Updates From Us. Plus Livestreaming Workout Tomorrow 7:30am on Facebook


Hi guys!

Hope everyone is staying healthy! Tomorrow morning we are livestreaming a workout on RBKF Live Stream on Facebook at 7:30am so be sure to tune in! Also tomorrow we are meeting at Alexandria Park at 12:15pm for the first of our out-door sessions. No gi required (but please do wear something), bring a yoga mat or picnic blanket incase we do some ground work as it has been raining. Only groups of 10 including the instructor are allowed! So please let us know if you’re coming. You can book online, there’s a limit of 10 with a limit of 10 on the wait list. We do have contingency plans if too many arrive, but we’ll worry about discussing that if it happens. Saturday is a 10am meet. Please only attend if you can drive/ride in! We do not want anyone catching public transport unnecessarily.

We hope you are enjoying the daily workouts! I’m in the process of setting up Zoom to live stream on various platforms, however at present it is only Facebook on the RBKF Live Stream Group that we are doing this (and sharing fly on the wall footage from our RedBoatUni shoots). If you’re not on Facebook maybe create a dummy account just for this purpose, just for now.

On that note, we will be live streaming and recording tomorrow’s park session. The live stream audio won’t be 100% but you can follow on easily enough. Red Boat Uni will release a video with clear audio at a later date.

Welcome to the Uni for those who have upgraded their Red Boat University accounts, and for those who were already members and have asked to maintain their Kwoon membership during the Lockdown, we hope you’re enjoying the Peak Performance course. Please contact me directly for discount codes or access to Peak Performance on either info@redboatkungfu.com or 0421637298

Hope to see a lot of you guys over the next couple of days, we will continue with the park workouts while we are still allowed to, so keep an eye out on your emails for when the next ones will be.