Monday evenings at 6:45-7:15pm time slot will now be a BJJ beginner’s clinic So for those of you that have been sitting on the fence for Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, felt like you missed the boat or are keen to get your feet wet, stick around for the BJJ intro class on Mondays. Sparring can still carry on in the back half of the Kwoon.

Speaking of sparring, Wednesday evening’s Sparring clinic is returning this evening.

Sifu’s Ultimate Back Workout and Maintenance Workshop is on this Sunday at 10:30am so get your names down! Anyone who has had a back injury will know how important it is to look after your spine, and as a martial artist who loves training, there’s not many things more frustrating that being out due to injury. So come in on Sunday, learn how to strengthen, mobilise and maintain a healthy back.

Keep an eye out on our Tuesday 6pm classes, we will be seeing a return of it being a specialist class….watch this space…

See you on the mat!

Last Sunday, after stick fighting revision we spent the afternoon on Sensei George Adam’s mat for a seminar with Jean Jacques Machado. It was a fun day, learnt a lot.

Monday, Will was awarded his Blue/Brown belt. Will is one of those guys who is always training hard for himself and always happy to help others. A wonderfully balanced individual… well done again Will!

This Saturday is the first day of the first Spartan course for the year, it’s been a long time since the last one so really looking forward to it. We start a 12:15 – after the little kids have gone home. If you want to stay in shape this Winter I couldn’t recommend Spartan more.

Wooden Dummy Workshop is postponed one week. So get your names down for next Sunday (4th June). It’s a great workshop, not to be missed. The attention and detail you get from Sifu on the day is something you could never possibly get in class – there’s just not enough time to delve into so much detail.

Our next planned workshop is on back conditioning, coined: Ultimate Back Workout and Maintenance Workshop. It will be held on Sunday 25th June, run for 2hrs and cost $60.

There is a new page on our website that has all of our upcoming workshops and seminars, where you can view, book and pay. Simple. You can find it here.

That’s it for now! Make sure you book in for your seminars and workshops! Have a great weekend if we don’t see you!



It is a six week course, We will meet every Saturday at 12:15pm, the first being a fitness, body composition and body type assessment. We will discuss general training on the first day, but will primarily focus on correct eating for your body type.

The next five weeks cover flexibility, agility, strength, endurance, training to gain and loose weight – all the while your nutrition and goals are monitored.

Course cost is still $199 for members and $299 for non-members.

You can book and pay here:


A 4 hour detailed study on the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy. Time includes a lunch break. Sifu does all of the sets with you. It’s a great seminar. Just get a good sleep the night before!!

You can book and pay here:


If you have done any stick fighting workshop with us before you are welcome to attend at no charge. Please bring your own sticks if you have them, if not we do have them here. It’s just one hour of training after BJJ at about 10:30am.


Last week’s grading went really well, congratulations to Liam on his Brown belt! Put on a stellar performance. Well done to the teens! Nice crisp technique, Sifu was very impressed. A pat on the back to myself and Charlie for our Black/Purple Tips. Thank you to March and Andrew who both signed off of me being awarded my BJJ Blue belt, a welcome surprise… but most definitely a surprise to say the least. Thanks also to everyone who helped out and showed support, it’s always great to be amongst friends.

Melbourne was nice. We visited friends as you know, and saw the Van Gogh exhibition while there for a bit of culture. Thank you to everyone who put in while we were gone.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays – for the most part – I will be at my clinic in Chippendale. If you need anything re Kung Fu please text or email. If you need a treatment book in! Here’s a link to my website for more info on what I do: otherwise I’ll be in for evening classes.

Sifu should be back on the mat as of tomorrow (Friday).

To wonderful days ahead!


Sifu is in all day today, we fly out to Melbourne bright and early tomorrow morning then back in Thursday afternoon. The 11:15am Beginner’s Classes will have to be cancelled while we’re away. Otherwise all other classes are covered (Wednesday and Thursday morning the school will at least be open to do your own training), grading practice takes priority this week, so if you are planning on grading make sure you let your instructor know so you get in as much prep as possible.

The mid season grading is THIS SATURDAY! So please make an effort to come in to support your training partners! There will be a few teenagers grading too so it would be a great experience for them if we were all in to show support. Kids grading is on at 9am, adults/teens start at 10am.

Grading Cost:

Tip $35
Full Colour Change $80

Tip/Colour Change $40

There are a few dates to put aside over the next 4-5 weeks so get a pen and paper ready.

SUNDAY 21st May – Weapons Revision – Advanced Stick Fighting. If you have done any stick fighting workshop with us in the past you are welcome to attend. No Charge. If you have your own sticks please bring them. Starts at 10:30am after BJJ.

SATURDAY 27th May – Spartan Fitness and Nutrition – 6 week course – Starts at 12:15 Saturday. We will get you on the right eating plan for your body type, show you effective training methods in strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, body fat reduction and lean muscle gains to get you on target for your health and fitness goals. Cost $199 members, $299 non-members.

SUNDAY 28th May – Wooden Dummy Workshop – This workshop is a fraction more than our other workshops as Sifu spends the day doing all of the sets with each of you. We will be taking the sets apart, learning how to work them into techniques and how to train the sets off the dummy. $90 for the day.

SUNDAY 25th June – Ultimate Back Training and Maintenance – Look after your back! A system of strengthening and mobilising workshop against back injury. $60 for the day.

TBA – Stick AND Knife Fighting Workshop.

TBA – Dragon Pole or Dragon Staff Workshop.

Stick Fighting is an Essential Skill Set for any Martial Artist.

This seminar will cover core skills and drills, defence and offence techniques, disarms, controlling and opponent offender using the weapon and then advanced skills and drills and forms.

Please allow 4 hours (including lunch break).

Start time 10:30 am.

Cost $60.

Deluxe rattan sticks $40.

Package workshop and sticks $90.

Click on link to book online via MINDBODY ( or copy and paste link – )