The Months Ahead. Saturday Junior Class Reschedule Reminder

Greetings and Salutations,

After a super positive coaches session on Sunday here are some of the things being implemented over the next few months:

After clearing the path with grading on Saturday there will be a new level of hand fighting coming on board. Seamless integration from Chi Sau, with an end-game of reversals to takedowns to ground and pound to finishes.

**REMINDER to parents and guardians, THIS Saturday’s Juniors Class is RESCHEDULED to 9AM to accommodate the Adults Grading.** (And the Conditioning class is cancelled this Saturday to accommodate the Juniors).

Boxing will be tasking dirty boxing to the next level with the eventual integration of your kicking game and a series of combos set ups fakes and feints for a sophisticated attacking game.

Conditioning will concentrate on strength endurance then plyo & explosive strength over the next few months. This plan is relevant to ALL classes.

With a year-end goal of a strong and balance all-round game for everyone, BJJ attendance is strongly encouraged. 

Finally don’t forget, Charlie is only 8 weeks out from his Gold Belt grading! Give him tons of support.



Grading Prac ALL CLASSES – 12:15pm, 6pm, 7pm (light, technical, controlled sparring) 7:30pm – all grading prac.

Juniors at 4:15pm is running as per usual.

See you on the mat,
Red Boat Team