Hi guys!!!

What an amazing grading day that was! Congratulations everyone!!! And what an achievement for our 7 new Black Belts! (2 brand new, 5 next levels) and our very first Junior Black Belt!!! Well done guys. As Sifu said, he can go into his op today feeling braver after seeing what you all did on Saturday. Thanks for making it such an inspiring event.

We need final numbers for the party this weekend!!! PLEASE let me know if you are coming to the Atomic Beer Project with us for lunch after the grading. Let me know if it’s just you or you’re bringing someone(s). The $55 includes a 3 course lunch.

We also managed to negotiate a “tall table” for 6 people for 1 hour to be added to our booking for people who can only stay for a short while, there is no charge for this but could book out quickly so get back to me asap.

Otherwise, if you plan to stay it’s pay per person – Atomic’s conditions for group bookings for 10 or more people.

Please let me know ASAP/TODAY they are pressing me for final numbers.

Thank you!!!