Latest Update from Red Boat!


Hey guys,

Hope you all are well.

A quick update from us… we have recieved a number of requests for out door training, which we are keen to do! So given the weather is good let’s all meet this Saturday at Alexandria Park at 10am for a workout. No uniforms necessary. We will meet as a “special interest group” so that we won’t have to bother council for permits etc. Please only come if you can drive in. We don’t want anyone taking public transport unnecessarily. Feedback on best times for weekday training sessions will be appreciated. With the change in everyone’s routine it would be a wild guess on our part for the best time to all meet up on a weekday.

Fly on the wall footage of today’s shoot for the Red Boat Uni will be up on the RBKF Live Stream page shortly.

In addition, we have been getting some great suggestions from you all regarding what we can do for you all during this time. We are constantly looking at options and streaming on Zoom is one of them.

Take care everyone!

See you soon.

FYI This was posted on Facebook yesterday for anyone interested.

Dear Members and Fans…a special offer….

As more and more of us are staying home and reluctantly withdrawing from our hobbies, we realise that Red Boat University could be an ideal tool for you to stay on top of your training during these strange times. With training videos on all our Wing Chun Curriculum requirements, Workshops and Short Courses on Wooden Dummy, Knife, Chi Sau, Trapping Hands, Butterfly Sword, Forms and more… you will be hard pressed to run out of things to do. Not only that, your subscription includes your online grading assessments.

As such we are offering a 20% discount on the Wing Chun Renegade monthly subscription to Red Boat University for the lifetime of your membership! That’s less than $5 a week for hundreds of hours of training material that you can practise at home, on your own. Plus we will give you access to the Red Boat HQ Live Stream Facebook Group!

Simply go to our pricing page, select Wing Chun Renegade and enter coupon code LOCKDOWN2020 to activate your 20% discount.

Already a FREE member and wish to upgrade?

Go to your account page and select upgrade and choose Wing Chun Renegade, enter the coupon code LOCKDOWN2020 to activate your 20% discount.

New subscribers go here join: https://www.redboatuniversity.com/pricing/

FREE subscribers go here to upgrade: https://www.redboatuniversity.com/account/?action=subscriptions

If you are a fee paying student at Red Boat HQ in Sydney and are committed to standing by us during this difficult time, as our first thank you we are offering a massive 60% discount on the Wing Chun Renegade subscription – that’s only $2.30 a week!

For those of you who are already Renegade or Instructor subscribers to Red Boat Uni (and a fee paying student at the HQ) we will give you lifetime access to the Peak Performance Course free of charge (usually $200 per course). The Peak Performance Course is set to be updated every time one is run at Red Boat HQ, so you will have ongoing access to the most current research on fitness and nutrition that Sifu has to offer.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer for Sydney students only, message me on Facebook or email info@redboatkungfu.com and I will provide you with your special coupon code (or activate your access to the Peak Performance Course).

Sydney guys, this is not something you HAVE to do, it’s an opportunity for you to do so if you want more than what will be provided on our Facebook Live Stream page. Live stream page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/504266926925852/

It is just our first thank you for your support. Our aim is to take a sustainable path so that we are with you and giving back well beyond however long this pandemic may take to resolve.

We hope all of our Members and Fans and your friends and family are healthy and stay that way.

Kuen Yao Sum Faat!