The John Will seminar is open to and suitable for all levels of experience as we will be starting right at the beginning of 1/2 guard AND you have two BJJ sessions left this week to brush up on the basics of 1/2 guard as well. This is arguably one of the most important guards to know how to work with in BJJ. John is an amazing coach and it would be disappointing seminar to miss. Starts at 9am finish at 11, cost $80. Be sure to put your name down at the front desk. You can also register and pay online here:

Kids start back up again this Saturday! We hope everyone has had a wonderful break and are ready to get back into training. It’s the beginning of a new term so if parents could please remember to either pay online or at the desk this weekend that would be great.

The Red Boat University is progressing smoothly ahead, everyone with Platinum and Instructor level membership now has access to all workshops and seminars. Recently made available are: Wooden Dummy, Forms Masterclass v1, Urban Survival Seminar, Butterfly Sword Seminar, Knife Combat Seminar, Chi Sau Advanced and Sifu’s book The Lost Art of Wing Chun is available to you for download. $25 foundation memberships are still available for Platinum level access – which means you get access to all material and updates with the exclusion of “Instructor’s Eyes Only”. If you are training at one of our schools already, the University is an invaluable tool for your at home training, training while travelling, grading preparation and mastery. If you are outside of access to one of our schools, this is your opportunity to learn, train, grade and progress through the most advanced and complete Wing Chun systems on the planet. We will be launching publicly within the next few weeks which pushes us through to the next price bracket, so there is limited time to secure $25 a month, simply go to select the PLATINUM membership and enter coupon code REDBOATAUSCHOOLS .

See you on the mat.



If you missed it watch grading highlights video above. We have two school gradings before the end of the year, so stay focused. The mid season date is to be set, but the Summer grading is on the 9th December AND the Gold belt grading this year goes to Damien on Saturday 16th December. If you’re new to the family… this is not to be missed. Gold belts are huge. Bring friends and family too. Damien and his family are a big part of the school and this will make him the second in his family to get a Gold belt. Put that date aside. It’s a whole day event as we have our end of year party and awards presentation afterwards also.

John Will is coming up to Sydney for his second seminar with us this year (Sunday 15th October, 9am), so Andrew and March have been working on plenty of ashi garami/leg entanglement in their classes to prep us all for the occasion! He is a fantastic coach and you’d be crazy to miss it. The seminar is suitable for all levels, John walks everyone through each technique, though it would be ideal to get some classes under your belt before the seminar as it would only help you on the day.

GIRLS!! This coming Tuesday (Sep. 26th at 5pm) we are running a girls only BJJ class. This is an unashamed plug to get you into the mainstream BJJ classes, but first things first. We are looking at running these once a month to every 6 weeks as we know it may be difficult to get off work that early all the time. Plan is to either stay on for kicking class after or go out to dinner…or both! Either way, hope to see all the girls in on Tuesday at 5pm.

Foundation memberships are open to our interstate and international schools so if you missed the first release of foundation memberships for the then there is still a chance to get in on a great discount of only $25 a month… a cup of coffee a week… just select the Platinum membership, enter coupon code REDBOATAUSCHOOLS then start training!

And lastly, while we do a little bit of advertising, with all of the projects we are managing… marketing the school can get a little neglected… so if you think you can help in any way… share a Facebook post, write a review, recommend us to a friend… any of these things over time can go a long way and really help this crazy family of ours grow.

Thanks guys!


Taking registrations for Spring Grading! We only have two more before the year is done so get your act together!! This Sunday is Dragon Staff Workshop it’s $60 for 3-4hrs of training in technique and the form. Great day loads of fun! More information and online registration for both will be on our Seminars page by the end of the day ( ).

Foundation memberships have opened up to interstate students for the Red Boat Wing Chun University! You will be entering in at grassroots level and helping to shape the University for future students.

What is the Red Boat University? For students on the mat at any of our satellite and affiliated schools this means that you have an enormous catalogue of information to assist you with your training and grading preparation and give everyone direct access to the Red Boat HQ wherever you are.

For students with limited or no access to any of our satellite or affiliated schools, this means that you will be able to learn our system of Wing Chun and grade by correspondence, and essentially be a part of our family wherever you may be.

The University is over 350 pages and only growing, there are still hours upon hours of video to edit and upload to the site.

If you would like to be a part of it’s growth at a grassroots level, and be ahead of the curve then we are offering foundation memberships for the month of September. Instead of paying full price for a Platinum (full access) membership at $39 per month, take this coupon code REDBOATAUSCHOOLS to and select the Platinum membership, enter your details and the coupon and membership is yours for only $25 per month for life!

This offer is for the month of September only.

Train hard!

See you on the mat.

PS Do you know someone who would love to train but simply cannot afford to? We are looking for 4-5 individuals to help with flyer distribution and cleaning in exchange for Red Boat Redfern membership. See ad here for more info: