Friday 6:30pm class: main focus on head movement; Techniques, Sparring drills with 16s.

9am Saturday with Frances is on, but the details are secret… so Karen turns up… hopefully on time!!

10am with Sifu is a consolidation of this week’s training, some great clinching concepts that have been hidden in plain view.

Reminder to parents kids class will be back on 19th October 11am. So no kids class this week.

The training knives and guns just arrived, so all is looking good for Urban Survival workshop on Sunday, it’s not to late to register!

And we just got a visit from Lui from Tribal Dummies! Lovely guy. Dummies will be getting made for us real soon!

Great start to the weekend.

See you on the mat.

Hi guys,

Got some fun drills tonight, atomic snap-down being one of them plus, the next installment of forms.

Remember, put your name down at reception for the Urban Survival Workshop, it’s suitable for inexperienced friends and family as well as experienced martial artists. Your friends and family are more than welcome.

Urban Survival Workshop

Its a jungle out there…. knifings …blunt force trauma…shootings …coward punches ….muggings …rape …kidnappings …are you really prepared ?… this workshop is 40 + years of experience condensed into one intense life changing event ….we will cover the ritual ….the interview…the dog and the hyena ….how to use fear as fuel…allycat strikes…marked for mayhem ….the smiling assassin…ultimate chokes ….pistol disarms…knife disarms ….and the urban myths surrounding life in the modern urban environment

Hi all!

Just confirming that we are closed today due to the public holiday. See you all tomorrow for another fantastic Spring day on the mat!

Reminder too that this Sunday is the Urban Survival Workshop, it will be our best to-date. Experienced and unexperienced, members and non-members are all welcome and encouraged.

Secure your spot here:

Or pay on the day, but do get your name down.

Next Sunday is John Will’s BJJ seminar. Register for that online, on Facebook or at the desk.

See you on the mat.

Hi …what a great day yesterday! For those that attended chi sau will become a different thing …I look forward to sharing that with the other chapters in November…This week will be filled with traditional goodies plus a detailed study on power output and throwing the perfect punch…plus  allycat  palm strikes your go to move on the street!

And tonight’s 7:15pm with March is all about chokes, takedowns from close range, weapons and chi sau sparring.

See you on the mat…Sifu


Hi guys!

All set for tomorrow morning at 11am! I’ve got a pretty severely infected right calf muscle but I should be okay (thanks to Damien for taking this morning’s class). Will just be casual attire.

See you on the mat.



Today and tonight is going to be a hoot …Forms …hand conditioning ..advanced combo drills… and a friendly sparring comp..see you there …regards Sifu…  ps get your names down for dragon pole course …i need to order the poles early next week …you will recieve a traditional 8 ft pole which you can store at the school if you wish



Hi guys,

Firstly congratulations to all that graded on Saturday it was a very high standard, I’m very proud of your efforts. We’ll post some photos and video on Facebook shortly.

Thank you for everyone who came yesterday to the Alexandria Sunday Funday, it was a great day we’ll be getting involved in more like them so we will need a demo team!

This week we’ll be prepping for the Wooden Dummy seminar this Sunday that I’m very excited about. It will be an intense day so make sure you bring your A game. It starts at 11am, and will run for at least 4 hours. (Cost is $199).

This week’s theme is all about speed and explosiveness. Tomorrow night’s boxing theme is setups and feints and a revision on the punch count.

So see you on the mat tonight!



Reminder to everyone that’s done a weapons workshop with us before, Sifu is putting on a free weapons revision workshop tomorrow from 10:30am, just after BJJ. That’s nunchaku, butterfly sword, dragon pole, dragon staff, sticks, knife and baton. See you on the mat!


The theme for tomorrow’s BJJ seminar is Advanced Crucifix. Start time is 9am sharp so get in at 8:30am to warm up. Cost is $90, please pay cash before the seminar starts.

Friends from other schools and all levels of experience are encouraged!


All classes are on as per usual tomorrow: 9am Fitness and Conditioning, 10am Wing Chun, 11am Kids Kung Fu.

Kids classes will resume on Saturday 20th October.

Monday we are closed for the public holiday. If you have access you can come in to train.

As of next month fees are increasing by 4%. We have tried to absorb rent increases as much as possible but this is something we will have to do on an annual basis, we appreciate your support! Kids membership prices have already been updated this year so will not be affected.

Monthly meberships are now $155 per month, 12 Block Passes are $228 and casual classes are $25 per class. (Concessioned memberships will vary but still be only 4%)

Dates to remember:

Spartan Stream One: Saturday 6th October 12noon $199

John Will BJJ Seminar: Sunday 7th October 9:30am $90

Spartan Stream Two: Sunday 14th October 10:30am $199

Kids Classes resume: Saturday 20th October 11am $100 per term (can use Active Kids Voucher)