Girls Day Out & UFC 184


Beach training for the girls then meet up with everyone for UFC!

Open to all girls! Current, WCKFO or not! Guys and Girls please share this email with any women in your life that would like to be part of it! Text Amy on 0423 610 695 if you would like to come.

We will meet at Maroubra Beach at 7am (kicking off at 7:30am) on Sunday 1st March for a workout, kung fu training session, swim and cafe breakfast. Then on to the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills (need to get there by 11am) to watch the UFC!

World Champion Boxer Holly Holm is making her UFC debut, and of course Ronda Rousey is defending her title against Cat Zingano. So a perfect day for a Kung Fu Girls Day Out!

For more on Holly Holm check out:


And Cat Zingano:


See you there!

PS The morning at Maroubra is for the girls, UFC at the Gaelic is for everyone


Remember we have John Will on our mat tomorrow from 1:30 for a fantastic seminar on BJJ!

It’s only $80 and will cover:”High Percentage MMA/Street-oriented takedown – a Pre-clinch gameplan and a post-clinch gameplan ..

groundwork: Making the distinction between darce and Anaonda chokes – and a single set-up for both
Making the distinction between Kimura and Americana locks – and again, a single method to get both.”

Sounds pretty darn awesome to me!

BJJ friends not directly associated with our school are welcome.

See you on the mat!