Last Sunday, after stick fighting revision we spent the afternoon on Sensei George Adam’s mat for a seminar with Jean Jacques Machado. It was a fun day, learnt a lot.

Monday, Will was awarded his Blue/Brown belt. Will is one of those guys who is always training hard for himself and always happy to help others. A wonderfully balanced individual… well done again Will!

This Saturday is the first day of the first Spartan course for the year, it’s been a long time since the last one so really looking forward to it. We start a 12:15 – after the little kids have gone home. If you want to stay in shape this Winter I couldn’t recommend Spartan more.

Wooden Dummy Workshop is postponed one week. So get your names down for next Sunday (4th June). It’s a great workshop, not to be missed. The attention and detail you get from Sifu on the day is something you could never possibly get in class – there’s just not enough time to delve into so much detail.

Our next planned workshop is on back conditioning, coined: Ultimate Back Workout and Maintenance Workshop. It will be held on Sunday 25th June, run for 2hrs and cost $60.

There is a new page on our website that has all of our upcoming workshops and seminars, where you can view, book and pay. Simple. You can find it here.

That’s it for now! Make sure you book in for your seminars and workshops! Have a great weekend if we don’t see you!