Dear members,

Being ANZAC Day, we are closed for classes today.

Please spare a thought for the men and women of past and present who have served our country, the thousands who had never returned and even more who have returned forever changed.

We will be back tomorrow with the first Juniors class for the Term (over 10’s at 4:30pm), Boxing at 6pm, Sparring at 7pm and BJJ Foundations at 7:15pm

Have an inspired day.

See you on the mat.
Red Boat Team


Hi guys,

Another beautiful day in Sydney! Top it off with an evening of BJJ and Boxing.

BJJ at 6pm, stick around for a few rounds of rolling at 7pm then Boxing Foundations at 7:15pm.

See you on the mat!
Red Boat Team


Morning all,

Today several of us are attending the funeral of our student, friend and brother, Adrian Biagioni. So the lunch class will be in open mat format. Lynn is kindly opening up. We will put a workout up on the whiteboard that you can all do together. We also recommend that you do grading practice as it is quickly approaching.

The evening classes are Wing Chun 6pm and Wing Chun Foundations at 7:30pm. Sparring tonight is MMA style at 7pm, so ensure you bring your fingerless sparring gloves (the ones more padding than mma fighting gloves), shin guards and mouth guard.

The first phase of the year was about developing base strength… now you can expect the workouts in class to be a bit more dynamic and challenging so be prepared. You won’t get smashed in every class but always be prepared for a workout.

See you on the mat.
Red Boat Team


Hi guys!

Welcome back from the long weekend, hope you all indulged a little.

Today we’re working off Easter with Boxing, Sparring and BJJ Foundations. Tonight’s Sparring session will be structured, so bring your 16’s and mouth guard. If we’re ready to go we’ll get 6 rounds in between classes.

Boxing at 6pm
Sparring at 7pm
BJJ Foundations at 7:15pm

See you on the mat!
Red Boat Team


Forward this to your friends and family if they are curious about what you do and maybe want to try it themselves!

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a martial art that is often credited as one of the most effective and efficient fighting styles in the world. The best known fable is that it was developed by a Buddhist nun in Southern China during the 18th century, and she created it as a system of self defence for women and children who were often the victims of physical abuse from larger, stronger male aggressors when they lacked access to any other combat training.

The benefits of practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu are many. First and foremost, it is an extremely effective form of self defence against larger, stronger assailants. It is also a very efficient form of combat, utilizing natural body movements to achieve its goals. This makes it an ideal martial art for people who are not particularly strong or large.

In addition to being an effective form of self defence, Wing Chun Kung Fu is also a great way to get in shape and stay healthy.

The exercises involved in the practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu are designed to improve flexibility, balance, and coordination. These exercises also help to strengthen and tone the muscles, and they increase overall fitness and well-being.

Benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu include:

– improved physical fitness and athleticism

– increased strength, dexterity, and coordination

– better self-defence skills

– enhanced mental focus and concentration

– improved discipline and patience

One of the most important things you can learn in life is how to defend yourself if you are attacked. Wing Chun Kung Fu is an excellent form of self defence that can help you do just that. It is a very efficient form of martial arts that utilises natural body movements to achieve its goals, making it perfect for people who are looking to learn a self defence system that is both practical and effective.

If you’re interested in learning Wing Chun Kung Fu, there are a few things you need to do first. First, you’ll need to find a reputable school that offers classes in the art. Once you’ve found a school, you’ll need to attend a class and learn the basics of the system.

After you’ve learned the basics, you can start practicing at home. There are a few things you can do to help you practice effectively. First, make sure you have a good space to train in. The space should be large enough to allow you to move around freely, and it should be free of any obstacles that could pose a danger. Second, make sure you have a good training partner. A training partner will help you improve your skills and learn new techniques. Finally, make sure you have a good supply of training equipment.

This equipment will help you improve your strength and conditioning. You can use it to improve your fitness and overall martial arts performance. The equipment includes a punching bag, a speed bag, and a set of weights. Make sure you use it regularly to get the most out of it.

So, the benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu are many. First and foremost, it is an extremely effective form of self defence against larger, stronger assailants. It is also a very efficient form of combat, utilizing natural body movements to achieve its goals. This makes it an ideal martial art for people who are not particularly strong or large.

To get started in your martial arts training, contact Red Boat Kung Fu today. We teach adult classes in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Fitness/Conditioning and Boxing. You also have access to our gym for your weights and cardio training if you would like to extend your training sessions beyond the structured classes. We also have a juniors program for ages 5 and up.

Call us on 0421 637 298 or 0423 610 695, alternatively email for more information.


Morning all!

We hope you are all enjoying the long weekend, Easter for some and Chocolate Holiday (as one of the kids put it!) for others… Either way we have been blessed with some gorgeous weather so hope you are all out and about and lapping it up.

We are back on and open for classes as of Tuesday, starting with the Kids School Holiday Program from 11am – 4pm, then it’s Boxing at 6pm, Sparring at 7pm and BJJ Foundations at 7:15pm – it’s all systems go!

A quick word about sparring. The sparring sessions have been running themselves for quite a while now – which is great – but we really do need structure. It can be hard when you’ve been working all day, and you’re about to start or in the midst of a sparring session to make some kind of plan to work on or change tack. For those of you who do come to each session with a plan there will always be a round or two (especially/more on a Wednesday as there’s more time) to work on your own strategies. In addition to this Sifu is organising a Sparring Clinic/Workshop for a Sunday coming soon and it will be FREE. So keep an eye out for the date and be sure to make it.

Service for a brother…

Adrian’s partner has shown her deepest thanks to all who have donated to the gofundme campaign as this will help her and their son start fresh in a new home. 

For all those who knew Adrian and wish to show their respect, say their goodbyes and give their love to his family, his service will be held on Wednesday at 10:30am at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Gladesville.

Again… enjoy your weekend everyone! Life is precious, make every moment count.

See you on the mat.
Red Boat Team


Hi guys!

The next belt grading is coming up! Saturday May 7th is the allocated date for this. So be sure to get all over your next level material.

There will be plenty of Forms, Chi Sau, Dummy and Trapping prac in the weeks ahead. Curriculum techniques will be in the classes too, but for you to own this you’ve got to spend time out of class in practice. So buddy up with someone and get into it!

Easter is this weekend so we are closed for classes Friday through to Monday. ANZAC Day is the following week on Monday 25th, we are closed for classes on that also.

It’s been a great week of training so far, use the resources we have to keep on track over these closures:

Facebook Group:

Red Boat University:

The juniors School Holiday Program went off without a hitch yesterday and was loads of fun. Looking forward to tomorrow’s session starting at 11am!

Classes today:

12:15pm Wing Chun with Frances
6pm Wing Chun with Vadim
7pm Sparring (30 mins!)
7:30pm Wing Chun Foundations with Amy


6pm BJJ with March
7pm Rolling
7:15pm Boxing Foundations with Amy

See you on the mat!
Red Boat Team


Morning guys,

Training over the next month is back to tradition. So you can expect a good supply of Forms, Chi Sau and Wooden Dummy, plus drills and techniques derived from the curriculum.

The next Belt grading is Saturday May 7th, only four weeks away. BJJ grading date will be confirmed soon but will likely be within a week either side of the Wing Chun grading.

The Never Be A Victim seminar was great! It was very practical and put a lot of things into perspective (and of course entertaining). Hopefully we will see another one in the not-too-distant future.

It is Easter this coming weekend, so classes are not on from Friday to Monday. Make the most of your free time and hopefully the weather will hold up for us. If you are looking for something to do, there are hours of live stream footage in our Facebook group and if you’re a Red Boat Uni subscriber there’s even more for you there in the way of curriculum material, seminars, workshops and more.

Facebook livestream group:
Red Boat University: 

The gofundme campaign for Adrian’s family has raised an amazing amount so far. Thank you everyone who were in a position to contribute to have done so. Many of you knew him well, some of you had only met him in passing, some not at all, it is heart-warming to see such a response.

Finally, the Juniors grading was excellent! Well done to all the kids and teens working up through the ranks. We will share some photos in the coming days. Anyone with photos to share please send through in any way that suits you best – email, text, facebook etc.

Classes today:

12:15pm Wing Chun with Frances
**4:15pm no juniors – school holidays!**
6pm Wing Chun with Damien
7pm Sparring
7:15pm Wing Chun with Mayur

Classes Tuesday

11am – 4pm School Holiday Program, Juniors All Ages
6pm Boxing with Amy
7pm Sparring
7:15pm BJJ Foundations with Amy

See you on the mat!
Red Boat Team


Dear Students,

As you know it’s been over a week since we lost Adrian (Tony Pepperoni). Much like a Gold Belt grading where I like to take my time and reflect, I didn’t want to say too much too soon. However I would like to say this much: he had tremendous talent and he honoured his gifts. He took his training seriously but could take a joke. He made a lasting impact and he will always be one of our Black Belts (a “1% percenter”).

Let’s support his family as best we can and dig deep for the gofundme campaign. They say money is not the most important thing in the world – which is true – but in times of need it’s right up there with oxygen.

Follow this link to donate:

It’s tough when we lose one of our own. Imagine what his family must be going through. So think a kind thought and turn that into a kind act. Gone but not forgotten.

Kuen Yao Sum Faat.


Hi guys!

Sifu is taking this morning’s 10am class after Frances punishes you all at 9am with conditioning.

It’s end of the school term for the juniors – bar our school holiday program, today is the last day of term for kung fu as well – and it’s GRADING DAY! Starts at 11.15am, expect it to run for 90mins. Remeber your sparring gear.

9am Saturday. Warmup.
Workout 3 exercises 10 to 1 for time. Boxing combos. Core work 4×60:10.
10am Wrapping up the last 3 weeks of kicks with Sifu.
11:15am Junior’s Grading

Remember Sunday is the Never Be A Victim Seminar kicking off at 11am (after BJJ).

See you on the mat!
Red Boat Team