First full day back for the year!!!

Today starts with Zac at 12:15 then tonight’s on at 6pm with Sifu including 6th Dummy Set and 7:15 with Mayur revising sets One and Two with techniques using combat scenarios.

The changes…

– There will be an additional 2 Kid’s Kung Fu classes on during the week, starting after the first Kid’s Saturday class being 1st Feb. A new pricing structure will be in place also. The $100 Kid’s Term will cover one class a week, then it’s $150 per term for 2 class per week coverage and $200 per term to cover attendace for all 3 classes. We are very excited to expand our kids program, so please help us promote this in anyway you can to help make it a success. Thank you in advance! 🙂

– The Tuesday night 6pm class will officially be an MMA class, the theme developed for the year is a 12 month true boxing program plus, in collaboration with our senior students John and Alex, there will be a Wrestling component included making the class a 90 minute session.

– Wednesday 7:15pm class is back! It will be taken by Amy and will be a striking and Wing Chun conditioning class, including Chi Sau, Forms and Trapping Hands.

– Finally, we are asking for feedback regarding morning classes (45min sessions). Sifu is considering putting on Tuesday and Thursday morning classes. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please let us know how early the class would need to start for you to still get to work in time.

Hope you all are having a fantastic start to the new year!

Hi all!

Tonight’s BJJ is all about ways to get rid of people from nount and transitions from and to mount.

This Saturday at 11am will be the Kid’s Kung Fu Grading!! So come along to support! There will be a sausage sizzle and fairy bread to celebrate too!

(Parent’s, the grading is $20 per child.)

Adults grading isn’t far off either! So make the most of every class. Fans and aircon is on with doors closed when air quality is like this.

See you on the mat.

Hi guys…great week on the mat and its not over yet ….today and tomorrow will be an old school drilling class plus grading practice ..looking forward to sunday detailing forms love it …see you on the the mat…Sifu

Tonight 6:30pm Wing Chun with Vadim: pad work combining hand and feet combos.

Tomorrow 9am Fitness and Conditioning with Frances: a great, all-round solid workout as usual!

10am Wing Chun with Sifu: as above.

11am Kid’s Kung Fu with Damien: last hit-out ahead of kids grading on 7th December!!

Regarding lunch classes… They are Monday (Wing Chun), Wednesday (Wing Chun), Thursday (BJJ) and Friday (Wing Chun and/or sparring). They are now a 45min class, but if you have an extended lunch break you’re welcome to stay longer of course.

Tonight’s 6:30pm class is with Mayur and will be Chi Sau drills and sparring.

Saturday is 9am Conditioning with Frances: warm up, 5 min Tabata. Then straight into 40mins of boxing and kicking combos.

10am is Wing Chun with me: flowdrills, forms, footwork and movement.

11am is Kids Kung Fu with Damien: TBA – but I know he’s been working on takedowns and this term is a grading term so there’ll be some technical work and as usual sparring!

See you then!


9am Conditioning with Frances: a slow and easy warm up, leading into 2×3 kettle bell session, then 4×4 round conditioning set and power boxing and kicking finishing with a stretch if time allows.

10am Wing Chun wrap up of the week with Sifu

11am Kid’s Kung Fu with Damien: double leg takedowns, blocks and sparring!

See you on the mat!

PS parents if you haven’t yet paid for this term please see Sifu Rick tomorrow. Cash would be easiest but card is fine. Plus remember we are Active Kids providers so use a voucher if you haven’t already!

Hi everyone …patchy week for me injuries taking there toll …Nevertheless this is a huge weekend for us John Will will be coaching on Sunday…a great friend and coach… One if the original dirty dozen …first non Brazillian Black Belts graded..a wealth of knowledge not to be missed!!… See you on the mat regards Sifu

Tonight’s class at 6:30pm is with Mayur and will cover the second installment of head movement, sparring and of course will throw in his own spin on the workout!

Tomorrow’s 9am is will Ross and will be a strong conditioning workout,

10am Wing Chun with Sifu

and 11am Kids Kung Fu with Damien! Yes it’s back on and tomorrow’s class is TAKEDOWNS!

John Will on Sunday is 9am SHARP, $99 per person, cash preferred.

Thanks guys.

Tonight’s 6:30pm class with Vadim is about utilising guard – the visor – and modified bon sau. Then sparring drills with 16oz gloves.

Saturday morning 9am with Frances is a warm up followed by 3x no break conditioning workouts then 4x 2min boxing workout.

10am with Sifu will be a recap of the week.

11am kids with Damien is the last kids class of the term. Big congrats to Alek, Samay and Adam! They impressed in the Fight Night in Matraville with Samay earning one of the Best on the Mat Awards!

See you on the mat!

Starting tomorrow, kids classes are back on at 11am on Saturday. Hope everyone has had a fun time away and are ready to get back into it.

Adults Grading is next weekend so please everyone get your names down before the end of the weekend as belts will be getting ordered on Monday. This also means that NEXT Saturday’s kid’s class will start at 9am.

We might have an issue with getting tonight’s 6:30pm class covered – Mayur and Vadim are sick – so keep an eye out on Facebook for updates.

Thanks everyone!

See you soon.


Friday night’s 6:30pm class with Vadim is trapping hands to cross arm sparring drills, sparring drills with big gloves (16’s or 12oz) and blocks: forcusing on bon sao and techniques.

Saturday 9am fitness and conditioning with Frances is a warm-up 20 min Sean Countown, Tabata session – strikes/legs then a core workout.

Saturday 10am with Frances is TBA but will undoubtedly be one NOT to miss!

Saturday 11am with Damien – kids class – last one for the term! So a sausage sizzle (including fairy bread) will ensue. Let’s go out with a bang!!

Remember to put your name down and payup for the latest Gonzoil tee! Not sure what I’m talking about? Check your last email!!

See you on the mat.


12:15 lunch class today with Zac is kicking drills, Thai pad work, Chi Sau then grading practice.

5:45pm evening class with Amy is a recap of Saturday’s class and we will get to grading practice this time! and of course sparring.

7:15pm late class with Mayur is kicking in a combat scenario with striking combinations and cross arm, finishing off with sparring.


12:15 lunch class with Adrian is all about one of the three pillars of effictive striking – this will be a speed focused class.

5:45pm with Amy is revision of the falling step with the straight left and right, response and movement drills plus we’ll revise some of the drills we did last week and add some new ones we didn’t get to – one from a toe to toe position and one from breaking out of the clinch.


Congratulations to all the kids that graded on the weekend! You all looked fantastic! Last kids class will be this coming Saturday, so everyone can break in their new belts and stripes. We’ll put on a sausage sizzle to see them off for their holidays!!