Free Sparring Clinic Sunday May 22nd

Hi guys,

Sifu will be doing a 2 hour Sparring Clinic on Sunday 22nd of May as a free workshop for all current and active members! 

To directly book into this event click here or copy and paste: https://bit.ly/3vTI4gI to your browser.

Thank you parents and guardians for getting in early for the 9am reschedule of the Juniors All Ages! We appreciate your flexibility.

The grading itself was fantastic, great effort from all involved. I’m sure Sifu will have much to say in his Mat Chat early this week.

Stay focused. This month in Wing Chun we are working on our Chi Sau and Clinch game. This will also mean Dirty Boxing for Tuesday nights. BJJ… it’s where you guys live so, the core BJJ classes will continue as per March and/or Andrew’s plans and BJJ Foundations will continue to work on foundational material.

There will be one more Tip Grading (18th June) and one more Belt Grading (30th July) after which we will be easing back on the time between gradings.

The next BJJ Grading will be on 24th July.

Wooden Dummy Workshop is on the horizon. It’s scheduled for the 12th June. You can book directly here or copy and paste: https://bit.ly/393vTVt to your browser.

Finally, exciting news. Charlie is locked in for his Gold Belt on Saturday 2nd July! So be sure to clear that day in your diary.

Plenty to do.

See you on the mat,

PS: Dates to remember are:

22nd May: Sparring Clinic FREE

12th June: Wooden Dummy Workshop

18th June: Wing Chun TIPS Grading

2nd July: Charlie’s Gold Belt

24th July: BJJ Grading

30th July: Wing Chun Belt Grading