are no membership restrictions in how you train and what you train in.

Wing Chun and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have been a perfect marriage – the skills learnt in Wing Chun have meant an smooth transition to BJJ – and for us the combination of the two have meant an interesting adaptation for both arts respectively.

We are open for classes 7 days a week. If you want to train in BJJ here at Redfern, we practice on Thursday and Sundays.

Enquire today to book a trial!


24-26 Botany Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015


M: 0421 637 298


One of the most important lessons  of true boxing is understanding how to control the ring …dictate the pace ,,,control the distance and force your opponant to fight your fight, dont miss it.

Parents, quick reminder that the kids class is on at 9am tomorrow!

Tonight’s 6:30pm class will be taken by the Eastern Bloc duo John and Alex and will cover grading practise (last hit out before tomorrow’s Wing Chun grading) and of course one of their special workouts.

Tomorrow, before the kids at 9am, Frances is putting on a quick 30min fitness class, starting at 8:30am and will be a 12min Tabata plus an 18x30x10 pad workout.

Grading starts at 10am, get in early to work off any nerves!

See you on the mat.


Hi guys ..Thanks for an inspired dirty boxing class last night …Tonight is streetwise Wing Chun..Understanding how Chi sau..neck pummelling ..framing .. really crosses over into the real world of streetfighting…plus just plain evil strikes …head butts ..knee strikes …thumb gouging  and more…yummy!!.. see you there …Sifu

PS…Weapons Day is coming …Sunday October 4th…The Blade…this is  a 3 part seminar for  mastering …Butterfly Sword…Military knife combat…and the Deadly Karambit …it will require the day ..if you need swords or a karambit please advise us ASAP …exact time and costing to follow  after we source all weapons neccesary and create a package deal..regards Sifu

Hey Guys…Dont miss True Boxing tonight …Dirty boxing 3.0 …my favourite manouvers.. tricks and set ups working  the heavy bag ..see you there ..Sifu

Hi everyone …once again thanks for last night great fun..though i will have to take some of my own advice and keep my answers to questions brief and to the point …as you know i dont like to leave a question un answered …but we missed out on a second round of forms …neverthless fun was had by as a bit of a treat i will be live streaming a talking head video on the  principal of strenght training and how it directly impacts your martial training …this is a part of the peak performance program and an essential part of your training …keep an eye out for it this morning around 8.45…regards Sifu