Hey everyone! I hope you’re all ready for another exciting Sunday class at 10:30am. If your experience with weapons has been more than just reading about it, come join me because we’ll be revising the Skills Needed section of our course syllabus in 90 minutes–and there are few things better than knowing what’s expected when working towards something important 😉

Are you interested in learning more about Wing Chun weapons? Then join us for our upcoming revision workshop! We’ll be covering the butterfly sword, dragon pole, dragon staff, nunchaku, kali sticks, and knife. This is a great opportunity to brush up on your skills or learn something new. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we welcome you to join us.

Wing Chun is a form of kung fu that is known for its close-quarters combat techniques. The use of weapons is an important part of this martial art, and our revision workshop will give you the chance to explore different aspects of this. We’ll be covering everything from basic techniques to more advanced moves, so there’s something for everyone


See you all there!




Tonight’s class with Vadim is creating a solid foundation combining blocks, strikes and footwork drills. Excellent class to attend to make your last minute refinements for grading tomorrow!!

Reminder to parents!! Tomorrow’s kids class starts at 9am!!!!

See you then!



Hey guys!

Don’t miss tonight. Grading assesments, forms, 4th dummy set and cross arm sparring.

Can’t wait for Saturday!!!!



Vadim can’t make it in tonight so Mayur is taking the 6:30pm class. The theme for the evening is: working on linking blocks with close quarter strikes to takedowns – in other words, small circle Wing Chun.

Come in and work on your self defence!

In addition, we have 5 pair of Karambit’s left over from our Sydney Kife Fighting workshop. Sold as a pair – one live, one training – for $50.

See you tonight!


Just a reminder, kids classes don’t start this weekend. They start on Saturday 28th July. Because there is an adults grading on that day the class will start at 9am.

Thanks guys!!


Hi guys!

Tonight’s class is forms, chi sau to barrel roll and hurricane takedowns. Plus, 3rd dummy set.

Don’t miss it!



Hi everyone,

Tonight’s kicking class will be about fast tracking to side splits and real time set ups part 2. BJJ will be my favourite sweeps.

See you there!



Sifu is on the mat tonight!

Hi everyone!

Forms tonight, grading practice, plus building your own flow drill and I will be teaching 2nd dummy set.

Don’t miss it!




Following on from last week, the theme tonight at 6:30pm is: putting together striking combinations (it was hands and feet last week), this week we are also incorporating knees and elbows… so, all weapons on deck!

Note for parents, the first kids class of next term will be on the 28th of July. This falls on an adults grading, which means that the kids class will need to start at 9am.

So first kids class of next term is Saturday 28th July at 9am. All other kids classes will be at the usual 11am. Thank you all for your understanding!

Message from Sifu:

Hi guys,

What a week! Lots of awesome training, just finished a great sparring class with the lunchtime crew. Tomorrow will be a recap of the week plus more work on the hurricane takedown.

Don’t miss it!





Tonights class:

Forms ..wooden dummy …chi sau …and grading assessments.

See you on the mat!



(Next grading: Saturday July 28th)



For the month of July join Red Boat Kung Fu Redfern with a friend and only pay start up costs and the month’s fees for one person. If you’re already a student here and you bring a friend and they join, you get next month’s membership at 1/2 price.

(Deal includes Children’s program term fees)

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Hi guys!

Last Tuesday Sifu said that tonight’s class was going to be seniors only, however he has decided to keep tonight at 5:45 pm as a Kicking class and Tuesday 17th (2 weeks from now) will be the seniors only (black belt and above) class.

Hope everyone can still make tonight.

The kids grading on Saturday was fantastic! Big congratulations to all of the children, their parents for their encouragement and of course to Damien and Russel – the main drivers of the program – and to Kenny who helped on the day.

Reminder to all parents that this Saturday (7th July) is the last kids class for the term. We will confirm next term’s start date by the end of this week, but as usual will be in alignment with the public school term. Reminder too that we are an approved Active Kids provider. So if you have not yet applied for (or redeemed) your active kids voucher then you are more than welcome to redeem yours for next term’s fees. (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about please reply to this email). If we don’t see you this Saturday, we hope you and your family have a wonderful school holiday!

See you all soon!