We would really like to get these hoodies ordered. It’s a little fundraiser for the school and they’re awesome quality, I’ve had mine for 2 years and they still look fresh. When you can buy a football jersey for an average of $120, $95 isn’t much for something that actually serves a function, we will postpone ordering the BJJ tees until Spring if that helps.

Tasmania’s Ethan Duniam will be fighting in Adelaide this Sunday 16th July in the Main Event of Diamonback FC3, so be sure to send your well wishes and support to your Wing Chun cousin. He was recently interviewed in Fight News Australia, click on above photo for the interview, or for our Facebook followers click on this link http://www.fightnewsaustralia.com/interview-tasmanias-ethan-duniam-has-accepted-his-role-as-invader-at-diamondback-fc-3/

Back at home now, Adrian Biagioni recently fought in an amateur Muay Thai event down south. Adrian and Sifu were very happy with his performance, he has some experience point fighting but this was his first fight. It’s a little unclear who officially won. On the day it was his opponent, but on cornerman.com.au it lists Adrian as the winner. You can see footage of the fight here http://www.cornerman.com.au/videos/video/adrian-biagioni-vs-liam-o-gorman

Knife Combat Workshop is coming up on Sunday July 23rd, don’t miss it, there will be a whole bunch of new drill for kills. This is an essential tool for your fight bag to protect you and your loved ones. Get your names down, open to friends and family.

Also, the Winter Grading stands for the 29th July so get your name down asap so we have your belt in stock. If your not grading put the day aside to support those who are!

See you on the mat!

Here’s the latest Theme of the Week video for you: