Facebook Livestream Groups and a Message for All Parents/Carers

Hi guys!

Hope you are all well. We have been livestreaming every day for quite a few weeks now and hope that you are making use of it all. I know not everyone is on Facebook, but if you make a dummy account just for access to the livestream groups, it’s worth it. Just make sure you answer the questions, so we know who you are, as this is limited to current Sydney members and current Red Boat Uni subscribers. Below are the links to the adult’s group and the kid’s group. There is a new instructors group, but instructors, you will receive that link in a separate email. Sifu is streaming 4 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8:30am) with a couple of mat chats thrown in on his off days, and I’m streaming twice a week for adults (Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm) and once a week for kids (Tuesday at 5pm).

Facebook Livestream for Adults

Facebook Livestream for Kids

Parents of students, and students with kids!

We know that your demands have expanded and there’s been pressure to be many different things. So we’re making an effort to find ways to help you. The kids livestream group is active again, their second class was on Tuesday night. A fantastic turnout! And we had a mat chat at the end… which for the younger kids, the ideas would have been big enough to plant some healthy seeds, but not necessairly understand completely, yet still have some useful strategies to do every day to enhance their well-being. If your child missed it, please give it a watch.

We will also be releasing a small (at this stage) series of meditations for the kids, suitable from about 5 yrs old onwards. Meditation is a great way to help your children be present – in the moment – manage their emotions and relationships. Each meditation will be geared for something specific. Todays one is a little introduction to how meditation can be useful and developing a safe place.

We also would like to share with you two resources. One is a FREE app for parents/care-givers/educators, it’s also Australian, it’s for 0-5 year olds, it’s simple and useful and it’s based on the most recent, current research findings in applyable healthy child development activities, strategies and principles. It can be found on: https://www.brighttomorrows.org.au/

Some of these principles and ideas – I believe, with a little creativity – can be morphed into guiding principles for communicating and supporting older kids. Still, there is a more age appropriate resource, also free and also based on current and applyable research. It’s full of great ideas and resources, it’s not an app, so not quite as user-friently, BUT it’s well set out and certainly useful: https://characterlab.org/

These resources are FREE and we do not recieve any monetary or publicity gains from sharing this with you.

If you or your children need to chat, or any of our members at all need us, please text me (Amy) on 0421 637 298 and I will call you as soon as I can. It could sometimes take up to 24hrs to respond as I work in an environment where phones are not allowed.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, if not in person, then online for now will have to do!!!

This week’s meditation, “Introduction to Meditation and a Safe Place”:

Background music by Kevin MacLeod – Meditation Impromptu 03