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Today is BJJ day!

12:15 lunch class with Andrew is always accommodating to who turns up. If you’re a beginner or if you’re advanced your needs are met. With over 2o years of BJJ experience – practicing, coaching, reffing – you’re in great hands.

6pm evening class with March is how to get the back and piece up unsuspecing people!!! haha Assisted by newly appionted Purple belt Barwin! Congratulations on your new belt.

See you on the mat.

Hi guys!

Tonight’s BJJ class will start with a Yoga warm up, then grading practice for white, blue and purple belts, finishing with flow rolling (sticking with the same partner).

Tomorrow’s Kung Fu lunch class with Sifu will be working on hand speed development.

Finally tomorrow night’s Wing Chun with Vadim at 6:30pm will be working on trapping hands flow drills and looking at split blocks application in combat.

See you on the mat.

PS: People are already booking for Peak Performance so be sure to register! Go to our EVENTS page at redboatkungfu.com to pay/enroll.


Lunch class BJJ at 12:15 with Andrew is continuing the theme of fundamentals revision.

Tonight BJJ at 6pm is the final stages of blue and purple belt grading practice loops. Introduction to 2nd loop for your belt level. Finishing with flow rolling. No partner changes etc.

Today’s classes are 12:15 and 6pm BJJ don’t miss them! Adult contact sports, as of yesterday, are amongst the approved activities in NSW restriction criteria. That being the case, still remember to maintain high levels of personal hygiene.

Tonight’s class is working on grading flow drills for blue and purple belts, finishing with flow rolling – 4x 3min rounds. Andrew’s plan for BJJ is also working on foundations, so make it in one way or another!

The last Kids Kung Fu class for this term is this Saturday. Please parents, it’s “pay as you go” for what has been the remainder of this term. Usually $18 per class, but given the current circumstances we have reduced it to $10 per class for this term. Please pay at front desk to Sifu Rick, cash is preferred unless you are paying an accrued amount. Next term a discount of 30% will be allocated to all children’s Term payments to offset the forced shut down of classes in term one (for existing members only).


See you on the mat.



A wonderful surprise for Sifu at John Will’s BJJ seminar was to be awarded his Black Belt in Will/Machado BJJ. Andrew wrote a lovely blog that will do better than anything I could write so here it is: https://andrewn23-myma.blogspot.com.au/2017/10/new-black-belt-rick-spain.html you will also find Andrew’s write up of the seminar on that blog site too.

And Sifu has recently recorded a Vlog about the day that can be seen here: https://youtu.be/V7ZLiBB4HvI

Just a quick update about the mid-season grading, due to the fact that the time between the Summer grading and this one is too short, we’ve decided to cancel it. However if you have been prepping for a tip then please speak up! As we can readily accommodate a group tip grading.

Once again big congrats to Sifu, it means a lot to him and a great deal to the organisation as a whole.

See you on the mat.