Hi guys,

We hope you are all healthy, happy and overall well!

A week ago we sent out an email stating we were taking the moment / opportunity of lockdown to recalibrate. Thank you for allowing us the time to focus on us! Though we are missing you all very much.

Faced with the fact that this lockdown is definitely going on for longer than we would hope and even greater restrictions will be in effect as of Monday, consider us back.

As of tomorrow Sifu will be live streaming in our Facebook Livestream Group. His focus topics will be the Wing Chun Blueprint of Footwork, Blocks and Strikes. There will be mini challenges and mat chats thrown in as well. He will be live streaming every second day at 8:30am – so this week will be Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, next week will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and so-on.

I will be contributing to the live streams as well, though given my work commitments they will be at odd hours and irregular times! I will however be live streaming my workouts, they will mostly be stretching, moving meditation and forms, weight training and shadow boxing/heavy bag work. Oh and burpees of course.

Facebook Group: https://bit.ly/3snFOKe 

See you on the mat!

The Spain’s