Hi everyone big thank you to John and Alex great wrestling component  of last nights class…Plus liver shot 1o1 with some great hightlights on youtube …The king of body shots …Also while the air quality is so poor the air conditioning is on full power so its cool and clean in the school even I’ve noticed the smoke outside, definately don’t run while its like this …big hit out tonight  see you on the mat…Sifu

Greetings …tonights class will be a mixed bag John, Alex and I will be joining forces …I’ll Start of with the striking component ..My favourite combos ..And then the lads  will take over …Don’t know what they have in mind but i’m sure it will be great fun …see you tonight …Sifu

Hi there…had a ball on the mat this week …Miss it when im away…This week lots of prep work for gradings including not just technical but conditioning and sparring drills if you are grading you cannot afford to take your eye of the ball over the next 3 weeks i will be going over all aspects of your grading material with a fine tooth comb ….Don’t forget to register at the front desk from tomorrow onwards and try and make sundays free forms workshop you will have 2 weeks to iron out any gliches …Next saturday after Wing Chun class we are having a sausage sissle cold  coin donation proceeds going Andrews event …the following sunday is a boxing  master class after Andrews rollathon …So its all happening …See you on the mat ..Kuen Yao Summ Faat

On sunday 1st of December i would like to invite you to a free Master class on forms…It will run for 2 hrs …We will be detailing all aspects of the Sil lum Chum kil and Bil jee..Excellent prep for your gradings …And a thankyou to all for a great year…Which reminds to thank all you awsome instructors for your amazing efforts while i was away …Great fun last night Master class on boxing is going to turn into something very special…Tonight … something for everyone … striking drills …Footwork drills..Takedowns …Chi sau …Forms and more …See you on the mat …Sifu





















What an inspirational night !! Ian is now a member of an exclusive club …The most hardcore Gold Belt club on the planet …Well done my friend …After a couple of days of rest and a woderful trip to Wills island retreat Amy and i are home and ready to smash it till gradings …Tonights class will be another master class in boxing …Working the radius …Hitting on the move and the true boxers stance…this class will continue as a boxing master class as i have started catagorizing every skill i have learnt from some of the greatest boxing coaches in my life …Look forward to a big workout with everyone …Regards Sifu

Hi everyone heading back up to qld today to referee Ians gold belt very exciting !!…Also back from my last teaching trip for the year had a blast…we trained hard and had some laughs along the way…HUGE  thank you to Richard and his wonderful family such fun to hang out with them and congrats to his team a great bunch .. Then of to Ipswich to train with Will and hang with his amazing family again lots of hard training and lots of laughs another great bunch…pretty tired when i got back hips are very tender so looking forward to at least getting my knee done shortly…its  been the most challenging year injury wise looking forward to better things next year…im back to full swing next week as we make our last run to gradings on the 14th and Zacs gold bel ton the 21st…Certainly not to be missed …Plus some of the original wild bunch will be there …Rosey, Sarge, Audie, Jimmy H, Dino to name a few make sure you meet the guys that started training up to 33 years ago …Great memories …Ok signing off will post pictures of tonights event asap …Regards Sifu

PS: Friday 6:30pm class (tonight) with Vadim is blocks and footwork revision. Main focs on bonsao block and technique.

Another great week of hard training …Im off to qld for an intense week of seminars and training lookinf forward to hanging out with Richard and the lads then off to Wills and the Ipswich crew…Big hit out on the mat tomorrow so dont miss it !


We have a tendancy to break our lives down into 2 main areas work and home …Work can be exciting , stimulating,challenging, stressfull it can also be dull ,boring and unchallenging …Whatever the case may be it puts food on our tables and pays the bills …Home can be peaceful , nurturing ,relaxing , supportive but it can also be damn hard work …balancing healthy relationships,wrangling young ones and keeping the roof over our heads …Thats why you need a 3rd place somewhere you can go to work on yourself …To sweat, destress and unwind a place were your allowed to be just you .. to train hard with friends and have some laughs along the way ..Everyone needs that  3rd place for us its the mat ..That sacred place were we uphold the traditions of our forbearers…Were we practice courage daily and embrace the virtues of Family Honour Loyalty …Forging lasting friendships …Developing real world skills …And becoming the best version of ourselves…When i travel i miss our mat..It nurtures me …But the upside is i get to hang out on other mats that embrace our same philosophy…Truly lucky …See you at the 3rd place …Regards Sifu

Thanks for last nights great efforts …Total focus well done !…Tonight is foundation skills …Working backwards on forms and dummy…Chi sau overhook hooking sweep…Technique huen sau guard peel to bicep tie …double arm tie to hip sweep…kuen yao summ faat Sifu

Hi everyone tonight we take the drills to the next level…Cut the corner…Body attacks ….Peel and swim… Track and chase  …Cant wait… See you on the mat…Regards Sifu

Traditional Wing Chun Classes in Redfern


We had a great week last week which was capped off with an old school drilling class on Saturday.

Tonight we will start with a drilling class, plus detailing the last sections of the Chum Kil and Bil Jee forms. Afterwards, a full run through of both forms. On the Wooden Dummy we will work backwards from the last set, because the last 3 or 4 are almost always the least polished, so let’s refine those dummy sets.

We will finish off the class with Chi Sau! Including a reaping sweep to arm bar technique and one of Frances’ flow drills. So we will need to be totally focused for the evening!

See you there.



For other classes view our timetable.

What is Chi Sau?

Chi Sau, or‘ Sticky Hands’, is a Wing Chun training activity aimed to develop close range combat expertise. In close range conflict, your capacity to perceive an incoming strike, for example a punch and respond by instinct is greatly lowered, which is where the attributes evolved through Chi Sau relate.

The goal of Chi Sau is to anticipate through touch any change in an opponent’s body position which indicates an incoming attack. Training the arms to have a mind of their own allows a Wing Chun exponent to intuitively disrupt an opponent’s structure and douse their capability to bear force.