We all know flexibility is high on the list of importance in martial arts training!

So why wouldn’t you book in and come to the latest Kicking and Stretching workshop on offer?

Sunday 29th January is a workshop primarily on stretching and you will be given a 6 week program to follow. At the end of the 6 weeks we will reconvene to assess how far we have come! Which if you follow the program you are assured to have some fantastic results!

The workshop will start at 10:30am and will run for approximately 3hrs. Please arrive early so you can warm up and be ready to go when it’s time to start.

Cost is $60, and you can bring friends or family to this one as good flexibility is relevant to everyone and having a stretching buddy is super handy.

So get you name down at the desk, a Facebook event will be created shortly so it will be easy to invite friends. What ever the case we need to know how many are coming so we can have your manuals printed!

See you then!

Kids Saturday Classes

Kids 11am classes are back on as of Saturday 28th January! We hope you have all had a wonderful break and are ready to get back into it!

Teens Wednesday 4:30 classes have already started back up and are open to 10-15 y/olds. There will be an additional Teens class opening soon on Monday at 4:30, so stay posted on that one.

Looking forward to seeing you all again next week!

Instructional Video – Pak Sau

Latest student instructional video on Pak Sau. Just a taste of things to come!!

Pak Sau Instructional Video

Forget your Gi today, it’s too hot!

It’s much cooler in here than it is out there…! However, let’s be smart about it, today is no gi day. Drink plenty of water, eat light.

See you tonight!


Morning Classes

What a way to start the day! I know a lot of you travel into the city from far and distant lands 🙂 but for those who are local, morning classes are a great way to set you up for the day ahead, and train hard before the heat really kicks in.

Monday and Friday mornings are Martial Xfit, a strength, conditioning and endurance circuit for enhancing your martial arts training. Tuesday mornings are BJJ Core, strength, endurance and orientation training to enhance your BJJ. Wednesday is Forms and Chi Sau, Thursday is Wing Chun. All classes start at 7am – officially finish at 7:45 – and are run by either Frances or myself (Amy).

Look forward to seeing more of you in the AM!! 🙂

Stretching Workshop

Our first workshop for the year is on Stretching & Kicking. The focus will be on the stretching side of things.

The workshop will run for approx 3 hours, by the end you will have an arsenal of stretches, so there will be no excuse NOT to achieve your goals. You will receive a 6 week stretching plan to help you along your way. We will reconvene in 6 weeks to compare how far we have progressed!

It’s $60 for the day, all levels encouraged to attend!

Hey guys and girls! As you all hopefully know by now, we are moving the Kwoon…it’s a bit weird just celebrating 30 years, then days later picking up the keys to a new location, but it’s also exciting. Classes are on as usual this weekend! So be sure to come in for the final Saturday […]

table view

Book now for our 30 year anniversary party!
(It’s also Sifu’s Birthday!!)

We have booked the Altitude Restaurant at the Shangri-la Hotel in the Rocks for a late lunch instead of a dinner. What this means is that we have the whole restaurant to ourselves (arrive from 12 noon for a 1pm start to 4pm finish), from 4pm they need to prep for opening for dinner so we will then move on to the Blu Bar (adjacent to the restaurant) for mingling, drinks and watch the sun set.If you would like to turn this into a romantic night out then we have been offered a 10% discount on best available online rates for the evening. Please email me at info@wingchunway.com if you would like to make use of that offer and I will give you the promo code.

It is still a 3 course meal and drinks package. And it is still formal – suits for the guys, dress/gowns for the girls…unless you’re having an androgynous moment! Then what ever you like, just make it formal 🙂

We have booked entertainment for the day. Our friends from the Gallery Cafe (Mark and Pearl) are also former Moscow Circus hand balancers, but Mark is now a practicing magician and will be on the floor throughout the celebrations mingling and doing his magic tricks for you. We have also booked Mick on Wheels, a session musician, specialising in soul who will do a couple of sets for us in between courses, he was recently on The Voice and has come highly recommended by one of our own talented musicians “big” Josh. It’s going to be a great day, and Sifu will have much to say upon reflection of the last 30 years with you all.

Have you ever wanted to run your own martial arts training facility?

Redboat Kung Fu are happy to announce that we are now an ACSD campus offering Australian College of Sport Development (ACSD) programs!

Enrollments close 21st December so don’t delay!

Develop advanced skills in one of the most effective martial arts systems in the world.

Diploma of Sport Development + Diploma of Business SIS50612 + BSB50215

The Diploma of Sport Development is regarded as the top qualification in Australia for martial artists wanting to hold nationally recognised qualifications for their martial art system.

Expect extra-ordinary skill development
The focus of this course is to train champions, we want you to be the best you can be and in so doing we provide a structured, balanced and scientific program that makes it possible. Your coaches have been selected from Australia’s best because after all ACSD coaches are all full time professionals that have dedicated their whole life to the martial way and have themselves made a full time career doing something they are passionate about.

Learn the latest coaching skills
An athlete can only succeed if they have been given the right instruction and correct physical conditioning to suit their particular discipline. Sports conditioning is not a one size fits all science! Martial art disciplines need to be carefully analysed and broken down into phases that will ensure best results in optimal time, injury free. Your ACSD team have the skills necessary to help you not only understand your own athletic requirements, but to show you how you can train others, stronger, faster, better!

The ‘Diploma of Sport Development’ advantage
The Diploma of Sport Development (SIS50612) provides greater employability skills for you at the end of this program. You will not only learn all the skills that are necessary for all martial arts coaches, you will also learn the skills necessary to run your own martial arts school or martial arts fitness coaching program.

Become a leader!
This program is specifically designed to teach students to become successful disciplined leaders. We are committed to providing a safe, caring educational environment, supporting and encouraging the personal growth of each and every one of our students.

You will learn valuable information on nutrition, physical conditioning, life skills, business skills and community education. We combine the practical skills based training and education with cutting edge sports science to ensure you are physically and mentally ready to be truly successful as a martial arts athlete or manager. Expect extra-ordinary gains in fitness, strength, martial arts ability and confidence. All coaches are supported by highly credentialed staff and consultants in sports science, medicine, administration and vocational education.

Your Qualification is Nationally Recognised
This program is delivered in association with Global Training Institute (RTO ID 31192). Upon successful completion of this course with Global Training Institute (RTO ID 31192) will issue you with a nationally recognised Diploma of Sport Development (SIS50612). This Diploma is the highest vocational qualification of its kind in the sport and recreation industry.

This course may be undertaken as a full time in-house academy style program or as a “flexible” semi off campus program.

Coach beginner to high performance martial arts in private or public environment
Manage martial arts full time facilities
Manage the work of others or review management practices in a variety of businesses in and out of the sport and recreation industry
Vocational – Students looking to pursue sport and education in Australia may be eligible for 2nd year placement at various selected Australian Universities

Fees are subject to change annually. Through our approved training partner Global Training Institute (RTO ID 31192) eligible applicants may access VET FEE-HELP.

Eligible applicants may register to pay their full tuition fees through VET FEE-HELP which is available through our training partner with Global Training Institute (RTO ID 31192). VET FEE-HELP is a student loan scheme for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. The VET FEE-HELP scheme allows eligible students to study now and pay for their course later. The great thing about this payment option is that you don’t have to make any repayments until you have a job and your income reaches a certain level, which is $54,750 for the 2015/16 income year. The loans are then repaid effortlessly through the tax system.

Entry requirements
It is assumed that you are already involved in and have a passion for sports, martial arts and fitness. Applicants must be prepared to train in all physical aspects of the course with the view of improving physically and mentally. In other words, you need to have a strong desire to commit and succeed. The hard work will pay off in many ways.

AUSTUDY is available for students undertaking this program as a full time course.

Register your interest today!
Register your interest today to be eligible for the 2016 intake!

Full time and part time training optionsFit your career around lifestyleAUSTUDY approvedVET Fee Help for eligible participantsHave your club training fees covered


Phone: 0423 610 695 or 02 9211 4374

Contact us for more information!
Or view here for course description.

Enrollments close 21st December so don’t delay!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted in our news section, but there has been plenty going on! So far we have had three Uchi Deshi students start the program, two have since completed their training, one has a few weeks to go and we have someone starting fresh in a couple of weeks. It’s been a great start to our new program and the U.D. student’s attitudes to full time training have been fantastic.

If you are interested in the Uchi Deshi Program, see below and contact us with some information about yourself included.

We have a new Teens Kung Fu class (strictly 10-15 y/olds) that now runs on Wednesdays at 4:30. The joining fee is $24, uniform (Gi) $39, price per class $15 pay as you go, $120 for the term paid upfront, if you’ve missed the beginning of term you can still receive a discount of 10% if you pay the remaining class fees for the term upfront.

You can add Saturday’s Little Dragons class to your childs training routine for an extra $90 per term.

Book your child in for a class today!



Fulltime Training Course:

One month:

This course covers detailed study of Wing Chun Kung Fu, including Forms, Wooden Dummy and Chi Sau. Also included is a detailed body analysis covering body fat percentage, heart rate recovery test, flexibility and a training program personally designed for you based on your results. You will stay at the school while training full time.

There are the basic necessities for cooking and showers etc, but it must be understood this is a Spartan course and is not for the faint hearted. I will be personally monitoring your progress to ensure the best possible outcome.

Optional extras: Butterfly Sword Form, Iron Palm Course, Dragon Pole Form

Two months:

One month program plus includes complimentary Butterfly Sword tuition

Three months:

One and Two month programs plus includes complimentary Dragon Pole tuition

All participants will be graded at the end of each cycle including belt and certificate


Bring your friends and family! Even if you’re not grading come along!

It’s going to be a big grading this Saturday, we have 4 or more Black Belts grading, the kids are starting a more refined curriculum and we have an awesome after party planned…so make sure you’ve cleared the day!


Special guest Liz Martin will be playing at our after party!

…“I first saw Liz Martin play back in the folk infused days of the mid 90s, when every pub seemed to have an acoustic jam session and Sydney was awash with the sound of Jeff Buckley. It was clear, even then, that Liz had a certain quality which lifted her above the stylists and try hards. A pure beauty in performance that eschewed the demonstrative and instead, resonated at a higher level. She had the wise soul of a poet. A dyed in the wool Cohenesque stoicism.”…Ian Shadwell – Author, Music Critic

We saw her at the Old Fitzroy in Woolloomooloo last year and she was great, unassuming, great whisky voice and beautiful tunes. There will be a $20 cover charge on the day to go toward having her play.


Beach training for the girls then meet up with everyone for UFC!

Open to all girls! Current, WCKFO or not! Guys and Girls please share this email with any women in your life that would like to be part of it! Text Amy on 0423 610 695 if you would like to come.

We will meet at Maroubra Beach at 7am (kicking off at 7:30am) on Sunday 1st March for a workout, kung fu training session, swim and cafe breakfast. Then on to the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills (need to get there by 11am) to watch the UFC!

World Champion Boxer Holly Holm is making her UFC debut, and of course Ronda Rousey is defending her title against Cat Zingano. So a perfect day for a Kung Fu Girls Day Out!

For more on Holly Holm check out:


And Cat Zingano:


See you there!

PS The morning at Maroubra is for the girls, UFC at the Gaelic is for everyone


Remember we have John Will on our mat tomorrow from 1:30 for a fantastic seminar on BJJ!

It’s only $80 and will cover:”High Percentage MMA/Street-oriented takedown – a Pre-clinch gameplan and a post-clinch gameplan ..

groundwork: Making the distinction between darce and Anaonda chokes – and a single set-up for both
Making the distinction between Kimura and Americana locks – and again, a single method to get both.”

Sounds pretty darn awesome to me!

BJJ friends not directly associated with our school are welcome.

See you on the mat!