Keeping it short and sweet:

BJJ 6pm
Last day of Side Control attacks.
King of the Mat.


Hi guys!

There have been some questions around when the next Tip Grading will be, the answer is 17th April at 10am. The Kids Kung Fu class starts the following week so the grading will start at the usual grading time of 10am on the 17th.

The Butterfly Sword Workshop will be on Sunday 2nd of May. So set that Sunday aside. It’s the Sunday BEFORE Mother’s Day so no clash there!

It’s a 4 day long weekend! Yay! So Friday, Sunday and Monday we are CLOSED for classes. On Saturday, Sifu wants to put on a 10am class since he was away these last 2 weekends. So come in for the 10am on Saturday. But enjoy the long weekend otherwise.

Happy Easter/Holidays!!!


Greetings …Amy and i had a great time on saturday coaching at the bondi kyokoshin dojo to win  the clinch apply the choke to takedown finish …great to be back on there mat and to see old freinds

especially my dearset of friends Graham..see you tonight for a big hit out …also huge thanks to Francis for taking saturdays class ..regards Sifu

BJJ 6pm: Warm Up, Attacks from Side Control, Side-king of the Mat, Breathing Alphabet

Friday 26th 6.30pm: Change ups kicks and fakes. Finishing off with sparring.

See you on the mat. 


Last night i got carried away with the martial map …especially circle 1 and 3.. still had a mad time but tomorrow we train in circle 2 …forms..dummy..chi sau.. will be our warm up workout and warm down…see you there …Sifu

Tonight is going to be a big challenge were going to revise everything we have done since the start of the lockdown in less than 90 mins you need to bring your A game …if you missed any of the boxing during that time dont miss tonight …see you there Sifu..

Greetings and salutations!

Firstly, congrats to all for Saturdays efforts, very happy with the standard. Great to see seniors doing their own thing up the back too, but still supporting the rest. Well done.

I will be on the mat tonight for forms so try not to miss it. I was reading some quotations from the legend Gogen Yamaguchi, one of Japan’s greatest Karatekas. This one I have always found highly impactful:

“Understand that the essence of Martial Arts is not the Art itself, but what’s hidden deep within yourself”

Wise words and something to reflect upon.

See you on the mat.


Hi guys,

There seems to be some confusion about the grading on Saturday. It is going ahead. The start time is at 9am, not the usual 10am. So get in by 8:45am in order to be ready for the 9am start.

Kid’s class will proceed at the usual time of 11am. 

Please advise us ASAP that you are grading! We need to know who to focus on with the few classes we have left before the big day!

See you on the mat.


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Hi guys!

Tonights 6:30pm class with Vadim will explore different ways to set up the power shot rear cross and grading practice.

9am tomorrow is Conditioning with Frances, and 10am with Frances! Look out….!

11am is Kid’s Kung Fu with Damien and will be all about kicking combos.

See you on the mat!