Latest Update from Sifu, Plus Jonny’s Day Coming Up.

Greetings all.

Fantastic day on Saturday, great standards and great attitudes. So enjoy your new belts, you earned them.

Lots for fun things are happening soon.

May 22nd is a free workshop on sparring (this is booking up quickly, so register now: https://bit.ly/3vTI4gI ). We will be covering strategy and tactics, some setups, fakes and feints and all the important mindset and obtaining flow state. So try not to miss it.

Then June 19th (**please note date change**) we will be going deep on the Wooden Dummy. This will be open to all levels, starting 11am for 2 hours. Cost is $147. Register here: https://bit.ly/393vTVt 

On a more sombre note Jonny’s Anniversary is June 12th, honoured with a big reunion and all are welcome.

Finally, please remember that July 2nd is Gold Belt time for Charlie. Don not miss this day!

See you on the mat. 

PS: **I originally scheduled the WD Workshop for 12th June, this has been rescheduled to 19th June.

Additionally, this Friday is Junior Master’s Succession Program starting at 4:30pm for junior students Orange Belt and above with an interest in coaching/assistant coaching and leadership.