Hey guys!

We’ve had a fun start to the month’s theme/next phase of training: strength/endurance and Chi Sau/Clinch and Dirty Boxing. Great numbers for sparring classes too, let’s keep it up so the sparring clinic will have a greater impact on your technical output.

This Friday at 4:30pm is the Junior Master’s Succession Program. This is open to Junior students who are interested in coaching/assistant coaching and leadership and have obtained Orange Belt level or above.

Today’s Classes:

12:15pm Wing Chun with Frances
4:15pm JMAP Under 10’s with Amy
6pm Wing Chun with Amy
7pm Sparring with Amy 
7:30pm Wing Chun Foundations with Amy

See you on the mat!
Amy and Red Boat Team


Greetings all.

Fantastic day on Saturday, great standards and great attitudes. So enjoy your new belts, you earned them.

Lots for fun things are happening soon.

May 22nd is a free workshop on sparring (this is booking up quickly, so register now: https://bit.ly/3vTI4gI ). We will be covering strategy and tactics, some setups, fakes and feints and all the important mindset and obtaining flow state. So try not to miss it.

Then June 19th (**please note date change**) we will be going deep on the Wooden Dummy. This will be open to all levels, starting 11am for 2 hours. Cost is $147. Register here: https://bit.ly/393vTVt 

On a more sombre note Jonny’s Anniversary is June 12th, honoured with a big reunion and all are welcome.

Finally, please remember that July 2nd is Gold Belt time for Charlie. Don not miss this day!

See you on the mat. 

PS: **I originally scheduled the WD Workshop for 12th June, this has been rescheduled to 19th June.

Additionally, this Friday is Junior Master’s Succession Program starting at 4:30pm for junior students Orange Belt and above with an interest in coaching/assistant coaching and leadership.



Hi guys,

Sifu will be doing a 2 hour Sparring Clinic on Sunday 22nd of May as a free workshop for all current and active members! 

To directly book into this event click here or copy and paste: https://bit.ly/3vTI4gI to your browser.

Thank you parents and guardians for getting in early for the 9am reschedule of the Juniors All Ages! We appreciate your flexibility.

The grading itself was fantastic, great effort from all involved. I’m sure Sifu will have much to say in his Mat Chat early this week.

Stay focused. This month in Wing Chun we are working on our Chi Sau and Clinch game. This will also mean Dirty Boxing for Tuesday nights. BJJ… it’s where you guys live so, the core BJJ classes will continue as per March and/or Andrew’s plans and BJJ Foundations will continue to work on foundational material.

There will be one more Tip Grading (18th June) and one more Belt Grading (30th July) after which we will be easing back on the time between gradings.

The next BJJ Grading will be on 24th July.

Wooden Dummy Workshop is on the horizon. It’s scheduled for the 12th June. You can book directly here or copy and paste: https://bit.ly/393vTVt to your browser.

Finally, exciting news. Charlie is locked in for his Gold Belt on Saturday 2nd July! So be sure to clear that day in your diary.

Plenty to do.

See you on the mat,

PS: Dates to remember are:

22nd May: Sparring Clinic FREE

12th June: Wooden Dummy Workshop

18th June: Wing Chun TIPS Grading

2nd July: Charlie’s Gold Belt

24th July: BJJ Grading

30th July: Wing Chun Belt Grading


Greetings and Salutations,

After a super positive coaches session on Sunday here are some of the things being implemented over the next few months:

After clearing the path with grading on Saturday there will be a new level of hand fighting coming on board. Seamless integration from Chi Sau, with an end-game of reversals to takedowns to ground and pound to finishes.

**REMINDER to parents and guardians, THIS Saturday’s Juniors Class is RESCHEDULED to 9AM to accommodate the Adults Grading.** (And the Conditioning class is cancelled this Saturday to accommodate the Juniors).

Boxing will be tasking dirty boxing to the next level with the eventual integration of your kicking game and a series of combos set ups fakes and feints for a sophisticated attacking game.

Conditioning will concentrate on strength endurance then plyo & explosive strength over the next few months. This plan is relevant to ALL classes.

With a year-end goal of a strong and balance all-round game for everyone, BJJ attendance is strongly encouraged. 

Finally don’t forget, Charlie is only 8 weeks out from his Gold Belt grading! Give him tons of support.



Grading Prac ALL CLASSES – 12:15pm, 6pm, 7pm (light, technical, controlled sparring) 7:30pm – all grading prac.

Juniors at 4:15pm is running as per usual.

See you on the mat,
Red Boat Team


Hi guys,

For many reasons… you really need to have your own sparring gear. Think OHS, think reliability, think ownership. 

You don’t need to go all-out and order some crazy stuff online, Australia makes great gear at great quality and prices. Ordering from us supports the school, but it also ensures that you are getting the correct equipment – this plays a major role in injury prevention.

Get your orders in now.

Classes today:

12:15pm Wing Chun – Frances
4:15pm Under 10’s JMAP – Amy
6pm Wing Chun Damien
7pm Sparring – Amy
7:15pm Wing Chun – Mayur

See you on the mat.
Red Boat Team


Hi guys!

The Belt Grading is quickly approaching… Attendance is a key element so get in this week, it’s your last shot at prep.

BJJ Grading this morning was excellent. Congrats to Dave, Cory and Jonathan! Thank you Andrew for running point and March as 2IC and all who came to show support.

Monday 2nd 6pm with Damien: we’ll run as grading with all forms, dummy sets then go to grading practice focussing on techniques and then finish with priming sparring round then can roll into sparring time. 

7pm Sparring: continuing on from the 6pm class, monitored technical rounds. Bring your fingerless sparring gloves so we can mix it up.

7:15pm with Mayur: second instalment of perfecting High round kicks, and utilising into sparring, grading practise and finishing off with Sil Lum Tao.

See you on the mat!
Red Boat Team


Morning all,

Grading is fast approaching. With the new grading material we advise you take all opportunities for getting across the techniques so when you are ready to grade you’ve already got a handle on it.

Today’s lunch class is at the usual time of 12:15 with Frances, then there’s 6:30pm with Vadim which will be Sil Lum Tao form to warm up, trapping hands (2nd instalment) and dedicated time for grading practice.

Let’s see good numbers on the mat and hard training! Sifu’s in for Wing Chun tomorrow, Frances I’m sure has a killer workout planned for the morning session and the first Saturday Juniors class resumes tomorrow at 11:15am.

See you on the mat.
Red Boat Team


🥊 Boxing and BJJ 🥋
Boxing foundations tonight will focus on the striking components of your Wing Chun curriculum material.

BJJ grading is this Sunday, so you can expect that grading material will be covered tonight. Anyone struggling with your Wing Chun ground game assessments, this will also be a good opportunity for you to work and drill.

Finally, the second Teens/Over 10’s class is on today at 4:30pm!

See you on the mat.
Red Boat Team


Morning guys!

Breaks and holidays are over let’s get refocused and back into it.

This Sunday is the BJJ grading. You guys have been prepping and patiently waiting and unless you’re totally new then you should be ready to go for your next level. You’re a pretty tight group so I know Andrew and March have been giving you relevant feedback in this regard.

Saturday 7th May at 10am is the Wing Chun grading. This does affect the start time of the Juniors All Ages classes – so parents please be advised Juniors start time on this day is 9am. The Conditioning class on this day is cancelled to accommodate the Juniors.

We will be smashing grading practice this week and next. I will be around before and after classes to answer any questions and help with your prep. Classes up to the grading will include a martial workout, drills and grading prac. We will do universal essentials – forms, chi sau, trapping hands and dummy (for intermediate and above) – together. Expect about 20mins for grading practice. So get in early and stay back. Tee up with a training buddy and punch out the reps outside of class. You want to make this yours? You’ve got to self initiate your training.

Sparring… this is a belt grading so sparring is something you will need to be coming in for. Tonight we’re working on all ranges, so bring your mma SPARRING gloves. These have extra padding than mma fighting gloves. We sell all the equipment you need! If you don’t have your own shin guards, 16’s and mma sparring gloves GET SOME. Talk to me next time you’re in.

Let’s smash it!!

See you on the mat.
Red Boat Team


Dear parents and guardians,

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break. Thank you to all who participated in the School Holiday Program! Week one was great, but we had to cancel week 2 due to a few covid related cancellations. We are looking forward to running one again next term.

Juniors classes resume Tuesday 26th April with the Over 10’s Juniors Martial Arts class, Wednesday is Under 10’s and this Saturday is all ages.

Being the beginning of term, unless you pay via fortnightly direct debits, term fees are due. Please pay when you’re in or email Amy to organise.

Again, we hope you all had a lovely break and we are looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Red Boat Team