Tonight’s evening class at 6:30 tonight is all about footwork and kicking drills, focusing on the round kick.

Tomorrow after the 10am Wing Chun class we’re celebrating the beginning of winter with a sausage sizzle!

See you on the mat!

BJJ Thursday night (tonight) will be last week’s 2=2 (or 3+3 advanced) armbars from guard and mount. Establish drill sequence (loop) by adding your own guard and mount escapes.

“Wear your old nose.”

See you on the mat!

Today’s 12:15 lunch class with Adrian is continuing on from last week’s theme which is movement, flow and speed.

Tonight’s 5:45pm evening class with Sifu is all about advanced combinations.

The 7pm class this evening is remaining BJJ Open Mat until further notice. If you want to roll, drill or prep for a grading start communicating with each other and get in, as this is the allocated time for you to do that.

Tomorrow’s 12:15 lunch and 5:45pm evening classes are all Traditional Wooden Dummy, some grading drills and forms forms forms!

See you on the mat!



12:15 lunch class with Zac: Crossfit to start then basic kicking drills, building to punching and kicking combos then forms to finish.

5:45pm evening class with Sifu: “don’t miss class tonight guys, found my range of motion with the injury and am looking forward to doing forms and dummy with all of you!”

7:15pm late evening class with Mayur: installment 2 of Chi Sau sparring and trapping hand drills in a street combat scenario.

See you on the mat!

Andrew will tailor the lunch class around who is there to train, that’s 12:15 Thursday lunch!

5:45pm BJJ is with March and will consist of 2+2 (or 3+3 advanced) armbars from guard and mount. Establish a drill sequence (loop) by adding your own guard and mount escapes!

See you on the mat.

Today’s lunchtime class with Adrian at 12:15 is all about movement and developing flow and speed.

See you there!

Today’s 12:15 lunchtime class with Zac will today start with a 20 minute crossfit heartstarter warm up, basic strikes revision then building extended combos with kicking combinations. “Toe the line” blocking and footwork drills to finish.

Tonight’s 7:15pm evening class with Mayur will be Chi Sau sparring and Traping Hands drills!

See you on the mat!

PS Last chance to put your name down for Dragon Pole Workshop this Sunday! Ordering Dragon Poles today!!!

Theme for tonight’s 6:30pm class with Vadim: putting together striking and kicking combinations – the next level of fighting comprehension.

See you on the mat!

Today and tonight is going to be a hoot …Forms …hand conditioning ..advanced combo drills… and a friendly sparring comp..see you there …regards Sifu…  ps get your names down for dragon pole course …i need to order the poles early next week …you will recieve a traditional 8 ft pole which you can store at the school if you wish

Thanks for a great class last night everyone …had a blast!…tonight is the next installment of boxing 101 dont miss it got some great drills to show you …see you on the mat!! regards Sifu

PS: Today at 12:15 lunch class is the new Peak Performance class run by Adrian. Today’s theme is on deveoping power. The development of power is an absolute must for any martial artist, and in self defence you’re pretty much guaranteed to be smaller than your aggressor so power becomes an essential commodity. Get in at lunch today for a great workout!