Uchi Deshi Program From 4 Weeks to 3 Month


Fulltime Training Course:

One month:

This course covers detailed study of Wing Chun Kung Fu, including Forms, Wooden Dummy and Chi Sau. Also included is a detailed body analysis covering body fat percentage, heart rate recovery test, flexibility and a training program personally designed for you based on your results. You will stay at the school while training full time.

There are the basic necessities for cooking and showers etc, but it must be understood this is a Spartan course and is not for the faint hearted. I will be personally monitoring your progress to ensure the best possible outcome.

Optional extras: Butterfly Sword Form, Iron Palm Course, Dragon Pole Form

Two months:

One month program plus includes complimentary Butterfly Sword tuition

Three months:

One and Two month programs plus includes complimentary Dragon Pole tuition

All participants will be graded at the end of each cycle including belt and certificate