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ReOpening for your Sydney Martial Arts Training October 11!

Hey guys,

Well, it looks like we’re in a 14 day countdown! We are opening on Monday 11th October, if all goes to plan as the Government predicts.

If this is the case – and we hope it is! – you must book your spot in our Sydney classes ASAP. This is for all classes: Wing Chun, BJJ, Fitness & Conditioning, Boxing and Kids Martial Arts as all will have a cap of 20 people per class, as it stands now.

If we fill up for the class you’re after, try to make a lunch time class (12.15) or a late-evening class (7.15pm) as there are usually more room.

Finally, we will be able to shake off the COVID Lockdown and get rid of some ring rust.

With so much time to ponder, there are many new challenges on the horizon for us to enjoy such as: pre-comp workshops/courses that will simulate the pressues of gradings/competition, online private lessons, prepping for the soon to be inaugral Red Boat Kung Fu Friendship Games starting 2022 to name a few.

So plenty of fun to be had, but right now let’s get back on the mat, train hard and hit stuff.

See you on the mat,

Class Bookings: https://bit.ly/3kJBZOn