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The John Will seminar is open to and suitable for all levels of experience as we will be starting right at the beginning of 1/2 guard AND you have two BJJ sessions left this week to brush up on the basics of 1/2 guard as well. This is arguably one of the most important guards to know how to work with in BJJ. John is an amazing coach and it would be disappointing seminar to miss. Starts at 9am finish at 11, cost $80. Be sure to put your name down at the front desk. You can also register and pay online here: http://www.redboatkungfu.com/event/2223/

Kids start back up again this Saturday! We hope everyone has had a wonderful break and are ready to get back into training. It’s the beginning of a new term so if parents could please remember to either pay online or at the desk this weekend that would be great.

The Red Boat University is progressing smoothly ahead, everyone with Platinum and Instructor level membership now has access to all workshops and seminars. Recently made available are: Wooden Dummy, Forms Masterclass v1, Urban Survival Seminar, Butterfly Sword Seminar, Knife Combat Seminar, Chi Sau Advanced and Sifu’s book The Lost Art of Wing Chun is available to you for download. $25 foundation memberships are still available for Platinum level access – which means you get access to all material and updates with the exclusion of “Instructor’s Eyes Only”. If you are training at one of our schools already, the University is an invaluable tool for your at home training, training while travelling, grading preparation and mastery. If you are outside of access to one of our schools, this is your opportunity to learn, train, grade and progress through the most advanced and complete Wing Chun systems on the planet. We will be launching publicly within the next few weeks which pushes us through to the next price bracket, so there is limited time to secure $25 a month, simply go to https://www.wckfuniversity.com/pricing/ select the PLATINUM membership and enter coupon code REDBOATAUSCHOOLS .

See you on the mat.