Just a quick shout out about Easter trading. We are closed on Friday, Sunday and Monday. Saturday we are open from 9am – 1130am. There is only one class on Saturday 15th and that is the 10am Wing Chun class.

Hope you all have a lovely break!

Hi guys and girls,

Sifu and I are on holiday this week, so we have the wonderful Damien, Frances, (big) Pete, Mayur, Walid, Alex and March taking classes while we are away. This week’s theme is on takedowns. So have some fun with it!

The morning classes are only operational on Tuesday and Thursday, Thursday’s being open mat so do your own training. Will let you know if there are any changes.

We have some people booked in for trial classes, mostly in the evening, so please make everyone feel welcome and at home (I know you will!)

If you need to pay for anything please pay cash and write a note for what it’s for and who it’s from and I’ll adjust everything when I return.

Reception’s not great here so text or email is best if you need to contact us.

Thanks guys! Have a super week!


Congratulations Hannah…you shone last night….as i said you might have been out numbered by the boys … but never by content or character …black belts are thin on the ground …girls even more so …so soak it up kid …thats the heaviest wing chun black belt on the planet…proud of you …peace Sifu


Quick reminder to everyone (especially black belts and above for sparring reasons!) that Hannah is grading for her Black Belt tonight. So come in to show your support! It will be run like a class so the 5:45 Wing Chun class is still on. See you all there!



Check out our latest video compilation on Self Defence from the Sydney Uni Village Wing Chun Kung Fu demonstration earlier this month. Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up to date will all releases!

Fantastic day ….everyone shone…it’s very sun tzu when you think about it…don’t engage in a battle you can’t win …if you are prepared ..done your training …done your homework..and step up on the day ..you are giving yourself the greatest chance of success…the less smart will say victory at all cost …just smash and have a go …just see what happens …yeah nice one dopey….way to think it through…life throws enough curve balls at us … we need to learn how to scramble …to think on the fly ….and adapt and improvise…thats a given….even in a so called perfect storm shit can and probably will go wrong ….that’s a shit storm …every grading is a bit like that …but the most prepared invariably do the best…thats percentages and personalities…it’s measurable….so today i saw warriors..prepped and ready to go …under pressure…and everone shone ….congratulations….peace Sifu ….ps Kenny is a fucking legend !!!


So parents, rather than cancelling the kids class it is on early.

Get in early! Pack your bag the night before, warm up before the grading to burn out excess nerves and be ready to go!

You’ve all been working hard so will all do great on the day. Thank you to everyone who’s not grading but have helped you get this far. If you’re not grading on Saturday please come as it’s a fun event.

BJJ guys graded earlier today and looked fantastic, all belt presentations will be on Saturday.

Good luck!

See you all then.


4 Weeks 8 classes! Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7.15pm – 8pm.

The purpose of the course is to ensure that you receive the best possible initiation into our school.

Your foundation skills will be developed in every session and every class will finish with the Sil Lum Tao form.

The course is open to everyone from all levels who would like to brush up on the basics.

The course is designed for beginners in Kung Fu, beginners in martial arts in general, and beginners in our system of Wing Chun.

If you are already a member of our Kwoon then you are welcome to join in on classes at no extra cost. (it is considered a rostered class so if you are on a 12 Block Pass it counts as a lesson). If you are someone interested in assisting in classes, if not taking classes in the future, then we recommend you attend also.

If you are not a member of our Kwoon, but would like to do the Beginners Course only, then the course cost is only $99. There are no additional costs during the course.

Book your Beginner’s Pass now!

Next Sunday Sifu will be doing a 3 hour Workshop on all 3 empty hand forms. Starting at 10:30am – so still time to do BJJ first – and costing only $40! The following Saturday is our Autumn Grading…so this will be a great opportunity to flesh out the details and sharpen up your forms.

Sifu will be in Mackay next week, but we have all classes covered and all instructors know that all classes must have grading prep in all classes. Even if you are not grading, be here to help each other prep as you’ll want the same when it’s your turn.

The Grading Day is also considered an Open Day, so friends, family, locals and all are welcome to come and watch as it’s always an exciting experience .

Sifu’s latest video was on the 3 M’s of Combat. Remember to “like” the video! And subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already!

Have a great weekend!

Whatever your views on Australia Day are…

It is still a public holiday so we are closed, none of the usual rostered classes are on. Unless you love BJJ more than a public holiday, in which case March is keen to run a class at 10am tomorrow. So lets steer clear of both sides of the argument and make tomorrow BJJ Day!

See you then.

Forget your Gi today, it’s too hot!

It’s much cooler in here than it is out there…! However, let’s be smart about it, today is no gi day. Drink plenty of water, eat light.

See you tonight!


Morning Classes

What a way to start the day! I know a lot of you travel into the city from far and distant lands 🙂 but for those who are local, morning classes are a great way to set you up for the day ahead, and train hard before the heat really kicks in.

Monday and Friday mornings are Martial Xfit, a strength, conditioning and endurance circuit for enhancing your martial arts training. Tuesday mornings are BJJ Core, strength, endurance and orientation training to enhance your BJJ. Wednesday is Forms and Chi Sau, Thursday is Wing Chun. All classes start at 7am – officially finish at 7:45 – and are run by either Frances or myself (Amy).

Look forward to seeing more of you in the AM!! 🙂

Stretching Workshop

Our first workshop for the year is on Stretching & Kicking. The focus will be on the stretching side of things.

The workshop will run for approx 3 hours, by the end you will have an arsenal of stretches, so there will be no excuse NOT to achieve your goals. You will receive a 6 week stretching plan to help you along your way. We will reconvene in 6 weeks to compare how far we have progressed!

It’s $60 for the day, all levels encouraged to attend!