Morning everyone ..thanks for a great week …looking forward to another …this weeks foundation skills …Tan sau an often overlooked block /strike  that has multiple uses …plus staying light on your feet with some essential footwork drills and skills …Strikes …reverse elbow and how to throw the perfect side kick ..oblique  kick combo …so lots of fun to be had see you on the mat Kuen Yao Sum Fut …Sifu

Hi everyone …once again thanks for last night great fun..though i will have to take some of my own advice and keep my answers to questions brief and to the point …as you know i dont like to leave a question un answered …but we missed out on a second round of forms …neverthless fun was had by as a bit of a treat i will be live streaming a talking head video on the  principal of strenght training and how it directly impacts your martial training …this is a part of the peak performance program and an essential part of your training …keep an eye out for it this morning around 8.45…regards Sifu

Hi everyone …Big Chi Sau night  tonight …Dont miss it ! Sifu

Hi everyone …Tonights training will a continuation of mondays  peeling punches and guard destruction …we will be starting  with forms and chi sau …then on to technique and finishing with dummy sets working our way back  from the last set…see you there Sifu

boxing sydney

Hi guys,

Thanks for last night great class. We did some pretty intense circuit drills that everyone completed, well done. Then we explored the versatility of Pak Sau and the different variations of it. Plus we chatted about the missing principles of Wing Chun that actually make it work.

Look out for my new vlog “Shooting from the Lip” and I’ll see you tonight for True Boxing where we’ll cover dealing with the jab and the cross with parrys and footwork principle “step up and over”.

See you on the mat.



Hi guys!

As of this week the timetable for livestreaming has changed. Sifu will be taking the 7:30am Mon-Fri classes and the afternoon classes are shifting to 5:15pm – after the kid’s classes – on Mondays and Wednesdays. These will be a Martial X-Fit class run by Amy.

A reminder too that we are now utilising Zoom as well as Facebook to stream our classes. If you are a Red Boat Uni member, the access details are found on your Student Profile Page, typically second on your list of courses, titled Livestream Access and Archives. Click on that, it will take you to the “course” page, then just select what time class you are after to access the link and password. Click on image above for video example.

If you’re not a Uni member, contact us for the details.

Livestream timetable here:


Hi guys,

Tomorrow morning 7:30am is Fight Fit – a combination of Tabatas, Crossfits and strength work.

12:15 lunch class is a recap of the week’s training – forms, chi sau, blocking, frames head movement and combat techniques. So, a full mixed-bag at lunch, expect a full hour.

See you on the mat guys, can’t wait.

Facebook livestream:

Thank you everyone for your support! We had a couple of fantastic park workouts before the new lockdown restrictions have further limited us to max 2 from same household training. We’re averaging 10 people watching (and hopefully training!) our livestream live. If you miss it you can watch it later as it’s saved in our Facebook group RBKF Live Stream. It’s been great touching base with you all every morning.

Something that we have mentioned in the live stream is, now is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and make requests. We can tailor our classes for you. So send in your requests on Facebook or

We started recording for Kid’s Kung Fu yesterday, we’re still working on the format so would love some feedback from parents. Parents please join our Red Boat Kids group page to view the lessons. At present we are not live streaming for the kid’s classes but are pre-recording them both for Facebook and what will be a new membership/course on Red Boat University. They are set out in 3 sections/3 seperate videos: 1, workout; 2, technical (looking at strikes, forms or a technique); and 3, defensive training – so blocks, footwork and self defense strategy or defense focused techniques. Please offer your feedback.

We miss you all!!!


Dear students and friends,

As you would all be well aware by now, the Government – both National and State – have imposed a lockdown of non-essential services including gyms effective of midday today. We kept our doors open for as long as we could but today they must close. From what was said last night – regarding reviewing imposed sanctions every month – it is safe to say that we will be closed for at least one month, may be more.

Obviously we don’t want this, but we didn’t want this pandemic either! And we must do what has to be done to work together for the greater good.

We are humbled by how loyal and giving you have been – it will be remembered – and we will make every effort possible to ensure our doors open again once this is all over, and during this lockdown keep the information flowing using Facebook and Red Boat University and other measures to, but if you have to suspend your membership we do understand – we don’t know what hardships you are going through. Please advise us via if you cannot maintain your membership during this time.

Please join our live feed (not always live) on Facebook We will post training sessions for you to do at home and use it as an open platform to share training tips. But please use it to post your training sessions as well, so we can see what your doing and coach you from afar. For the kids we will be doing the same, so parents/brothers/sisters please join our Kid’s Facebook page both groups are private so only members can view your posts and the members are only current students.

During this time we will also be directing our energies on the Red Boat University including the addition of a Kid’s program and membership. So watch this space for updates and specials for Red Boat University.

On a more positive note… while it was a first to not have any sparring!… Friday and Saturday’s gradings were fantastic. Very sharp. Congratualtions everyone who graded, and thank you everyone who helped!!

Finally after a year of searching i have found the man for the job…Dr Bill Walters has given me the green light for a hip resurfacing with the latest ceramic coating …after viewing the video of me stretching and kicking he barley raised an eyebrow every other surgeon said no way cant help you …im going on a short list and back in hard training for what will a challenging recovery …but im up for it …huge thank you Amy for putting up with my shit ….feel very confident and relieved cheers all …next theme is all about the wooden dummy see you on the mat …Sifu