ATTN! All 6 Week Challengers (and anyone wanting to jump on board)!

Hi guys,

This message is a heads up to all 6 week challengers that signed up prior to lockdown and either got started on it, or lockdown commenced before you had the chance.

In the absence of physically being able to work with you in the current conditions, on the 1st of September we are starting for you what we call the “Peak Performance” course.

On Wednesday, Sifu will be laying the foundation for the following 6 weeks, this will include a fitness test, body fat/body composition, heart rate recovery test and more.

Like all of our current/active students, all of our 6 week challengers have had access to our Facebook Livestream Group for your day-to-day martial arts and fitness training, but Peak Performance will be seperate and will be for “challengers” eyes only.

Between now and Wednesday we need to know exactly what equipment you have at your disposal so you can choose (and we can create) the appropriate workouts for you. You will also need the Teambuildr App so you can check in every day and we can monitor your progress. Please contact info@redboatkungfu.com if you cannot find your welcome email and we will resend the app info.

This program is designed to educate and challenge you to get into your best shape ever. You must be completely open about your food intake, training, consistency, motivation level etc. We will be in your corner every step of the way. That said, you are ultimately responsable for your outcomes.

Your first task is to establish your goals – your weight/bodyfat goals, lean muscle mass, etc. If you find this difficult because you have never been in top shape before we will assist you in creating a physical blueprint according to your current condition. It will be challenging but ultimately achievable.

All current challengers will be contacted shortly. Anyone wishing to get on board has 3 days to make your decision! Contact either of us (Sifu – 0423610695 / Amy – 0421637298) ASAP to find out about cost and registration.