Dear students and friends,

As you would all be well aware by now, the Government – both National and State – have imposed a lockdown of non-essential services including gyms effective of midday today. We kept our doors open for as long as we could but today they must close. From what was said last night – regarding reviewing imposed sanctions every month – it is safe to say that we will be closed for at least one month, may be more.

Obviously we don’t want this, but we didn’t want this pandemic either! And we must do what has to be done to work together for the greater good.

We are humbled by how loyal and giving you have been – it will be remembered – and we will make every effort possible to ensure our doors open again once this is all over, and during this lockdown keep the information flowing using Facebook and Red Boat University and other measures to, but if you have to suspend your membership we do understand – we don’t know what hardships you are going through. Please advise us via if you cannot maintain your membership during this time.

Please join our live feed (not always live) on Facebook We will post training sessions for you to do at home and use it as an open platform to share training tips. But please use it to post your training sessions as well, so we can see what your doing and coach you from afar. For the kids we will be doing the same, so parents/brothers/sisters please join our Kid’s Facebook page both groups are private so only members can view your posts and the members are only current students.

During this time we will also be directing our energies on the Red Boat University including the addition of a Kid’s program and membership. So watch this space for updates and specials for Red Boat University.

On a more positive note… while it was a first to not have any sparring!… Friday and Saturday’s gradings were fantastic. Very sharp. Congratualtions everyone who graded, and thank you everyone who helped!!

Finally after a year of searching i have found the man for the job…Dr Bill Walters has given me the green light for a hip resurfacing with the latest ceramic coating …after viewing the video of me stretching and kicking he barley raised an eyebrow every other surgeon said no way cant help you …im going on a short list and back in hard training for what will a challenging recovery …but im up for it …huge thank you Amy for putting up with my shit ….feel very confident and relieved cheers all …next theme is all about the wooden dummy see you on the mat …Sifu

Hey everyone super excited about tonights class…Jammed packed full of goodies …Perfect set ups for the liver shot …Next level pad drills a new 8 punch sequence with roll outs and check hooks …7 different jabs ….How to find the perfect angle and  understanding position (they are different) ….And a break down of the the Philly shell…see you there …Sifu

Greetings all..This week we review our first  months training plus the original 11th set and double arm chi sau…See you on the mat

Tonight’s Wing Chun 7:15pm class with Mayur is continuation of dummy set 2 and linking into sparring with 16oz gloves.

Also tomorrow morning will be the first morning class of the year, with Sifu, at 6:30 am. They will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, running for 45mins. Tomorrow morning is True Boxing, Thursday morining is Old School Wing Chun.

Hi there everyone… Tonight we finish mondays technique after setting up our opponent with a kick combo lots of options to explore …Also refining the new chuen sau flow drill it  still needs some work ….For Back Belts Wooden dummy and chi sau …Also we will be taking names from today for the Peak Performance course this course is essential for anyone attempting gradings over the next few months also the fitness test for gradings will be delivered next week …I will put on a free workshop on this in a few weeks stay posted …See you on the mat… Sifu

A comprehensive  study on the habits of elite level athletes… Over 6 weeks you  will learn everthing you need to achieve perfect health….Every aspect of your diet …Salt… Fats … Correct carb to protien ratios …Correct hydration …Micro and macro nutrients and the balance that is missing …Training for strenght vs training for size vs training for endurance you will recieve a program for each one depending on your needs …How to strip body fat in weeks not months ..How to improve your sleep patterns a vital key to peak performance …The winning mind of elite athletes…Reprogramming your mind set to create and achieve your goals and achieve flow state at will ..This is the most up to date  sports science driven guess work needed !!..If your serious about becoming the best version of you ..A better martial artist and athlete then register asap..Remember our level of health and fitness influences everything we do ……Sifu

Hi everyone greetings …

Great first week thankyou for your efforts (not to mention 18+ on Sunday morning’s BJJ!)..This week we add trapping hands to our classes i  have some fun drills to go thru with you…morning classes start in Feb tuesday and thursday 6.30 am …True boxing and Wing Chun foundation see you there …

Also on Feb 2nd  we will be starting Peak Perfomance …This is a complete study on every aspect of Diet, Training and Elite Athlete Psychology a vast evolution from the Spartan course..The results achieved thus far are astounding  a detailed outline will follow..This is available to interstate and international students simultaneously  you will achieve identical results no matter where you are, an event will be created for you to register…

I am going thru the entire grading structure at the moment to cull some things and reinforce it with more up to date material i’ll keep you posted..Also i will be introducing a fitness test system for all levels performed 1 month prior to grading this will ensure you are ready and able on the  day !!..The tests themselves will be gleaned from the fitness tests of elite fighting forces such as the SAS…Navy seals…Commandos and more … And will become progressively more challenging as you move up the ranks this will also ensure the highest possible standards are being met …Also dont forget the 500 challenge ….500 rounds of sparring  in a calender year all sparring contributes to this chi sau sparring , cross arm , hand fighting ..fingerless gloves , 16 ounce …So all rounds must be timed !!… Okay thats alot to digest

…See on the mat tonight for True Boxing!…

Regards Sifu

Greetings and salutations..As we put 2019 to bed there are a few things that ive been reflecting on from this year ..Firstly thank you all for your efforts from white belts to red belts and everyone in between you make the mat an amazing place to be and i am very grateful …Congatulations to everyone who gave it there all during the last grading very proud and a big shout out to Zac who did it tough but shone on the day he now joins a very exclusive club …On the day we had some of the original wild bunch attending and they were suitably impressed  ..For me personally its all been about injury management and finding a way forward …So far so good …For the school its been a great year as we fulfilled our mission of going old school and embracing our roots …Next year more of the same …Looking forward to next year we will  be perfecting our dirty boxing skills and embracing true boxing for which i have developed a full 12 month program for ..a perfect complement to our Wing Chun…Also taking our clinch game to a new level is a very exciting prospect.. So thank you all once again i hope youve enjoyed your rest…See you on the mat saturday… Cant wait …regards Sifu

Greetings everyone today is a hardcore traditional class …Followed by a sausage sizzle gold coin donation for Andrews fund raiser …See you there Regards Sifu

Hi guys…great week on the mat and its not over yet ….today and tomorrow will be an old school drilling class plus grading practice ..looking forward to sunday detailing forms love it …see you on the the mat…Sifu

Tonight 6:30pm Wing Chun with Vadim: pad work combining hand and feet combos.

Tomorrow 9am Fitness and Conditioning with Frances: a great, all-round solid workout as usual!

10am Wing Chun with Sifu: as above.

11am Kid’s Kung Fu with Damien: last hit-out ahead of kids grading on 7th December!!