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Monday evenings at 6:45-7:15pm time slot will now be a BJJ beginner’s clinic So for those of you that have been sitting on the fence for Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, felt like you missed the boat or are keen to get your feet wet, stick around for the BJJ intro class on Mondays. Sparring can still carry on in the back half of the Kwoon.

Speaking of sparring, Wednesday evening’s Sparring clinic is returning this evening.

Sifu’s Ultimate Back Workout and Maintenance Workshop is on this Sunday at 10:30am so get your names down! Anyone who has had a back injury will know how important it is to look after your spine, and as a martial artist who loves training, there’s not many things more frustrating that being out due to injury. So come in on Sunday, learn how to strengthen, mobilise and maintain a healthy back.

Keep an eye out on our Tuesday 6pm classes, we will be seeing a return of it being a specialist class….watch this space…

See you on the mat!