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Government Imposed Lockdown

Dear students and friends,

As you would all be well aware by now, the Government – both National and State – have imposed a lockdown of non-essential services including gyms effective of midday today. We kept our doors open for as long as we could but today they must close. From what was said last night – regarding reviewing imposed sanctions every month – it is safe to say that we will be closed for at least one month, may be more.

Obviously we don’t want this, but we didn’t want this pandemic either! And we must do what has to be done to work together for the greater good.

We are humbled by how loyal and giving you have been – it will be remembered – and we will make every effort possible to ensure our doors open again once this is all over, and during this lockdown keep the information flowing using Facebook and Red Boat University and other measures to, but if you have to suspend your membership we do understand – we don’t know what hardships you are going through. Please advise us via info@redboatkungfu.com if you cannot maintain your membership during this time.

Please join our live feed (not always live) on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/504266926925852/ We will post training sessions for you to do at home and use it as an open platform to share training tips. But please use it to post your training sessions as well, so we can see what your doing and coach you from afar. For the kids we will be doing the same, so parents/brothers/sisters please join our Kid’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/106457386174383/ both groups are private so only members can view your posts and the members are only current students.

During this time we will also be directing our energies on the Red Boat University including the addition of a Kid’s program and membership. So watch this space for updates and specials for Red Boat University.

On a more positive note… while it was a first to not have any sparring!… Friday and Saturday’s gradings were fantastic. Very sharp. Congratualtions everyone who graded, and thank you everyone who helped!!