Greetings and salutations..its good to be back ..thats the longest ive been off the mat in a very long time..injuries that simply needed to be rested …had a ball last night so good to see everyone …ill send a more comprahensive message tomorrow …for now.. dont miss tonights boxing drills and skills workout cant wait ..see you there ..regards Sifu

Friday 6:30pm class: continue working on set ups, getting hands and feet moving and sparring full kit at the end.

Saturday: 9am Conditioning, 10am Wing Chun, 11am Kids Kung Fu.

See you on the mat!

Hi guys,

After much deliberation, we have decided to postpone the first Belt Grading to mid-year. There have been too many changes in the grading structure to expect a lot of you to be ready for your belt grading yet. So class will run as normal this weekend. The next Tip Grading date will be announced shortly.

Sorry for any inconvenience to anyone, but we feel this will be the best for the majority.

Thank you!

Morning all!

Tonight’s 6:30 Wing Chun class with Vadim is working on close range weapons: knees, elbows and the clinch.

9am Saturday morning with Frances is a Hero workout in honour of our Anzacs.

11am Saturday is the return of Kids Kung Fu classes! This is going to be a big term for the kids as they are all prepping for their next grading which will be at the end of the term in late June.

Being the beginning of term it also means term fees are due. Thank you to all the parents so far that have arranged term fees online, it really helps us focus on the kids rather than admin on the day. It’s extra helpful for this weekend too, as annoyingly enough, I won’t be there! If you missed the link to online registration here it is. If it’s not allowing you to submit the form it’s usually one or two checkboxes haven’t been ticked – they’re very easy to miss. There is also room to add your Active Kids Vouchers, I will adjust your total once you submit the waiver for review.

Sifu and I will be at a Kyokushin training camp tomorrow to do a BJJ seminar so make sure you have a smashing workout for the 10am!

Sunday is ANZAC Day. BJJ class is officially cancelled for the day, but some of the guys and girls may want to come in for a roll. If this is the case, please ensure you observe one minute’s silence before commencement of your training. If you’re not on the BJJ Facebook or WhatsApp group chat let me know and I’ll add you. If anyone plans on going in, that’s where you’ll hear it first.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

See you on the mat.


Huge thank you to everyone for saturdays efforts…Grading was rock solid and with 2 of my favourite people on point i was really happy with the outcome  …plus great to see seniors there just to lend support makes it all worthwhile…so this saturday Amy and i are coaching at the kyokoshin training camp a huge honour so we will be putting our best foot forward…saturday is one of my favourite classes so dont miss it because were not there …butterfly sword is just around the corner sunday 2nd of may…to gain entry to advanced butterfly sword you have to have done this seminar so try not to miss out …so once again thank you one and all see you on the mat…regards Sifu

Sifu’s in for lunch today, get your boxing boots on you’re in for a treat. Prior to that, he’s doing a mat chat. If you missed it, it will be in the Facebook Livestream group.

Friday 6:30pm class: Trapping hands to clinch and polish up on froms before the grading.

Kids Kung Fu starts NEXT week. First classes back are Wednesday 21st and Saturday 24th.

Tomorrow, the Tip Grading is set to start at 10am. The CONDITIONING class will start EARLY at 8:30am so the mat will be well cleared for those grading to warm up.

If you are new to Red Boat, everyone is welcome to watch and show support at a grading, so come along whether you are grading or not.

Monday 16th 7.15pm
Chisau fundamentals with fakes and dealing with multipal attackers.

See you on the mat!

P.S. Tees & Hoodies are in production as we speak!


Greetings …firstly what a great week on the mat the true boxing class is becoming a monster everyone is shining …very proud of your efforts

Saturday was a hoot with lots of fun with Chi Sau and Wooden Dummy ..ironing out the details.. my favourite thing to do ..I know this a grading week so dont

worry there will be plenty of practice …but i would also like to look at the next level footwork from the Wing Chun blue print tonight …after that anyone not grading Dummy!! see you on the mat…regards Sifu

Do not miss BJJ tonight!


Well, it’s not just because you will miss out on some crazy good coaching from March.

You will also miss out on having a farewell roll with Pete! 

Pete is migrating north…it’s sad for us but great for him and his family. He’ll still be around though! There’s a Gold Belt on the horizon for him! However, tonight we will be wishing him well for his ventures up north.

So come along! Even if you’re not that into this BJJ business. 

See you on the mat.


Hi guys!

Hope you all had an amazing Easter. We were pleasantly surprised with the fantastic turnout last night! Numbers can drop off a little this time of year (Easter/School Holidays) but you guys smashed it! We’re seeing great evolutions in everyone’s skill set too, so well done for all of your efforts.

The next Tips Grading is coming up (Saturday 17th April) so let’s stay on track on focused. We know that there are quite a few of you that wanted a little extra time, well it’s now 10 days away! Let’s see some names down for grading tonight.

The Butterfly Sword Workshop has been pushed back to May 2nd which is a Sunday, and will start after BJJ at 11am. The cost is $149 for members (no training weapon) or $199 for members for a training weapon included. Non members add $50 to either. You can book and pay by clicking this link. 

Don’t miss tonight! Sifu will be running through some new knife fighting defence tactics! And the Beginner’s Course starts anew at 7:15pm

News on the True Boxing Tees: we have placed the order, but they cannot start production until 14th April. So the pre-order period has been extended. Get your orders in to take advantage of the discounted price! We have also added kid’s tees to the mix! So kid’s can get their pre-orders in now too!!

See you on the mat.


Keeping it short and sweet:

BJJ 6pm
Last day of Side Control attacks.
King of the Mat.